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Strategic Energy and Power (STEP)

a Nevada-based startup that manufactures, installs, sells and distributes solar installations and LED lighting. It also has proprietary technology that promises to be the future of the industry."The company is particularly enthused about its adaptation for terrestrial use of solar generators previously used only in space applications," said company CEO Donald MacIntyre. "We're also in the process of patenting a system that captures off-angle solar energy without the use of a tracking device that will allow much more efficient and inexpensive generation of solar power. Green Energy is still in its infancy, and we're excited about becoming a leader in this growth industry."With distribution and installation agreements already in place, the company offers solar and LED installation for both residential and commercial applications around the country.



Company Overview


"A game changer with ground breaking

industry disruptive technology. LEDLites

USA has an exclusive North American

distribution contract for a large Chinese

LED light manufacturing company which

will utilize American design technology

and Asian low cost manufacturing

capability. LEDLites USA has designs and

technology for Design and

Functionality/Utility patents that will be

filed in the USA and internationally. "


Item IX. The nature of products or services offered:

The Company presently supplies LED Light products


to the aviation industry, with a customer list which

includes Honeywell, Inc. and Lockheed-Martin, Inc.



SS as of 4/10/2012
400M A/S
263M O/S
 108,142,999M Restricted
154,857,001 Float


View Full Size Image
 Mission Statement of Strategic Energy and Power, Inc.:


Strategic Energy and Power, Inc. provides Green Energy that is competitive with fossil fuels by employing proprietary new technologies combined with existing solar and wind power generation and LED lighting.

Strategic Energy and Power is a combination of two synergistic, wholly-owned operating divisions:

1. Solar Hybrid Energy Corporation (Sol-Hy)

2. LEDLites USA

These two divisions operating together within STEP create a synergistic effect for providing green energy. Both function in international markets that are in vigorous growth stages with long-term prospects, the solar components driven by federal and state legislation with tax incentives.

Solar Hybrid (Sol-Hy)

The primary technology of Solar Hybrid, trade name Sol-Hy, is in solar energy concentration and conversion to electricity. A proprietary holographic lens structure, optical light guide, multi-junction semiconductor, and patented interconnect technology enables Sol-Hy to offer far more efficient collection of solar energy than existing conventional technologies. These patented 7

processes increase solar cell interconnect reliability, providing higher electrical efficiency and significant production cost savings while conserving expensive semiconductor materials. The company has licensed a number of patents for this process, and will file proprietary patents on developing technology as well as trademarks, trade names and copyrights.

Sol-Hy's competitive advantages in this field include:

A patentable solar panel that outputs twice the power in the same amount of space as competitors. The core technology has been proven for years in space satellites and is now ready for wide-spread general power generation.

The protection of patents in the United States and other countries with many more patents in process. The foundational intellectual property is protected and will continue to be built upon to maintain a competitive edge.

Product/vendor partnerships with the world's best and well known solar technology companies such as Boeing Spectrolab Inc. and Spire Corporation. These two partners alone have a combined almost 100 years in the global solar technology business.

Spectrolab Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, is the world's leading merchant supplier of high energy multijunction solar cells for concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) and spacecraft power systems with proven reliability drawn from over six decades of experience in the space industry.

Spire Corporation is the leading global solar company providing capital equipment to manufacture of PV modules & cells, turnkey solar manufacturing lines and PV systems. Spire has provided innovative solar technologies for over 30 years.

The key to Sol-Hy's success will be the performance and reliability of its panels. All of our patented and patent pending products and their components have been rigorously tested to stringent industry standards. Our products meet or exceed reliability and life-cycle viability. Certification by Underwriter Labs (UL) and other certification organizations are in full process and ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications are underway. These certification guarantees and underwriting will allow worldwide product distribution and installation.

As of 2011, solar photovoltaics generate electricity in more than 100 countries but at present account for just a small fraction of the total global power-generating capacity from all sources. Photovoltaic production, however, has been increasing by an average of more than 20 percent each year since 2002, making it the world's fastest-growing energy technology.

Solarbuzz Reports World Solar Photovoltaic Market Grew to 18.2 Gigawatts in 2010, Up 139% Y/Y.

Worldwide solar photovoltaic (PV) market installations reached a record high of 18.2 gigawatts (GW) in 2010. This represents growth of 139% over the previous year, according to the annual PV market report, Marketbuzz® 2011, issued today by Solarbuzz, a California-based solar energy consultancy, and a part of The NPD Group.

