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Capstone Companies, Inc. (OTC:CAPC)           

SEC CIK 0000814926         Shares Outstanding  49.773.031 (as of March 31, 2022)
Consumer inspired products that bridge technological innovations with today’s lifestyles.
About Capstone Companies Inc.
Capstone Companies, Inc. (CAPC) is a public holding company organized under the laws of the State of Florida. The company
is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of consumer inspired products that bridge technological innovations. The
has global distribution including Australia, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, North America, South America, Spain,
Taiwan and the United Kingdom
. The company has a history of exploiting technologies in areas of induction charging, power
failure control, security and home LED lighting products and most recently has entered the electronics market with its
introduction of Capstone’s Smart Mirrors. CAPC Corporation seeks to deliver strong, consistent business results and superior
shareholder returns by providing consumers on a global basis with unique products that creatively serve their needs affordably.
The company oversees the manufacturing of its products, which are currently all made in the Pacific Rim by contracted OEM
manufacturers, through
its two wholly owned operating subsidiaries; (a) Capstone Industries, Inc., a Florida corporation
organized in 1997 and acquired on September 13, 2006
 (b) Capstone International Hong Kong Limited.
Capstone Companies, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of consumer inspired products that bridge technological
innovations with today’s lifestyle. Over the past ten years, Capstone has had a significant impact on the
LED Lighting industry. The Company recently turned its attention to a new emerging category that would allow its team to once
again demonstrate its strengths in design, engineering and low-cost production. Capstone’s recognized products have been
sold through varying channels over the past ten years
including noted big box retailers as Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, Office
Depot, Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart
Address:      431 Fairway Drive Suite 200 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 United States
Contact:        Phone: (954) 252-3440        Fax: (954) 570-6678

SEC Reports: /
Financial Tearsheet:
Investor Relations: Aimee C. Brown (954) 252-3440 ext. 313
Investor questions:

Press Inquiries:        Jonathan Caparco
Technical Support:
IRS Number:  841047159

Capstone Companies FCC Reports:   
Trademark & Patent Filings

Business Contracts:
Bill of Lading Import Records:
Supply Chain Intelligence:

Insider Trading: Last Buy July 19, 2021/Last Sell Okt.15, 2013
Short Interest:
- Finra
- MarketBeat

- OTCMarkets
As of July 31, 2022 Short Interest is 12500 shares. This is only 0.04168% of the free float.

All officers & Directors as a group own after conversion of all options & warrants 19.785.129 shares = 39.8 %
Total shares as of March 31, 2022 = 49.773.031 shares
49.773.031 shares - 19.785.129 shares = 29.987.902 shares Free Float.

  Stewart Wallach
- Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

Employment Agreement as of February 5, 2020:

Stock ownership after conversion of all options & warrants 9.831.745 shares = 19.8 %
- He has extensive experience in executive management of companies.
- He has experience in growing operations and merger and acquisition transactions.
- He has extensive experience in arranging the design, development and production of products in foreign nations for shipment
  and sale in the U.S. and conducting business abroad.
- His experience provides insight for the implementation of effective operational, financial, strategic leadership of the Company.

- Insider Trading:
- Extended Profile:
  James Gerry McClinton - Chief Financial Officer and Director

Employment Agreement as of February 5, 2020:
Stock ownership after conversion of all options & warrants 33.664 shares = 0.1 %
- He has a degree in accounting.
- He has prior practical experience in corporate accounting.
- He has executive operational experience, including acting as a chief financial officer.
- His invaluable experience in finance and accounting provides insight for the implementation of effective operational, financial
  and strategic leadership of the Company.

- Insider Trading:
- Extended Profile:
 Jeffrey Postal - Director
Stock ownership after conversion of all options & warrants
9.334.120 shares = 18.8 %
- He has extensive experience in investing in companies.
- He has extensive experience in management and business,
- He has experience growing a company and mergers and acquisitions.

- Insider Trading:
- Extended Profile:
 Jeffrey Joseph Guzy - Independent Director
Stock ownership after conversion of all options & warrants
452.800 shares = 0.9 %
- Through his MBA in Strategic Planning & Management and his knowledge of U.S. capital markets, Mr. Guzy provides
   invaluable guidance and perspective to the Board.
- He serves and has served as an officer and director of public companies and worked for large corporations
  in business development. He brings this experience to the Board.

