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Burn the Paper Mills

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Burn the Paper Mills

Above is what happens when you invest in crappy companies!!

Below is what happens when you invest in great companies!! It's all about picking the right stocks, but first you have to know what to look for!! That is what this board hopes to accomplish.  When smart investors invest in good companies, everyone wins!

Watch out for companies with large outstanding shares (>250,000,000). These companies often give free shares to promoters.  The promoters bring awareness and volume to the stock, which can bring short term gains, but this just does not seem fair to me.  I stay away from companies who compensate promoters with free shares.  If you chose to play these stocks that is your investment decision.  I believe this is a losing game.  How can you compete with traders who got their shares for free?

Some companies have HUGE amounts of outstanding shares, in the billions, and have never produced any revenue.  The CEO issues shares and sells them all day without doing a damn thing.  He is taking your money.  Yes, you can make money on these by buying low and selling high as in all stocks, but when the CEO has the power to continuously dilute his company for his gain there is no way the individual investor can win long term. Companies that issue free shares to promoters and continuously dilute are called PAPER MILLS.   The promoters and the companies end up the GREEN paper (your money), and you end up with WORTHLESS PAPER. 


Like in a casino, the house has the advantage on every game on the floor.  The stock market is the biggest casino in the world, but you can beat the game if you know how to play and if you know what games (stocks) will give you the best odds!


I created this board to share stocks on the OTCBB/NASDAQ/NYSE that have real potential to be big winners due to the company's fundamental business plan, as well as to educate traders about what to look for in order to find these big winners.

Please don't bring POS trip 0s stocks with a history of endless dilution and free shares being issued to promoters to this board. There are already enough boards out there for people to get scammed on, this is not one of them.

High quality companies that just happen to be publicly traded on the OTCBB will be profiled here.  I like OTCBB companies because of the volatility which allows for huge profits to be made.

While due diligence on the company is necessary to educate yourself on what they are trying to accomplish, the chart doesn't lie.  Ultimately it is the chart that makes/loses you money, so knowing technical analysis is a must.  You can educate yourself here:

Furthermore, knowing how to read Level 2 is equally important to knowing how to read a chart, if not more so.  If you do not have Level 2 you should get it, you will have to pay for it but it is worth every penny.  Ihub has a Level 2 service you can check out for free.

Please do not be offended if I consider you pick a paper mill. I am not trying to bash, only trying to inform. Sometimes the truth hurts.


The information below is taken from $THE WAVE's Ibox.  It is good information that should be read and followed.

5 Steps To A Safer Stock Purchase - Brief DD

1 Go to the symbol on IHUB   

    A Check the float and info on the symbol page.  http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=squote&symbol=WAVE

    B Check the recent history on the daily sales for a pre-buy runup.   http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=historical&cb=1255873900&symbol=WAVE

    C Check the iBox and recent posts. http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=8376

2 Go to pink sheets for more information.  http://www.pinksheets.com/pink/quote/quote.jsp?symbol=wave

   A Check the news for recent articles.   http://www.pinksheets.com/pink/quote/quote.jsp?symbol=wave

   B Check the company info page and the float there.  http://www.pinksheets.com/pink/quote/quote.jsp?symbol=wave

    C Check the Sec filings and read the recent ones, Identify what type of filings.  http://www.pinksheets.com/pink/quote/quote.jsp?symbol=wave

3  Go to OTCBB news and check the top ten list and any news there for the Symbol. This site usually has a longer news history for most    symbols  http://www.otcbb.com/

4 Go back to IHUB and do a search of the symbol of public messages to see why this is running and who is motivating the run here on the IHUB. This can save you a bad trade if you know the real news or event driven runs and those that are preloaded runs and then they popped the ask for the high increase. If you have a free membership I highly recommend spending the 12.99 to get a paid membership for the search capabilities.  http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/msgsearch.aspx?searchstr=wave

5 Set a buy and sell strategy based on the information you have gathered to this point and the L2 and Last Sale screens. Make the buy and then do further info searches for more reasons to buy or sell. If you find additional info that motivates another purchase of this and the price has increased do not hesitate to purchase more if you feel this info leads you to believe this will be an extended run. Then set your sale prices at your intended profit margins based on the research you have done and feel comfort in the fact that you have made a sound based decision to purchase this stock. They all will not work out but this will lesson the number of bad trades. This takes away the impulse buys and in time you can have this down to less then two or three minutes. If this is just a quick momo buy stock then the momo has fizzled and you did not get stuck in the trade.


Profit Based Sales Trading

1 All stock buys should have sell points set up front when you buy.

  A if this is a long term buy then you should be buying at a lower price then when news breaks. If news and increase brought to this stock either buy more shares then you intend to hold or wait for the price to decline.

  B If this has lots of momentum in price and bid support buy twice as much and then set your sales price for the extra half to a profit for the first sale of the stock. I usually set that for a 50% increase from the purchase   price. This if sold will lower your cost in the remaining shares and take the stress out of the watching of daily fluctuations in PPS as you have made a great buy point.

2 If this is a real fast moving price then it also will generally move fast down. In these type of stocks I usually buy more shares and sometimes more purchases.

  A Set a sale of 25% of your shares at 50% profit and then a second sale at 100% profit. I even sometimes set another sale for 25% more at 2 to 300% gains if it moves that fast. Do not move these prices as it will more times then not leave you regretting it later. The third sale i do occasionally move down.

  B If you meet these two sale points and the price declines then you can repurchase more shares below the first sale or even between the first and second sale and occasionally the third sale.  at this point you have lowered the initial cost of the remaining shares and are better able to buy more for the next run.

  C This also helps to enhance your long term portfolio and gives you a daily watch list in your portfolio to signal another chance to accumulate more shares.

  D In time you will not only grow your capital but your cash will also grow. This will allow for greater Income potential or Long term growth of your portfolio depending on which your account is setup for.

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