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Costa RicaTimber farming investments (TATF)

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Last Post: 2/13/2011 8:33:44 PM - Followers: 2 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

+For serious investors that want to green the planet and their wallets.

I am not an investment professional and any comments i make are only my opinion and belief.

Herein you must make your own judgements. I suggest you read sbrunner postings on another board. It will take a little while ... Then you will have a clearer idea of why i think other "posters" are misguided in their assessment of TATf. Besides i saw the farms, read letters, know that thinnings don't amount to a hill of beans and that the only basis i have is that the trees exist, they are growing and being cared for now some 20 years almost since steve started this business, and there is no real reason to suppose that a man who has 2.2 million trees of his own is interested in making 3350 enemies for what is peanuts in his holdings. 

 I have decided That  CLOSING  the board is necessary because too many were complaining about my moderating noise out of the forum. It gets very old explaining that talking about deletions on the board is automatically going to get the post deleted. I attempted to put in Knowledgable assistants so they could understand by reading the deletions that a few posters were posting personal attacks and thinking i as the moderator would stand still for that.

By the way these Assistant moderators are to be found writing elsewhere on Ihub about timber. Click on their names above and read their posts! 

#205   You can obtain a full report (including price fawtsc 02/13/11 07:57:14 PM
#200   Very good representative happy tree owner of TATF dupedbysteve 02/13/11 01:18:07 PM
#199   Where else are you Guaranteed this! TATF states dupedbysteve 02/13/11 01:00:46 PM
#196   If any thinnings have actually happened, has any mjb80 02/12/11 10:41:36 PM
#195   An excerpt from the Website of Tropical American dupedbysteve 02/12/11 10:00:19 PM
#194   This is a typical article -clone article- about justcfrall 02/12/11 09:50:15 PM
#193   From an article: dupedbysteve 02/12/11 09:35:32 PM
#192   Your sources Fawtsc?? dupedbysteve 02/12/11 09:20:40 PM
#191   Costa Rica Teak (farm grown) prices continue at fawtsc 02/12/11 09:02:31 PM
#188   Therein you must make your own judgements. I dupedbysteve 02/12/11 05:50:30 PM
#187   You speak of payments that tatf makes, but gistheman 02/12/11 05:28:53 PM
#185   Ab, approximately, or actually, how many"loads" have you gistheman 02/12/11 05:18:04 PM
#184   Good post. It tells the real story about belmontx 02/12/11 03:45:00 PM
#181   This, as always in your posts, is dead-on belmontx 02/12/11 03:37:45 PM
#180   Evidence from the many tree owners who have belmontx 02/12/11 03:36:24 PM
#179   Thinnings are so much different in value, Most dupedbysteve 02/12/11 03:28:35 PM
#178   Tree Owner agreement/projections are invalid Look at your justcfrall 02/12/11 03:14:36 PM
#177   Great to see you here abnrgrrvn, and good dupedbysteve 02/12/11 02:27:39 PM
#176   Well that part i am waiting for TATF dupedbysteve 02/12/11 02:24:38 PM
#175   From current Notes to Projections: abnrgrrvn 02/12/11 02:08:51 PM
#174   some parts but not the part that the mjb80 02/12/11 01:32:25 PM
#173   I have to disagree with some of what dupedbysteve 02/12/11 01:17:02 PM
#172   The sales prices for Costa Rican Plantaion Teak justcfrall 02/12/11 12:55:00 PM
#171   What is the market trend in January on dupedbysteve 02/12/11 11:51:00 AM
#165   No, I say since the trees exist, it dupedbysteve 02/12/11 10:54:39 AM
#163   Why so many on the board? Off Topic dupedbysteve 02/12/11 10:49:24 AM
#161   I believe you already know TATF is owned dupedbysteve 02/12/11 08:54:50 AM
#160   I agree with bfl belmontx 02/12/11 07:41:41 AM
#159   Give us the names of the forrester and belmontx 02/12/11 07:41:04 AM
#158   Read post 122. Everything you post is unverifiable. belmontx 02/12/11 07:39:56 AM
#154   Absolutely there is proof that tree owners will dupedbysteve 02/11/11 06:39:38 PM
#153   The statement of fact that "all tree owners bfl 02/11/11 05:35:51 PM
#149   Verifiable? Do you challenge the fact that tree dupedbysteve 02/11/11 04:43:22 PM
#148   No response to post 122 asking you for belmontx 02/11/11 03:58:11 PM
#145   I don't need to really, i spoke to dupedbysteve 02/11/11 03:19:46 PM
#142   Hi all, bogstomper 02/11/11 01:46:01 PM
#140   Note that the moderator did not respond to belmontx 02/11/11 11:25:00 AM
#137   BFLwrote >>,"In other words, STEVE and SHERRY were knowingly"<< dupedbysteve 02/11/11 09:28:59 AM
#134   Duped you write "Steve has only to abide fawtsc 02/10/11 09:39:00 PM
#132   I was reading the agreement and i don't dupedbysteve 02/10/11 06:17:21 PM
#131   I would buy some trees owners trees "on mjb80 02/10/11 05:28:40 PM
#129   I-am astonished that you-have not-tried to contact steve dupedbysteve 02/10/11 03:26:57 PM
#128   You too, may not have seen that i dupedbysteve 02/10/11 03:23:36 PM
#127   You should pay more attention to the postings bfl 02/10/11 01:12:46 PM
#125   I fail to see any contradictory postings, unless dupedbysteve 02/10/11 10:53:59 AM
#124   Your posts contradict themselves. Any reader who belmontx 02/10/11 08:28:44 AM
#123   You have not been reading my postings? I dupedbysteve 02/09/11 09:57:57 PM
#122   What verifiable information can you give us about TATF? belmontx 02/09/11 05:04:54 PM
#120   Yes to everything except i do not know dupedbysteve 02/09/11 09:22:25 AM
#119   "Have he and his employees returned from Monaco? dupedbysteve 02/08/11 08:55:27 PM
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