- Insider Trading:
- Extended Profile:
  Larry Paul Sloven - President & Managing Director

Phone:(239) 567 9811   Date of Birth : 05/20/1949
Stock ownership after conversion of all options & warrants 52.800 shares = 0.1 %
- He has extensive experience in conducting business in foreign nations and international business, especially China and
  Southeast Asia, and he brings this valuable experience to the Board.

- He 
is responsible for leading the International HK business unit, having resided in this region for 25 plus years mastering the
  skills of business development, relationship building and the cultural communication nuances of the surrounding Asian markets.

- Insider Trading:
- Extended Profiles:
 Aimee C. Brown - Director of Administration

Stock ownership after conversion of all options & warrants 80.000 shares = 0.2 %
- Insider Trading:

  George Wolf Non-Executive Director
Consulting Agreement as of January 1, 2019:
He has extensive experience in sales and business development and has prior management experience. He is familiar with the Company’s
sales and business development strategies and operations and has worked closely with executive officers of the Company in sales and
business development.

 Emerging Product Segment – Connected Surfaces.
It is undeniable that today’s population is more connected than ever. Just as smartphones, tablets and broadband subscriptions
have expanded from 2010 – 2018 across all age groups and income levels, we envision the 
continuing simplification and access
to content and data in new formats imminent which will create substantial consumer demand
. The United States is one of the
largest smartphone markets in the world with one of the highest smartphone penetrations rates worldwide. In 2017, 68.4% of the
U.S. population used a smartphone. The number of U.S. smartphone users exceeded 220 million by year-end 2017. Additionally,
there are an estimated 110.000.000 residences with fixed broadband subscriptions. Reaching only 1% of these fixed broadband
residences would result in more than 1.000.000 smart mirrors being sold.

 Broadening Social Media Footprint.
Complementing our commitment to e-commerce, the Company is fortifying its social media presence through leading platforms.
The Company’s strategic vision for “Connected Surfaces” will continue to evolve in the digital sphere. The social media strategy
will serve to foster
an online community with its followers and customers while providing a space for sharing product experiences.

 Channel Development.
While the Company’s history has demonstrated management’s ability to effectively distribute product to big box retailers
(globally), it’s looking forward strategy emphasizes the importance of eCommerce in reaching today’s market. 
The strategy is
intended to balance the Company’s revenue stream and maintain its relevance in the marketplace.

 Supply Chain Transition
In an effort to mitigate the impact of unforeseen tariff penalties in the future and to minimize our reliance on China sources, the
Company’s strategy dictates a concentrated and expedient effort in transitioning supply chains to other regions within the Pacific
This strategy will position the Company to address future supply chain requirements in a more controlled manner.

Shaping Capstone’s Future
While the Company has and continues to benefit from more than 100 years of experience of its seasoned executive management
it’s expanded workforce is taking on a younger complexion. The executive management team is driving the initiative to
finding younger, career minded executives and general management to continue the growth for years to come.
The Company
relocated its offices in 2019 as part of this initiative creating a more open space which nourishes a collaborative work experience.

Core Subsidiary - Capstone Connected
Mirrors designed and engineered for the 21st century digital living space.
Address: 431 Fairway Drive, Suite 200 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Phone: +1 (888) 570-8889      Email: 



Video Guide:
Trademark & Patent Filings:


Core Productgroup Smart Mirror Collection
Mirrors designed and engineered for the 21st century digital living space.
Engage in the future when you experience Capstone Connected modern solution to the traditional mirror.
Actually Product Video:
Thin Cast App download for Android phones without a casting function:

Smart Mirror Features
- Integrated Speakers - The Smart Mirror comes with four integrated speakers that allow you to access audio and sound control
  capabilities. Music, podcasts, and video audio are accessible through both the Smart 1 and Smart 2 display settings
Easy Installation
 - Our Smart Mirror comes with an easy-to-install mounting bracket as well as all the necessary hardware. You
  also receive all of the hardware you need to install the mirror without any specialized tools.
- Capstone Smart Mirror is 
WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.
Power Adapter - You will get a power adapter included in the purchase at AC 120-volts and a 12-volt 4 A output.
- Smart 1 - Thin Touch, Full Touch Screen Control Suite.
- Browse the web, watch videos, download Apps, listen to music just to name a few.
- Download Alexa and link to your Smart Devices using Thin Cast Touch.
Smart 2 - Thin Cast, share your Android or iOS SmartphoneExperience with your Smart Mirror.
- Included anodized aluminum phone stand for proper landscape orientation and proximity to the phone’s microphone.
- Cast from your phone and summon your Smart Devices using Alexa.

Smart 1 - Thin Touch, Full Touch Screen Control Suite
- Access your favorite content through Capstone’s proprietary touch screen technology.
- Personalize your home screen with convenient widgets that display useful information.
- Use the preinstalled Mozilla Firefox Browser to search the web.
- Check the time, weather and email with the preinstalled Clock, Calendar, Weather and Email Apps.
- Search from YouTube’s extensive online video platform directly on the Smart Mirror. Browse channels ranging from
  Beauty Tutorials, Fashion Guides, Exercise, DIY, Cooking, Health without incurring additional costs or subscription fees.
- Lookup directions and check commute times to meetings and / or social events.
- Stay up to date and browse from all your favorite news sources.
- Pair your preferred Bluetooth headphones or external speakers to the Smart Mirror.

Smart 2 - Thin Cast, Share your Android or iOS Smartphone Experience with your Smart Mirror
- Mirror an Android or Apple iOS smart phone screen directly onto the Thin Cast Smart Mirror.
- Operate hands free via voice command.
- Access traffic and weather, stream entertainment, listen to music, access social media feeds, run downloadable applications and more.
- Any user on the same WiFi network can safely and securely share their Smart Phone screen to the mirror.
  No data from your phone is ever stored onto the mirror.
- Use the Smart Mirror speakers to listen to your favorite music directly from your phone.

Mirror Accessories
  Thin Cast Bluetooth Remote Control and Touchpad. $ 49,99
- Navigate the Smart Mirror without having to touch the mirror’s display.
- Simple Bluetooth pairing to Capstone’s Thin Cast Smart Mirror for use in
Smart 1 or pair directly to your iOS/Android phone
  for use in
Smart 2 while casting.
- Perfect for day-to-day use while working out, playing music, entertaining guests, and more!
Multifunctional touchpad allows you to move onscreen cursor and scroll through websites with ease.
- Volume and Media Controls - 
Skip to the next track and turn up the volume!
- Included USB-C cable to recharge lithium-ion battery.
  Thin Cast Battery Pack.  $ 49,99
- Rechargeable ThinCast Battery Pack provides power to your Smart Mirror when there isn’t a power outlet nearby.
- Simply charge the Battery Pack using the Smart Mirror’s power adapter. The Battery Pack will supply up to 5 hours of runtime
  to the Smart Mirror.
- Adhesive mounting pads are included.
- Specifications:  Input Type-C12V-4A    Output USB 12V-4A  21000mAh
Warning: This battery pack is ONLY compatible with Capstone’s Thin Cast Smart Mirror. DO NOT connect any other electronics
  to the battery pack (i.e., Smartphones, tablets, etc.) as this could permanently damage the device.

Smart Mirror - Standard  $ 899
Buy at Capstone:
Buy at Amazon:

Buy at Wayfair: 
Smart Mirror - Wardrobe/Fitness $ 1099
User Manual:
User Guide:
Buy at Capstone
Buy at Amazon:

Buy at Wayfair:

Smart Mirror - Circular mirror
Coming in 2022

Smart Mirror - Rectangular Mirror

Coming in

Subsidiary Capstone Industries Inc.
Delivering Innovation and Value Through Products Inspired by Consumer Lifestyles.
Capstone Industries welcomes the ‘20s with a new product portfolio that focuses on today’s connected lifestyles. Over the past
couple decades computing has evolved from the desktop to laptop to tablets and to the smartphone. As consumers embrace
the many advantages of online services and applications that offer convenience and simplify daily tasks, access through
surroundings help define today’s smart home. Our strategy is to design and engineer products that not only compliment the
home environment aesthetically but at the same time deliver the mobile experience to surfaces throughout your living and

