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Burnit #BRN chart xZx 08/16/22 1:23 PM
Burnit #BRN now featured by Avaxholic on Twitter: xZx 08/16/22 11:06 AM
BurnIT now in its new home on avalanche Postie 08/15/22 10:34 PM
Burnit is listed on Trader Joe, but most xZx 08/07/22 1:39 AM
Burnit token socials are growing: xZx 08/07/22 1:36 AM
BurnIt BRN on DexTools: xZx 08/07/22 1:30 AM
BurnIt BRN chart on TradingView xZx 08/07/22 1:29 AM
As always, great text about SmartDeFi! Have a MagicMajan 05/15/22 2:40 PM
Few answers about SmartDefi. BurnIT 05/14/22 8:27 AM
FEGex seems to be lagging. Looking at BSCscan MagicMajan 05/13/22 1:38 AM
Yes it is. travarica 05/13/22 12:46 AM
very well said. and all it takes is xZx 05/12/22 6:31 PM
Can you imagine what BurnIT will be like Postie 05/12/22 5:37 PM
same here, BurnIt may just break the internet. :-D xZx 05/12/22 2:57 PM
I'm really soooo excited to see what will MagicMajan 05/12/22 2:53 PM
for those new to our token, BurnIt obliterated xZx 05/12/22 2:24 PM
Week Burn Statistics 08/05/2022 00:00:00+UTC burn: 9,339,418.222422186 circulat BurnIT 05/12/22 9:59 AM
Burnit is warming up again and I'm thinking Argus_ 05/10/22 4:24 PM
BurnIt daily chart..... xZx 05/10/22 1:06 PM
BurnIt is holding strong in a weak market. xZx 05/09/22 5:39 PM
Argus definitely gets BurnIT… many more will too. Postie 05/09/22 5:20 PM
Argus, very glad you're with us, and i xZx 05/09/22 1:41 PM
Hi Argus and welcome! Thank you for nice BurnIT 05/09/22 1:05 PM
This is a great board. Lots of Argus_ 05/09/22 12:49 PM
SmartSwap, trade hig tax tokens without taxes! BurnIT 05/09/22 3:49 AM
we should also have BurnIt post their SD xZx 05/08/22 1:49 PM
yes, FEG should hire our BurnIt maestro, to xZx 05/08/22 1:47 PM
Thanks for all the great information, i gave Norgy 05/08/22 1:23 PM
Congrats on the formation of your Burnit Board here.... nowwhat2 05/08/22 1:15 PM
Yes, please. lakers17 05/08/22 11:15 AM
Thank you all for reading, i am glad BurnIT 05/08/22 11:09 AM
if you understand BurnIt tokenomics you wouldn't sell now MagicMajan 05/08/22 10:49 AM
Incredible post. Can you please post lakers17 05/08/22 10:41 AM
what a wonderful read! the best explanations I've MagicMajan 05/08/22 8:19 AM
incredible post. i'm going to make this a xZx 05/08/22 4:17 AM
Hi, I'm glad you asked. I was trying BurnIT 05/08/22 4:02 AM
great to see this board coming alive. thanks xZx 05/08/22 3:21 AM
BurnIt even create their very own SmartDeFi education MagicMajan 05/08/22 3:07 AM
What set’s BurnIT apart from the other high Postie 05/08/22 2:54 AM
I can live with that. LOL lakers17 05/07/22 8:28 PM
all of these tokens will benefit from increased xZx 05/07/22 8:25 PM
While i have learned a lot about crypto lakers17 05/07/22 8:24 PM
I like the coin, the name and the concept. lakers17 05/07/22 8:22 PM
That is great, nice to have you with BurnIT 05/07/22 7:05 PM
I like the name of this coin as lakers17 05/07/22 6:37 PM
Thank you, I try to make all the BurnIT 05/07/22 5:03 PM
i just saw what you did with the xZx 05/07/22 4:55 PM
absolutely. this is the biggest part of your xZx 05/07/22 4:32 PM
That is great, we need to make this BurnIT 05/07/22 4:24 PM
i just googled "burnit token" and the first xZx 05/07/22 4:13 PM
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BurnIt Token (BURNIT)

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Welcome to BurnIt Board

Are you ready to experience the ultimate BURN

BurnIt launched as a BEP20 token on the smart binance block chain within FEG’s SmartDeFi™ ecosystem to provide all investors with peace of mind. Each token created using the SmartDeFi™ Deployer contains the exchange, lending protocol, and asset-backed store of value inside the smart contract, creating a safer and more reliable token.

BurnIt is a community-run accelerated hyper-deflationary SmartDefi token developed on the Binance Smart Chain. 

The tokenomics of this project are actively working in favor of long-term holders ensuring that BurnIt will become scarcer with time. And when that happens, its market price value will go through the roof. 
We made this possible by initially sending 90% of the total supply into a “Black Hole” address which will forever compound, thus increasing the burn rate. And with 40% reflections Tax we all know what will hapen! 

Another important feature of our tokenomics is SmartDefi groundbreaking tech with liquidity locked forever inside contract, self-generating automatic liquidity from sell tax and AssetBacking pool for guaranted minimum value of BurnIi token.

To learn more about BurnIt and the utilities to be released alongside, check the official links below:


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