The PV industry generated $82 billion in global revenues in 2010, up 105% Y/Y from $40 billion in 2009. Companies throughout the PV chain successfully raised more than $10 billion in equity and debt over the last 12 months.

In 2010, the top five countries by PV market size were Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, and the United States-representing over 80% of global demand. European countries represented 8

14.7 GW, or 81% of world demand in 2010. The top three countries in Europe were Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic, which collectively totaled 12.9 GW. In 2010, the Japanese and US markets grew by 101% and 96%, respectively. In all, over 100 countries made some contribution to soaring global PV demand last year.

The fact that Europe represented fully 81% of world demand in 2010 indicates that the market in the US has the potential for large growth.



LEDLites USA is in the business of producing and marketing LED (Light Emitting Diode) light fixtures and components for both the residential and commercial markets. LED lighting is a green technology that consumes far less energy and requires much less maintenance than competing lighting technologies, making it highly competitive for both retrofit and new lighting systems.

Federal and State Legislation and Federal and State Tax Benefits are driving the LED lighting market not just in the United States but all over the world.

Federal Legislation includes the energy bill passed December 2007, confirmed July 15, 2011, making incandescent lighting prohibited for sale in stores by the year 2012 in favor of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs. But CFL is at best interim solution, far less efficient and more toxic (using mercury) than LED lighting which can be expected to be the lighting of choice as costs come down with the expansion of the market.

The federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 offers tax incentives to energy-efficient commercial buildings. Any building that can cut its lighting power density by 25-50 percent is eligible to receive a tax reduction of 60 cents per square foot. By converting to LED bulbs, companies can reduce their light electric output by 80 percent. Not only do LED users see immediate reductions in their energy bills, they also receive government endorsed tax incentives for making their buildings more energy efficient.

LEDLites USA is:

A game changer with ground breaking industry disruptive technology. LEDLites USA has an exclusive North American distribution contract for a large Chinese LED light manufacturing company which will utilize American design technology and Asian low cost manufacturing capability. LEDLites USA has designs and technology for Design and Functionality/Utility patents that will be filed in the USA and internationally.

Has a unique selling proposition: LEDLites USA is the first company to enter the LED Lighting market with an extensive background in the design and manufacture of power supplies and associated thermal management. The current manufacturers of commercial lighting fixtures are basically assemblers of various metal, plastic and glass parts to form the fixture itself. The bulbs are manufactured by a third party as are the ballasts used in fluorescent lighting. There is no history of electronic technology these companies can refer to in the development of LED light fixtures.

LEDLites USA on the other hand, has its background in power supply technology and thermal management having acquired power supply and LED light manufacturing designs and technology from Multichip Display Inc., which is utilized in avionic cockpit displays. For more than 20 years, Multichip has engineered and manufactured power 9

supplies for demanding applications. These power supplies use multi-output switchers, linear and ferro-resonant topologies for the aerospace, defense, telecom, networking and industrial markets, in both custom and standard (VME, PCI, etc.) form factors. This relationship alone gives LEDLites USA a huge advantage in the LED light fixture marketplace, already documented in LEDLites USA Energy Star testing where its fixtures exceeded the efficiency requirements by over 90% - 100 lumens/watt required; 120 lumens/watt achieved.

Major customers of Multichip include The Boeing Company, the Federal Aviation Administration, Lochheed-Martin, L-3 Communications, and the U.S. Army, Air Force & Navy. Through Multichip, LEDLites USA has built-in customer relationships with these major customers.

The key to LEDLites USA's success will be the performance and reliability of our light fixtures.

Our world class partnerships with our vendors/suppliers are the other cornerstones of our product reliability. LEDLites USA will both leverage the technology of suppliers and develop technologies and intellectual properties of its own. Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been invested by component suppliers, for example, in the LED chips themselves. Although, LEDLites USA has the flexibility to use several different suppliers of LED chips, they have developed special pricing contracts with primary suppliers. Flexibility of design will protect us from becoming someone else's captive customer with high pricing.

LEDLites USA's strategy is to develop and maintain a leadership position in the commercial solid state lighting (SSL) market through ongoing technology development. This ongoing improvement of the cost/benefit equation will reduce the commoditization of the market segments the company serves, preserving the best margin opportunities at the same time.

