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Cogent Communications (CCOI)

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Cogent Communications, Inc.

(Corporate Headquarters)
1015 31st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007
Office: 1-202-295-4200
Email: info@cogentco.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Visit Customer Support Desk


Overview of Cogent

Cogent is a multinational Tier-1 Internet Service Provider consistently ranked as one of the top five networks in the world. Our primary service offering consists of Internet access and data transport, offered over our award-winning fiber optic, IP data-only network, along with colocation in any of our 41 Internet data centers. We service two customer segments: "Corporate" (small businesses to Fortune 100 companies) and "NetCentric" (Carriers / Service Providers and Application / Content Providers, whose businesses rely primarily on Internet access).

Our innovative, facilities-based network spans across North America, across the Atlantic and throughout Europe. With over 51,200 route miles of intercity fiber and more than 15,500 metro fiber miles, we provide service to over 160 major markets and interconnect with over 3,500 other networks.

Cogent was founded on the premise that bandwidth can be treated like a commodity—produce mass amounts and position it for sale based on price. Leveraging new technologies, we built our own IP data network independent of the traditional voice-based networks owned by the RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies). By doing so, we believed we could reduce the cost of high quality bandwidth down to a level never before offered in the marketplace. Less than five years after lighting our network backbone, we have become widely recognized as one of the largest carriers of Internet traffic in the world.

We stand apart from our competitors in many areas, but key differentiators include:

  • Our customer connections are dedicated and non-oversubscribed
  • Our prices are the lowest in the industry
  • Our diversity from traditional carriers enables redundancy for customer data
  • Our simple network structure allows for rapid provisioning
  • Our 'self-healing' ring architecture design minimizes outages
  • Cogent is Smart Business Internet

Cogent Communications is a public company trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol CCOI. Cogent is headquartered in Washington, D.C., United States of America.



Cogent started operations in 1999. Since then, it has dynamically expanded to become a top five global service provider in over 160 major markets and 30 countries.

Cogent began construction of a network optimized for data traffic and launched service in four initial markets in 2000. That same year, major telcos announced for the first time ever that global networks carried more data traffic than voice traffic. Cogent was perfectly positioned to step into this growing market. Today we are one of the largest carriers of data traffic in the world.


Acquisition History

Although debuting at the height of the telecom industry, Cogent soon found vast market wealth eradicated and many other ISPs thrown into a state of turmoil. In a survival of the fittest competition, Cogent became the consolidator in a consolidating market. Over three brief years, Cogent completed 13 acquisitions of other flailing providers. Whether it was an entire company or just select assets, Cogent was able to acquire valuable network assets, customers, peering relationships and building access agreements for pennies on the dollar.

Among Cogent's 13 acquisitions to date include three of the original generation Internet Service Providers who were pioneers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These companies—PSINet (originally Performance Systems International), NetRail and Aleron (originally AGIS/Net99)—were the earliest providers of commercial Internet service. While these first generation ISPs made great contributions to the rapid growth and success of the Internet, their business models and networks could not keep pace with technology and market demands.

Other strategic acquisitions include assets from: Allied Riser, OnSite Access, Fiber City, Fiber Network Solutions, Applied Theory, LambdaNet France and Spain, Carrier1, Unlimited Fiber Optics, Global Access, Aleron, NTT/Verio.


Geographic Expansion History

Cogent aims to serve top tier markets where connectivity demands are highest.

At the end of 2000, we launched service in just four U.S. cities. In 2001, we completed our network rollout to 20 major U.S. cities. The next year, we expanded our network into Toronto, Canada, and also began offering Off Net (T1/T3) services in more than 30 new markets.

In 2004, we crossed the Atlantic into Europe and expanded gradually across the continent.  We added the Nordics in 2005, Italy in 2006, stretched as far north as Glasgow and as far east as Romania by 2008, and to Estonia and Ukraine by 2009.  We currently serve over 70 European markets with products that include IP transit, Colocation services and Ethernet Point-to-Point connectivity.

In 2009, Cogent also moved into Mexico and today connects multiple cities across the country.  Our successful geographic expansion at such a rapid pace has been, in large part, due to our ability to surgically acquire the network assets we need most from financially troubled companies.

As of 2011, we carry an impressive share of the world's Internet traffic and continue to expand our geographic footprint.