Address: 431 Fairway Drive, Suite 200 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Phone: (954) 570-8889       Fax: (954) 570-6678


Media Relations:
Corporate Office: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Eastern Standard Time

Capstone Industries FCC Reports:
Capstone Industries User Manuals:
New Trademark registration - Connected Chef Application #97365117  Application Filed: 2022-04-15

Subsidiary Capstone International Hong Kong Ltd, (CIHK)

Address: RM 1802 Officeplus @Wanchai, 303 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong

Phone:  62721009
Bill of Lading Import Records:
U.S. Customs Records:
Supply Chain Intelligence:
The Hong Kong based Capstone International HK subsidiary has been created to provide a broad suite of sourcing services to
include project and logistics management. The Company is the main provider of these services to Capstone Industries, Inc. The
Company has expertise in all areas of manufacturing and exporting from the Pacific rim. 
Capstone International HK focuses on
quality control, product development, engineering and manufacturing.
 Beyond sourcing, the Company is in an envious position
to independently identify, develop and market emerging products and technologies internationally. These opportunities can
reach fruition through partnerships, licensing arrangements or independently developed through internal resources, leading to
expanded product offerings and sales in the Asian and European markets in addition to new channels within the Americas.

Larry Sloven, President, is responsible for leading the International HK business unit, having resided in this region for 25 plus
years mastering the skills of business development, relationship building and the cultural communication nuances of the
surrounding Asian markets.

The Future of Capstone Connected
- Our entire commitment is to the Connected Surfaces portfolio.
The future market is ambient computing. This is the theory that we will be completely surrounded by content in our living
spaces. You'll walk into your home it will be seamless. You won't really even see it at times.
You'll just be talking to it.
- This was our vision when we started developing connected surfaces.
Entry into this market took place via the mirror. Mirrors haven't changed in centuries. In every household there are mirrors that
be able to adapt to the trends in the digital lifestyle. We are receiving numerous inquiries from the
hospitality industry, Fitness
centers, Health baths, Luxury apartments, home development industry, conventional big box retail
The cost-effective just-in-time demand will be a clear advantage for our connected surfaces in the future.

- Our strength is embed technology in hardware that accesses content.
We are a start-up with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing products and software. The management has demonstrated
their acumen for over a decade and is highly motivated. Our certified electronic supplier in the OEM factory in Thailand has a
qualified experience in the development of televisions, displays and monitors - Similar products to the Smart Mirror program.

Thailand has a free trade agreement with the United States, this stabilizes our prices and is a strategic competitive advantage.
Insiders like Stewart Wallach and Dr. Postal continues to invest in the company and provide support when needed. 
The Smart
Mirror will
be available on the Capstone Connected website and through Amazon Direct. The Advertising campaign will be
continued stationary and digitally in specialist journals and magazines for technology and lifestyle.
Our qualified knowledge of
inventing a product, of building it effectively, will lead to considerable profits in the coming months.

Ambient Computing

It refers to technologies that allow people to use a computer without realizing they’re doing it. Ambient Computing is guided
evolution - making conscious choices about the direction in which we want to see computing go.
The definition of computing
that we’re working with here being a broad one that encompasses hardware, software, user experience and human machine
. Evolution implies that it builds on what has come before it, with an emphasis on familiarity and inclusiveness.
Computing You Can’t See.
Over the last few years, technology companies have been pushing to deepen the integration of computing platforms with our
daily lives. One of their goals is to assimilate computers into our surroundings to the point that we don’t notice we’re using
them at all.
Referred to as “ambient computing,” these technologies perform computations for you without a direct command.
As ambient means “in your environment,” these devices are intended to be so integrated into your surroundings that you’re
no longer conscious of them. 
This is significantly different from smartphones and smartwatches that we have to actively check
to use
. Most computing systems rely on active input from humans. For example, if you want to search for the movie schedule
on your phone, you type the name of the movie and the cinema in the Google search box. 
The goal of ambient computing is
to eliminate friction between you and the computer. Instead of actively setting or interacting with devices, you would interact
with your surroundings, and the devices would respond to your actions. Ambient computing uses a variety of technologies,
including motion tracking, speech recognition, gestures, wearables, and artificial intelligence to achieve this goal.