LEDLites USA's vision is to become a market leader in LED light fixtures for both the retro-fit and new building sectors. LEDLites USA will utilize its superior knowledge in the field of power supplies and thermal management as well as its modular design technology to be a leader in the LED revolution in the commercial lighting industry. By using a combination of partnerships with established corporations, green building groups and relationships it will build with federal, state and local governments, LEDLites USA is poised to become synonymous with the term "LED light fixture." This seamless integration into the mainstream consciousness of American builders, architects and engineers will solidify LEDLites USA as the clear market leader in the LED commercial light fixture segment.

LEDLites USA uses state-of-the-art patented and patent pending products/components and overall technology structures to overcome all the traditional cost obstacles. Our technology dramatically improves LED light fixture energy conversion efficiency and significantly lowers the levelized cost of energy more than anything available anywhere in the world.

Our unique design approach gives LEDLites USA a platform for the Sun Harvesting, Motion Detection and light level selection options. These features provide LEDLites USA with an economic advantage as the energy savings afforded by these features can be significant - 20% to 30% above the normal savings provided by any competitive LED light fixtures. These technological advantages will be leveraged to the greatest extent possible.

LEDLites USA will use its core skills in thermal management, system packaging and manufacturing to develop and advance technology for two key purposes:

To develop product solutions that maintain a leadership position over its competitors based upon superior cost-benefit to its customers, as well as greater product functionality.



The advantage of gallium arsenide on solar grade silicon is that it offers almost twice the efficiency.  

Another achievement announced refers to efficiency gains. Usually gallium arsenide is deposited in a single thin layer on a small plate, at the University of Illinois have multiple layers of material deposited on the wafer, obtaining a higher yield. Multiple layers removed limitations on the work area, something very important in the case of solar cells, which require a large coverage area to capture as much light as possible. So, say its creators, you get a larger coverage area, generate more power with lower cost.




According to a new market research study from ElectroniCast Consultants, global consumption of packaged component-level light-emitting diodes (LEDs) used in test/measurement and medical/science devices will grow at an average annual growth rate of 35.8% from $21.82m in 2009 to $185.73m in 2016, despite a decline in average prices in some categories partially offset comparably strong unit growth.

Graphic: Test/measurement & medical/science LED market ($m) - ElectroniCast Market Forecast

Packaged LEDs in general lighting to grow from $500m to $13.4bn in 2020

Global consumption of packaged component-level light-emitting diodes (LEDs) used in solid-state lighting (SSL) general lighting applications reached $500m in 2010 and will rise at an average annual growth rate of 33.2% to $2.1bn in 2015 and then more quickly at 44.9% to nearly $13.4bn in 2020, forecasts ElectroniCast Consultants in its latest 10-year market study*. The report also forecasts average selling price (ASP) over the 2010-2020 timeframe.

Graphic: Market forecast for LEDs used in solid-state (SSL) general lighting ($m). Source: ElectroniCast Consultants.

The high-brightness (HB) category also includes ultra-high-brightness (UHB) LEDs (with a luminous efficacy of more than 70 lm/W). UHB-LED prices have a substantial premium over HB-LEDs and, although the quantity of UHB-LEDs produced is currently relatively small, as the use of UHB-LEDs increases the overall effect on the HB-LED category is an increase in annual ASP over 2010-2015.

Otherwise, the trend is for decreasing ASPs throughout the forecast period, as technology and production yield capabilities improve and competition intensifies, while sales channels improve (driven by the fact that governments worldwide are pushing for energy-efficient general lighting), says Stephen Montgomery, president-International Business and principal analyst-LED Practice at ElectroniCast.



Mr. MacIntyre has nine inventions, co-patents to his credit probably more. You'll notice not only hermetic wafer integration
(sealed low vacuum pressure) but in Arrays. How the surface reacts on contact...