Management Team

Dave Schaeffer

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dave Schaeffer founded Cogent Communications in August 1999 and is the Chief Executive Officer. Under Mr. Schaeffer's leadership, Cogent has become one of the world's largest Internet Providers. Mr. Schaeffer has led the efforts of 13 successful acquisitions, propelling Cogent's originally U.S.-based network into Canada, Europe and Mexico. Mr. Schaeffer has successfully founded and operated six other businesses prior to Cogent. These businesses span a wide array of industries from communications to commercial real estate. Mr. Schaeffer holds a B.S. in Physics from the University of Maryland, where he was also a Ph.D. candidate in Economics. His diverse background and entrepreneurial successes have enabled him to build management teams that constructed and operate the only facilities-based, non-oversubscribed multinational network of its kind.

Tad Weed

Chief Financial Officer

Tad Weed joined Cogent in February 2000 as Controller and now serves as Chief Financial Officer. Previously, Mr. Weed served as Senior Vice President of Finance and Treasurer at Transaction Network Services. At TNS, Mr. Weed undertook a broad range of financial management responsibilities for the NYSE public company, including financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, financial modeling, acquisition and international expansion strategies and pro-forma analyses. He eventually negotiated and completed the sale of the company to PSINet for $720 million. Prior to TNS, Mr. Weed was employed at Arthur Andersen for over ten years, consulting on due diligence and operational improvement issues and working with multiple companies on SEC filings and initial public offerings. Mr. Weed has an M.B.A. from Virginia Polytechnic & State University and a B.B.A. from Roanoke College. He has also fulfilled all requirements for the C.P.A. designation.


Cogent Powered Buildings

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Is your building Cogent powered? Only the largest and most prestigious commercial buildings in the United States and Canada were selected for connection to Cogent's next-generation network, consistently ranked as one of the top 5 networkscogent.powered.building in the world. A typical Cogent powered building is a Class A office building with more than 600,000 square feet, located in the central business district of a major metropolitan market.

When your building is connected to Cogent fiber, tenants enjoy the valuable amenity of ultra-high bandwidth offered at radically low prices. In addition to the substantial price savings, they also enjoy rapid service installation--typically in 8 days or less. That's three times faster than what traditional, copper-based telephone companies can offer.

Prospective tenants often go to great lengths to seek Cogent service and will consider leasing space only in Cogent Powered Buildings. As the Internet becomes more critical to everyday business operations, tenants have become dependent on their Cogent service.

"Our building is scheduled for demolition at some point in the next couple of years, so having Cogent in a given building would increase our interest in relocating there."

C. Eric Kirkland, Ph.D.

University of Management and Technology

A Cogent powered building gives property owners, managers and leasing agents a tremendous advantage. Find out if you're in a Cogent Powered Building by using our Service Locations page.

Services Provided in Cogent Powered Buildings

Promoting Cogent service as a tenant amenity can only increase the value of your office space. Cogent is pleased to assist you. We provide the following services to all Cogent powered buildings:

  • Informational Open House: Cogent's friendly sales representatives can host breakfast, lunch or afternoon treats in your building lobby. Tenants interested in Cogent service can find out more information and everyone else can enjoy complimentary food, beverage, Cogent-branded giveaways and more!
  • Lunch 'N Learn: Cogent will train your leasing agents on the Cogent advantage. Learn about the various telecom offerings available today so you can intelligently articulate them to prospective tenants. Enjoy a nicely catered lunch, courtesy of Cogent.
  • Signage/Literature: Whether it's a poster for your lobby, brochures for your office or a high-tech video screen in your elevators, Cogent can provide professionally designed material to advertise your building's greatest amenity.
  • Website, Newsletters and More: Feature Cogent service in your newsletter or list it on your website as a tenant amenity. Cogent will draft material specifically tailored for your building.
  • Personal Meetings: Interested in discussing the services we provide to Cogent Powered Buildings? We will send a Cogent representative to meet with you in person to provide any information you need.




Cogent's worldwide Tier-1 optical IP network is one of the largest of its kind, with direct IP connectivity to more than 3,500 AS (Autonomous System) networks around the world and over 9,000 Gbps internetworking capacity. Cogent's network is IPv6 and MPLS enabled, providing state-of-the-art solutions for businesses. Being a facilities-based carrier, Cogent takes advantage of full end-to-end control over its transport and routing technology to provide reliable and scalable service.

Network Map

Cogent's network stretches over 160 markets throughout 30 countries in North America and Europe, with over 51,200 route miles of longhaul fiber and more than 15,500 miles of metropolitan fiber serving over 400 metropolitan rings.

Our end-to-end optical transport network consists of IP-over-WDM fiber links running up to 630 Gbps intercity capacity and 160 Gbps on metropolitan rings, located in Cogent's major markets throughout North America and Europe.

On the IP layer, Cogent's Tier-1, IPv6 and MPLS enabled network has direct IP connectivity to more than 3,500 AS (Autonomous System) networks around the world with over 9,000 Gbps internetworking capacity.

