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Carlton Companies, Inc. (fka CTNO)

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Possible Parent Holding Co. of Leaddog Capital, a Wall St. hedge fund.

Leaddog Capital deals: investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx


Located at 120 Wall Street, 24th Floor, New York, NY:





CEO Chris Messalas Bio:

Chris Messalas, 42 is a managing member of Leaddog Capital Markets, LLC.  Mr. Messalas has formed strategic relationships with some of the world's largest institutional investors and lenders allowing them to structure creative corporate financing solutions for high growth companies. Mr. Messalas has over 15 years experience in the Securities industry, starting with D.H. Blair in 1992, as an investment consultant, Mr. Messalas developed his capital raising talents and added to his private placement experience at H.J. Meyers and The May Davis Group where he was involved with a number of successful under-takings. Mr. Messalas carries a series 7, 24 and series 63 NASD Securities licenses and specializes in corporate finance funding through institutional investors and lenders. His specialty is in the micro and small cap markets. Beginning in 2002, Mr. Messalas has been the Chairman and CEO of a successful investment related company, Roadrunner Capital Group, LLC and is also CEO and President of The Carlton Companies, Inc.


The Carlton Companies, Inc.
Address : 120 WALL STREET, 24TH FLOOR
City: NEW YORK State: NY
Zip Code: 10005 Country: USA

(Source: 8-K,

AUTHORIZED SHARES:  475,000,000 Common, 25,000,000 Preferred
(Source: Nevada S.O.S., http://nvsos.gov/sosentitysearch/corpActions.aspx?lx8nvq=jlR9KPVKmd%252bHvPjawTkJzA%253d%253d&CorpName=THE+CARLTON+COMPANIES%2c+INC.)

SEC FILINGS:  http://sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0001330859&owner=include&count=40


TRANSFER AGENT:  Manhattan Transfer Registrar



Newbie info (courtesy of 'Billiam_2'):

1. Chris Messalas reactivated the shell Clayton Dunning CGGP in June of 2007.

2. Changed the name to Carlton
Capital CTNO, August 2007.

3. Changed the name again to The Carlton
Companies (parent holding company) for Carlton Capital.

4. Did a 50:1 R/S March of 2008. O/S 10.5MM, A/S 475MM, 25MM preferred

5. Has developed over the last 10 years multiple hedgefunds; Roadrunner Capital, Leaddog Capital, HNY Acquisistion, Spring Creek Capital and     Carlton Capital. All of which have deals. Leaddog being the most substancial with a $30MM financing deal with Blue Castle to
fund a Nuclear Reactor.

6. Chris Messalas has been flirting with Shelby Super Cars, the manufacturer of the Ultimate Areo, soon to be the fastest production
car available with     speeds up to 275mph.

7. It has long been speculated that CTNO is the parent holding company for all of the listed hedgefunds. We have just learned that Leaddog is a     subsidiary to CTNO. It was published on a
new website page for Jadebridge Capital. A company Chris Messalas has worked for. It is speculated that     Jadebridge and Leaddog are being groomed to provide $15MM in financing for Shelby Super Cars. They need it to qualify for a government grant.

8. Chris Messalas is well connected with Wall Street Tycoons. The listed address for Spring Creek Capital, Leaddog Capital and The Carlton     Companies is 120 Wall Street, 24 Floor.

9. If the boards DD is correct and an O/S of 10.5MM this could hit dollars easily.

10. The problem here is the entire float is owned by the people on this board after 3 years of accumulation. Shares are scarce to say the least. That is          why there is no volume.

11. There has never been any pump or dilution of shares.



Chris Messalas, CEO of LeadDog Capital and The Carlton Companies, speaks about his
involvement with Shelby Super Cars (SSC):



World's strongest muscle car visits Staten Island

by Staten Island Advance

Thursday June 04, 2009, 10:15 PM

Ultimate Aero, apart from its humongous horsepower, sports gullwing doors
reminiscent of DeLorean.

When Jerod Shelby was growing up, he had posters of Lamborghinis and Ferraris adorning his bedroom walls.

"I always thought how cool would it be for kids to have posters of my car on their wall," said the owner of Shelby SuperCars and the
designer of the Ultimate Aero, the world's fastest production car.

Shelby did just that, creating a beautiful speed demon that packs 1,287 horsepower -- enough hellfire to leave Lamborghinis, Ferraris
and any other cars at the starting line, as if they were just sitting pretty in a poster.

Its price tag, too, leaves them in the dust: $730,000.

The Aero -- which owns the Guinness World Record for production car speed record at 256.18 mph -- was on display tonight at the
Vanderbilt in South Beach, with Staten Island investors touting the car as an engineering marvel but really only the beginning of what
Shelby SuperCars is capable of producing.

"We're going to launch an electric car," said Chris Messalas, of Todt Hill, the CEO of LeadDog Capital, a hedge fund that
has invested in United EcoEnergy Corp., which announced Tuesday it was investing $15 million in Shelby Supercars and its
All-Electric Scalable Powertrain, the AESP.

"This is what we've done, and it's a rocketship," Messalas said, pointing to the palladium gray-colored supercar. "The Ultimate
Aero EV [electric vehicle], is what we're going to do."

The Ultimate Aero EV will utilize the new AESP technology, enabling it to reach 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 208 mph.
The vehicle will have a range of 150 to 200 miles per charge and utilize Shelby SuperCar's "Charge on the Run" onboard system for
10-minute recharges.

Shelby -- whose company is headquartered in West Richland, Wash. -- noted that his electric powertrain is being licensed for uses in other
vehicles as well, including economy cars, sedans, sport utility vehicles and delivery trucks.

But it was the gas-powered Ultimate Aero that held every eye tonight, transported on a special shipping truck and adorned in red and white
Pepsi and BullRun decals for a new national advertising campaign.

"Kim Kardashian was photographed with the car just last week in Los Angeles," said Shelby, joking that he usually doesn't have his supercar
covered in stickers.

The rear-engine car is six-speed manual with an aluminum V8 twin turbo, gullwing doors, suede interior, 19-inch front rims and 20-inch rear
rims, and a pushbutton start located on the roof of the cockpit.

"At full throttle, it gets about one gallon of gasoline every 15 seconds," said Shelby. "On the highway, it can go about 620 miles on its full
32-gallon tank."

One smitten suitor flew in from Vienna solely to test-drive the vehicle and discuss the possibility of opening a dealership.

"All my life I've driven Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and these are not cars," raved Gernot Pointner, 43, who is in the international yacht business
and drove in the Ultimate Aero as Shelby took it for a spin down Capodanno Boulevard. "It's better than the Bugatti Veyron. Every old man can
drive a Bugatti. This, the Ultimate Aero, is hard-core."

In case you were wondering, the Bugatti's engine comprises two, side-by-side V8's -- a total 16 cylinders -- that spit out a combined 1,001
horsepower and have clocked 253 mph on the radar gun.

Which is undoubtedly fast.

It's just not Ultimate Aero fast.

-- Contributed by Doug Auer


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