SOL concentrates the power of the sun without the use of tracking systems. With a dynamic, experienced management team, our work has lead to higher energy output

peak efficiency   covering   multi-junction photovoltaic

photovoltaic solar cell

+ Patented Optical/Thermal Control
Construction Process
= Peak Efficiency 34%
Concentrator Solar Cells

Hermetic wafer scale integrated circuit structure
U.S. Patent US6982475 | Filed: 07/03/2002 | Issued: 01/03/2006 Cited: 5 Times
Assignee(s): MCSP, LLC | Inventor(s): Donald M. MacIntyre | Agent(s): Stallman & Pollock LLP | Examiner(s): Laura M. Schillinger

Stress relieved contact array
U.S. Patent US6838894 | Filed: 09/03/2002 | Issued: 01/04/2005
Inventor(s): Donald M. MacIntyre | Agent(s): Henry M. Stanley | Examiner(s): David Zarneke
Donald M. MacIntyre...
View patent details for more information ... | Hide hits

Stress relieved contact array
U.S. Patent US7038478 | Filed: 11/23/2004 | Issued: 05/02/2006
Assignee(s): MACINTYRE DONALD M | Inventor(s): Donald M. Macintyre | Agent(s): Henry M. Stanley | Examiner(s): Jermele Hollington
Donald M. Macintyre...
View patent details for more information ... | Hide hits

Hermetic wafer scale integrated circuit structure
U.S. Patent US7205635 | Filed: 10/14/2005 | Issued: 04/17/2007
Assignee(s): MCSP, LLC | Inventor(s): Donald M. MacIntyre | Agent(s): Stallman & Pollock LLP | Examiner(s): Carl Whitehead, Jr.
Donald M. MacIntyre...
View patent details for more information ... | Hide hits

Integrated circuit package stacking structure
U.S. Patent US6690088 | Filed: 01/31/2002 | Issued: 02/10/2004
Inventor(s): Donald M. MacIntyre | Agent(s): Henry M. Stanley | Examiner(s): Alexander O. Williams
Donald M. MacIntyre...
View patent details for more information ... | Hide hits

Method of forming hermetic wafer scale integrated circuit structure
U.S. Patent US7205181 | Filed: 10/14/2005 | Issued: 04/17/2007
Assignee(s): MCSP, LLC | Inventor(s): Donald M. MacIntyre | Agent(s): Stallman & Pollock LLP | Examiner(s): Carl Whitehead, Jr.
Donald M. MacIntyre...
View patent details for more information ... | Hide hits

The Executive Management Team

Don M. MacIntyre, CEO

Donald M. MacIntyre - CEO  30 years semiconductor experience in crystal growth, wafer process, test and assembly. CEO of several semiconductor test/assembly companies with buy-outs by Black & Decker, Cypress Semiconductor and founder of Stars Microelectronics - Thailand Ltd. then later Multichip.  The company originated in late 1991 as part of Cypress Semiconductor's Multichip Technology advanced packaging group, to provide production of the next generation of SPARC module initially to Sun MicroSystems and later other workstation manufacturer's such as Silicon Graphics, Inc. Production was shifted to Liquid Crystal Display driver integrated circuits in late 1993. At that time, Cypress wished to eliminate its domestic assembly capabilities and transfer its assembly operations to lower cost offshore partners.
Today, the company is comprised of nineteen (19) indirect and forty (40) direct employees operating out of thirty eight thousand (38, 000) square feet of office and production space in the heart of the Silicon Valley. A one thousand seven hundred (1, 700) square foot class 10, 000 clean room (i. e. an area which is positively ventilated with air filtered to remove dust particles greater than one half (0.5) microns) operates under dual shift supervisors.  The mix of indirect employees provides the company with the basic skill levels and capacity to undertake packaging design, interconnect substrate design, assembly process design and production equipment design to support it at its current level of business.  Multichip established a joint venture company Stars Microelectronics (Thailand) Ltd. In Bangkok, Thailand in 1996. This company is a venture between Itochu Corporation of Japan, Technology Applications (Thailand) Public Company Limited, and Multichip Assembly, Inc. To date TAB, COB, and some standard IC packages have been implemented in production, with FCA capability.

Mr. MacIntyre manufactures sensors for Nanogen, Optimatrix, Protiveris and Sensicore. He holds a BSME degree from Northrup University.

CFO / VP Finance & Administration at Advanced Micro Assemblies
CFO, VP Administration, & Co-founder at Pacific InterConnections, Inc.

Education:  Stanford University MBA
Bruce Parsons' Summary:  Diverse experience in the semiconductor and aerospace industies in production, production control, sales, marketing, program management, customer relations, staffing, administration, finance, government & commercial contracting, negotiations, and legal issues.
Specialties  Managing / writing technical proposals & grants : technical content, cost backups, management plans, project schedules.