Ambient Computing Today.
The smart speakers and personal voice assistants millions of people have in their homes are the most widespread example of
ambient computing devices. For many people, asking a smart assistant to turn on the lights, read the day’s headlines, or play
a song is a normal part of everyday life. Instead of speaking into something, you speak to your surroundings.
This is why most
smart speakers are understated and plain - you’re not supposed to notice them.

You’ve likely heard of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). It refers to the network between objects that allows them to transfer data to
one another. For example, if you have smart appliances, you can use a connected smartphone or voice assistant to turn them
on and customize their settings. To seamlessly blend, different devices have to communicate with one another, and IoT makes
that possible. Working with AI, these devices can pattern themselves based on your behavior
Ambient Computing in the Future.
We’re likely headed to a future with even more ambient computing. As soon as you walk in the living room, a room-sensor could
detect your presence, and your speakers might start reading you the day’s news. Many hardware manufacturers are integrating
ambient computing with both their marketing and design philosophy.
Enterprises are entering the ambient computing area, the
hardware line will be expanded to include additional devices and the current range of integrated services will be expanded

More Sources

                            A person needs visions, my personal vision for CAPC is:
CAPC made successful a market strategy with sales successes worldwide (25%), not only in the USA (75%), but 
CAPC has so
NOT managed to generate sales with intelligent mirrors in 2021. I still hope for a successful year 2022 and then it should be
possible that CAPC gets a listing in the Nasdaq CompositeIndex (^ IXIC). 
I believe in the skills of the management team at CAPC
and in the Quality of the products the company sells. I have a firm confidence in the very successful economic future of
Capstone Companies Inc. (CAPC).
 CAPC has lots of growth potential. 
                               CAPC is a long term Investment, 5 to 10 years, from February 2021,
                            this long-term strategy will pay off for owners and shareholders.

                                    CAPC is FINALLY thinking, acting and selling globally,
                to meet the very ambitious goal of US $ 100 million in annual sales this decade!!!

Investing means:
- Invest yourself
Those who invest themselves must carefully consider what they are investing in and whether actively or passively. When you
invest actively, you decide what to invest in. You decide for yourself which company you want to buy shares from and where you
want to sell shares. Active investors believe they can get a better return than the average market return. You are trying to beat
’the market through tactical investments, but that is not always possible because no one can predict the future with absolute
reliability based on the past. Some investors are therefore firmly convinced that passive investing brings more returns in the
long term. Passive investments “follow” the market by investing in a large number of listed companies at the same time. In this
way, the risks and opportunities are optimally distributed. This usually happens through so-called mutual funds. These replicate
a stock market index, such as the Dow Jones or the DAX, and thus rely on the average market return.

- Speculation
Some shareholders try to make substantial returns over a short period of time. Here they buy and sell stocks over short periods
of time. However, the word ‘invest’ does not fit here - 
something is called speculation and it is more like gambling.
- Invest for the long term
Investing, on the other hand, is spreading your money over stocks and bonds over a long period of time. You don't invest your
money for a month or two, but for one to ten years, or even longer. The basic principle of investing is that the economy and the
market grow over the long term. Even if you don't get a great return in the short term, 
the longer you invest your money, the
greater your chance of a higher return.

All new Members you are welcome to this board. As of the end of 2020, I decided to act as moderator here. I am free member
of IHUB since May 6th 2017, not a premium member. I can only answer questions publicly not private, and I can only post 15
posts per day on IHUB. I ask for your understanding if I do not answer every question for this reason, 

Everyone, please make your own Due Diligence.
Until today I moderate 6 boards on IHUB.

My urgent requests!
- Messages, please always include a source.
- Please refrain lurid messagesfundamentally founded arguments are welcomeThanks.

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