Being a facilities-based carrier, Cogent takes advantage of full end-to-end control over its transport and routing technology to provide reliable and scalable service.


Cogent Data Centers

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Cogent owns and operates 41 data centers in North America and Europe.

Services provided in Cogent Data Centers include rack space, power, helping hands, state-of-the-art environmental controls and, of course, full connectivity services (Dedicated Internet Access, IP Transit and Ethernet Point-to-Point). Cogent Data Centers also host Cogent's Utility Computing servers.

Click here for a complete list of Cogent Data Center locations or take a Virtual Tour of Cogent's Data Centers.


Network Performance

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Cogent's superior network architecture and virtually unlimited bandwidth enable us to offer impressive network performance, as exemplified below. These statistics are actual performance metrics and are updated monthly.

Cogent offers a very competitive Service Level Agreement (SLA) to all customers.

Cogent Performance Measures




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Cogent executes a selective peering strategy, a combination of two separate, yet interrelated initiatives: extensive private peering and selected public peering agreements. These agreements provide Cogent customer traffic with a more direct route to its destination, thereby improving their experience on the Internet.

Over 95% of Cogent's traffic goes across private peering connections. Cogent's unique network architecture enables us to set up private peering in virtually every Carrier Neutral Data Center connected to our network at speeds ranging from Gigabit Ethernet to multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Cogent also participates in several public peering exchanges, such as PAIX (Los Angeles and New York) and NOTA (Miami) in North America; AMS-IX (Amsterdam), DE-CIX (Frankfurt), LINX (London) and many others in Europe.


Products & Services

Cogent offers a targeted range of products and services designed to fulfill the high-speed connectivity requirements of our customers.

Dedicated Internet Access

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Cogent's goal is simple: To unleash the potential of the Internet by making vast quantities of bandwidth an affordable reality for your business. Our unique ability to provide a higher performing service at a lower price makes Cogent an obvious choice. We provide the horsepower--you take the wheel.

Cogent is ranked among the top five networks in the world. Our Internet access is dedicated, non-oversubscribed and backed by one of the best SLAs available. Indeed, Cogent is a refreshing change from your traditional telephone company. Right from the start, we will impress you with our simple product, to rapid service installation, to proactive customer support. Our ability to provide reliable, yet affordable bandwidth has turned thousands of businesses into loyal fans.

Cogent provides On Net Internet access to more than 1,575 buildings directly connected to our IP backbone. In these buildings, Cogent's optical fiber physically runs through the building.

Cogent provides Off Net Internet access to more than 160 markets. Off Net traffic also runs over the Cogent network, but a telco tail circuit connects the customer premise to our IP backbone. Off Net service allows us to extend our reach exponentially, making Cogent service available to hundreds of thousands of additional businesses.



IP Transit

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Cogent's IP Transit service offers the best value in the market place. Powered by the most interconnected network in the world, it offers high quality, scalable and affordable bandwidth. Combine our wide choice of service locations with our outstanding connectivity to major access and content networks throughout the world, and you will understand how we turned thousands of carrier, service provider and application and content provider customers into loyal fans.

Our IP Transit service runs over Cogent's worldwide Tier-1, IPv6 enabled, optical IP network - one of the largest of its kind with over 51,200 route miles (82,300 km) of longhaul fiber and more than 15,500 miles (24,900 km) of metropolitan fiber. Cogent's Autonomous System AS174 has direct connectivity to more than 3,500 AS (Autonomous System) networks around the world and over 9,000 Gbps internetworking capacity.

We will impress you first with the simplicity of our product and sales process, then with fast provisioning of your service. Our professional customer support team, conveniently located in North America and Europe, will make your life easy and ensure that your service lives by our SLA - our commitment to outstanding performance and sustained reliability.

Product Features

FULL SLA. Our SLA guarantees 100% global network availability, 99.9% packet delivery, less than 45 milliseconds roundtrip latency and proactive outage notification within 15 minutes.

RAPID INSTALLATION. Your service will be installed in 17 days or less—guaranteed. Most service installations average just 8 days.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Technical expertise is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND BILLING. Products are billed on a single sheet of paper with a single line item. Flat rate or burstable billing available.

NO LONG TERM COMMITMENTS. You can stay with us as long as you like, but we don't require multi-year commitments as part of our great prices.

Product Types

INTERFACES. We offer a wide range of interfaces and connection speeds to cover all your needs.

  • Fast Ethernet (10 to 100 Mbps)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (200 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps)
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet (1,000 Mbps to 10,000 Mbps)
  • TDM (T1/E1, DS3/E3, OC-X/STM-N)

OPTIONS. Our product is simple, yet you can customize it to fit your requirements.