Al Lipinski, VP

Withover 20 years as an international sales and marketing executive with emphasis in EDA, ATE, and Solar Energy. He has extensive experience in the development and management of global sales and marketing channels. Lipinski has had several board positions with companies that address the supply chain and e-commerce industry. Lipinski has a BSEE from Southern Illinois University. Lipinski brings a wealth of experience in domestic and international sales, and in sales management. He was most recently executive vice president of worldwide sales and business development at Sequence Design Inc. Before joining Sequence, Lipinski was director of sales in Silicon Valley for Cadence Design Systems Inc. (NYSE:CDN). Additionally, Lipinski has worked for Virtual Silicon Technology Inc.; Dazix and Exemplar Logic Inc., both part of Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT); Meta Software, now part of Synopsys Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS); Computervision, acquired by Parametric Technology Corporation or PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC); Fairchild Semiconductor; and GenRad, now part of Teradyne (NYSE: TER).
Lipinski received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Southern Illinois University. An avid outdoorsman and motor-racing enthusiast, he makes his home in San Jose, Calif.

Richard Greenblatt, Vice President Sales, LED lighting division
Richard has over 40 years of automotive dealership experience, with industry contacts throughout the United States. He will lead the sales team in developing the conversion of the automotive dealership market to the use of high efficiency LED technology in both indoor and outdoor lighting. Richard said "LED lighting can save up to 60% of the Showroom floor and outdoor Lot lighting electric costs, which yield a payback of less than 3 years on the conversion capital investment. Monthly savings in electric costs will recover the cost of financing and return additional monthly cash, with 100% of the electric bill savings adding to profits at the end of the three year payoff

Perry Barker - Director
Mr. Perry Barker has served as the Company's Director since his election in October 2011. For the past five years, Mr. Barker has served as National Sales Manager for technological products. Mr. Barker earned a B.A. in Business from Mellon University.
Mr. Barkers experience
$698M revenues 2011

Additional STEP Info and dd:
Don provided sensors for Sensicore.  SENSICORE BOUGHT BY GE (GENERAL ELECTRIC)

Sensicore Inc., one of the state's most successful companies in raising venture capital since it was spun off from the University of Michigan in 2000 but which struggled to generate revenue from its handheld water-testing devices, has been sold to a division of General Electric. The deal is expected to be announced this week. Terms have not been disclosed.GE will keep the company in Ann Arbor and fund product development and growth. The company employs about 17 full-time equivalents. Sensicore produces handheld sensors that can detect and quantify 18 different chemicals in about five minutes, and it has a Web-based data system that allows municipalities to monitor data on water quality in real time from sensors at a variety of locations. "I think it's a fabulous opportunity for GE. They're uniquely capable of bringing off a much larger market penetration than a private company is capable of," said former President and CEO Malcolm Kahn, who joined Sensicore in 2002. The current active customer base can be broken down into three basic categories. First type has continuously running assembly (i. e. customers who have production requirements each month). The second group have repeat lots (i. e. customers who have production requirements on an as needed basis), typically, every few months. The third category are customers developing custom packages being serviced by the design engineering group. The engineering and production process is ISO9001 certified as well as to several individual customers requirements.

Stars is a major mobile phone parts supplier for BlackBerry, Micro Vision, Western Digital, GE Sensor, NEC and ON Semiconductor.The global IT research house Gartner Inc yesterday reported global smartphone sales totalled 417 million units at the end of third quarter and would surpass 500 million in 2012

3236 Scott Blvd,:Santa Clara Ca 95504





Date Time Source Headline Symbol   Company
02/28/2012 9:00AM PRNUS City Capital Corporation Contracts Legal Outsourcing Group LLC USOTC:CTCC   City Capital Corp (PL CE)
02/24/2012 10:34AM Form (15-15D) Termination of Registration of a Class of Security under Section 13 and 15(d) USOTC:CTCC   City Capital Corp (PL CE)
02/15/2012 9:00AM PRNUS City Capital Corporation Green Energy Expansion USOTC:CTCC   City Capital Corp (PL CE)
01/12/2012 9:00AM MWUS City Capital Corporation -- Green Energy Expansion -- New Acquisition Offers Solar Power and LED Lighting Nationwide USOTC:CTCC   City Capital Corp.



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