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College Partnership is a public company with a noble mission and College Partnership's objective is to enable all students, regardless of economic or ethnic background, to achieve their educational dreams, and thus give them the ability to lead a richer and more fulfilled life. The student services division of College Partnership provides products and services to high school students, assisting them in career planning, college major selection, college selection, college entrance testing, and supplies tools to assist with navigating crucial college admission and both need and non-need based financial aid processes. The athletic division, College Bound Student Athletes, presents student athletes to colleges where the student can play a sport while obtaining a college education. For more than a decade College Partnership has helped high school students successfully navigate the high school-to-college transition. They have helped tens of thousands of students realize their dreams of getting a college education by providing educational resources that will help families save time, decrease stress, and prepare students to achieve their educational goals. They have invested millions of dollars in the research and development of their products and services. They have one of the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art resources in the industry. The integrity of their products and services has been rigorously reviewed by academic advisors, including high school counselors, admission directors, school administrators, and prominent members of the professional community. College Partnership has been chosen as the Official College Planning Company of America's Schools. America’s Schools Program consists of state Boards of Education representing over 65% of the high school population. College Partnership is a publicly traded firm listed at CGPA.OB College Partnership, Inc. is a full-service college planning company. The Company offers students and their family integrated resources and services to guide them through the college preparation process. College Partnership's suite of products and services integrates career planning, college major/field of study selection, college selection, preparation for college entrance tests, aids for improving study skills, searches for merit awards, and other educational products. The products consist of printed materials, videocassettes, college major/field of study software, career assessment software, databases accessible through CD-ROM and one-to-one counseling. The Company provides these educational resources to assist families to save time, develop a plan, decrease stress, and reduce college costs. For more information, please visit and The majority of its products and services are sold as a bundled package entitled the "College Action Plan" (CAP). Customers, typically the parents of high school students, purchase the CAP either by making a cash or credit card payment or by installment note, with the average sale approximating $1,500. Delivery of products and services takes the form of printed materials, videocassettes, and test preparation, college major and career assessment software and databases accessed through CD-ROM or the Internet, and a 800 number support of proactive coaches and counselors to handle any questions or provide assistance where needed. The product and services are designed to provide an affordable, cost effective alternative to individual professional counseling costing $10,000 or more. Fulfillment periods extend throughout the high school years as desired by the customer.CPI became public in 1998 and acquired five companies within the industry. The company's most recent acquisition, Vision Direct Marketing, Inc. markets the Verbal Advantage products and adds direct response marketing capability along with a 40-person call center. The Verbal Advantage product line is nationally recognized for its best selling audio vocabulary series. The Company's stock is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol "CGPA". In the short time since its founding, CPI has rapidly grown to become the largest comprehensive college preparation and planning company in the nation, providing services and products to more than 16,000 families in the past year. The Company is headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado with operations also in the Dallas Metroplex, Texas (fulfillment and coaching) and Irvine, California (direct response and call center). CPI currently has 60 full time and 85 independent contractor sales representatives. The Company believes its databases, instructional materials, and service proposition are among the finest in the industry and are priced attractively for its customers. The combined products and services of CPI fill an important need for secondary students and their parents. In most communities, these products and services are not provided adequately either in the secondary schools or by industry participants who generally specialize in only a portion of the services provided by CPI. CPI has experienced rapid revenue growth, whereby revenues have grown from only $195,000 in the fiscal year ended July 31, 1998 to over $18.4 million in fiscal 2004. The Company intends to raise a minimum of $7,500,000 in order to expand revenues beyond the seminar model. CPI estimates it is the largest company providing its range of products to the U.S. market, even with its current revenues representing less than 1% of potential demand for college entrance preparation and planning products and services. As a publisher of information, the Company has favorable contribution margins on incremental sales, and the business is scalable for rapid growth. Management plans call for Company revenues to grow with little risk simply by: (i) expanding attendance and numbers of workshop seminars, currently reaching only a fraction of the potential market; (ii) enhancing the productivity of its workshops in achieving sales; (iii) employing a variety of other direct sales channels to reach students and their parents at a lower cost to CPI, including the recruiting of a commission-based direct sales force; (iv) sale of CD-ROMs and on-line products through the Internet; (v) selling materials and services in bulk to other providers through associations, organizations and corporate sponsors; and (vi) utilizing its relationship with existing customers to provide them additional products and services consistent with their needs. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES CPI has three divisions: 1) The College Partnership (TCP) division markets and sells the CAP product, 2) College Bound Student Athletes division provides profiling and promotion services for qualified high school student athletes seeking financial aid for college and 3) Vision Direct Marketing, Inc. is a direct marketing company which sells the Verbal Advantage and other product lines. The TCP division accounts for over 80% of CPI's sales. Its CAP product spans the following student needs: - Planning - CAP provides a comprehensive set of materials and software to help the student build an attractive secondary school academic and activities profile and to select college fields of study compatible with the student's skills and interests. By submitting a College Planning Questionnaire (CPQ) with detailed information about the student's grades, activities, interests, and family income and resources, TCP creates a customized report that identifies 25 colleges best suited for the student. - Preparation - Each student receives a complete set of PSAT/SAT/ACT training kits in print and CD-ROM that have been proven to improve student test scores by 10% to15%. The Company has also included a proprietary web-based product designed to assist the student in improving his or her study skills through researched, proven techniques. - Presentation - Upon submission of the College Planning Questionnaire and a request form to CPI, TCP performs an e-mail student profile campaign to the 25 colleges identified for the student. Each of the 25 colleges receives a profile (i.e., resume) on the student that generally will trigger a response in the form of informational mailings, admissions applications and any college recruitment processes deemed appropriate by the college. At the heart of the CAP products and services are CPI's patented and copyrighted software, testing and training tools and publications, and databases. New media tools using CD-ROM and the Internet are under development for the College Planning Questionnaire as well as the addition of a seminar reservation website. Over time, the Company expects to place many of its databases on CD-ROM to allow large volume third party channel sales of the Company's shrink-wrapped CAP product. The Company also has plans to expand and improve product accessibility over the Internet. CPI offers a number of attractive attributes to investors: - Market Leader in a Growth Industry - Education is the second largest industry in the US, second only to healthcare. Both the cost of education and the number of students entering colleges have historically increased significantly and are projected to continue to do so. The market for those providing products and services to college bound students is highly fragmented. CPI is the largest company in the U.S. providing a comprehensive set of college preparation and planning aid products and services. With its unique product set and selling proposition, CPI is currently reaching only a small segment of the secondary student population (serving over 16,000 students last year out of a potential U.S. college bound high school market of approximately nine million), so it faces tremendous growth opportunities. - Proven, attractive product set and scalable - CPI provides students with a bundle of products and services that no other major company is providing to the market. The products and services answer nearly all of an aspiring college student's needs, and the student controls the timing of their use. Because the products and services consist of published materials and software accessible by CD-ROM or the Internet, the services are entirely scalable at little cost to CPI in terms of personnel or infrastructure. - Proprietary, patented and copyrighted technology - CPI has developed, purchased and exclusively licensed proprietary profiling, testing and database software that uniquely positions the Company's products and presents a barrier to direct competition. - Rapidly growing, Company - CPI has grown from $195,000 in fiscal 1998 to over $18 million in fiscal 2004. CPI's growth is at low risk because the Company has opportunities to capitalize on tens of thousands of leads generated by its current direct mail program and develop alternate distribution channels through corporations and associations. - Experienced management - Management and the Board of Directors bring a record of past success and sophistication unusual for a company of CPI's size. COLLEGE PARTNERSHIP FACT SHEET NASD OTCBB Symbol: CGPA Title and Class of Stock: Common Authorized Number of Shares: 75,000,000 Common - 25,000,000 Preferred Outstanding Number of Shares: 60 million Float (approximate): 12,200,000 Headquarters: 333 South Allison Parkway, Suite 100 Lakewood CO 80226 (303) 804-0155 Date Of Public Offering: January 1998 PR Firm – Mr. Tom P. Butler, President Butler Associates LLC 204 E. 23rd St. New York, NY 10010 212-685-4600 Auditor – Mr. Dean Skupen, Partner Stonefield Josephson 1620 26th Street, Suite 400 S Santa Monica, CA 90404 310-453-9400 Outside Counsel, Mr. Paul Lester, Attorney/Partner Fieldstone Lester Shear & Denberg 201 Alhambra Circle, Suite 601 Coral Gables, FL 33134 305-357-5541 OS only 60 mil Web sites: -
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