  • BGP or static routing configuration
  • IPv6 native / dual stack
  • Multiple BGP sessions on single port
  • Aggregate billing across multiple ports
  • Black Hole server for DDOS mitigation
  • Primary / Secondary DNS


Ethernet Point-to-Point

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With Cogent's Ethernet Point-to-Point solution, you can build your own private connection between any two points on our network, transporting data from Point A to Point B to Point C at the speed of light, safely and securely. These pathways of communication are your way to connect privately for business that is critical to you and your organization.

Cogent's all-optical next generation MPLS enabled IP backbone is the perfect vehicle for metropolitan, national and global Ethernet point-to-point services. Available in speeds of 100 Mbps to multiple Gbps, we help you build custom connections according to your specific configuration needs.

Product Features

FULL SLA. Our SLA guarantees 100% global network availability.

RAPID INSTALLATION. Your service will be installed in 17 days or less.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Technical expertise is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

SIMPLE HANDOFF. No special wiring. No disruptions. No delays. Just a simple Ethernet handoff.

EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND BILLING. With flat rate pricing, each port and virtual circuit is billed at the same rate each month, with no hidden surprises.

Product Types

Metro / National / Global Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps). A popular option among our Enterprise customers, many use Cogent's point-to-point FastE connections to create connections among multiple office locations.

Metro / National / Global Gigabit Ethernet (From 200 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps). Cogent's point-to-point GigE connections are popular solutions for large Enterprise or NetCentric customers who need room to grow. Implement a redundant or backup network or access remote storage locations.

Metro / National / Global 10 Gigabit Ethernet (From 1,000 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps). Designed for high speed applications, Cogent's point-to-point 10GigE connections are NetCentric customer favorites. Build you own private network to interconnect traffic exchanges, such as public Internet exchanges or financial market places, or access your remote locations.


Colocation Services

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Colocate your business critical equipment in one of Cogent’s secure, state-of-the-art data centers that connect directly to our Tier-1 network. From extensive power backup systems to complete fire detection and suppression plans, each facility is constructed to ensure the safety and security of your equipment.

Cogent owns and operates 41 data centers in North America and Europe. Click here for a complete list of our data center locations and here for a virtual tour of Cogent Data Centers.

Product Features

FULL SLA. Our SLA guarantees 100% global network availability, 99.9% packet delivery, less than 45 milliseconds roundtrip latency and proactive outage notification within 15 minutes.

FULL RACK. In most of our locations we offer a full (39U) rack where others might offer a half or a third. The rack includes a cross connect to Cogent bandwidth at no cost, /29 IP addresses and competitively priced 20- or 30-amp circuits.

RAPID INSTALLATION. Your service will be installed in 17 days or less—guaranteed. Most service installations average just 8 days.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Technical expertise is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

MONITORING. All data centers are monitored 24x7, as is our network.

OTHER SERVICES. Select from Dedicated Internet Access, Ethernet Point-to-Point or Helping Hands.

Product Types

Cogent 10 Mbps Colo. Designed for our smaller customers, this service provides ample connectivity and rack space with plenty of room to grow.

Cogent 100 Mbps Colo. Cogent’s flagship offering, Fast Ethernet connectivity provides enough bandwidth to fully promote your business. You never have to worry about bottlenecks.

Cogent 1,000 Mbps Colo. For the larger players, connectivity at 1,000 Mbps. Many of our larger customers are adding GigEs on a regular basis as their businesses grow.

Cogent 10,000 Mbps Colo. Never worry again about how much traffic you generate - with 10,000 Mbps or multiples thereof, your applications and content will reach visiting end users without bandwidth constraints.

Cogent Utility Computing. If you don't want to worry about ordering and setting up your own servers, just use Cogent's! Select the right configuration for your application or content delivery platform, and we will provide you with fully dedicated servers, designed for high bandwidth output.

Trading Information as of March 7, 2011
Stock Price History
Beta: 1.17
52-Week Change: 29.23%
S&P500 52-Week Change: 15.08%
52-Week High (Mar 4, 2011): 16.14
52-Week Low (Jul 6, 2010): 6.98
50-Day Moving Average: 14.19
200-Day Moving Average: 11.87
Share Statistics
Avg Vol (3 month): 247,185
Avg Vol (10 day): 326,400
Shares Outstanding: 44.46M
Float: 33.93M
% Held by Insiders: 6.15%
% Held by Institutions: 86.30%
Shares Short (as of Feb 15, 2011): 2.52M
Short Ratio (as of Feb 15, 2011): 12.70
Short % of Float (as of Feb 15, 2011): 7.90%
Shares Short (prior month):



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