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Brokers that allow Caveat Emptor OTC stocks

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Last Post: 7/27/2021 4:09:58 PM - Followers: 12 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Edited  6-11-21

The goal of this board is to find the best brokers for buying caveat emptor OTC stocks.

Etrade - No  no    I have an account with them.They used to but they do not now.

Fidelity - No  no   I have an account with them.Someone told me they do caveat emptor OTC stocks but that was a lie.

Ameritrade - No no 
I have an account with them.I was able to buy some in march 2021 but I am being told they do not allow us to buy now? so I need to verify this or if one of you will.

Schwab - No no    I have an account with them.I was able to buy some but was just told they do not allow buys any longer.Anyone want to verify for us?

A few caveat emptor OTC stocks cant be bought on Schwab no even before this change though.

Schwab has no fees for OTC yes  laugh

I recommend -  Nothing now

If any of you have a broker who allows it make a post.

If you can help us find a better broker please make a post.

The rumor is that brokers stopped allowing caveat empor OTC stocks not to protect us but because they did not want to pay the fees?

Some argue it is to protect us from ourselves only but that argument is not logical when they do not protect traders from doing many  trades like those that bought block buster or enron stock and lost it all.Where was the broker protection for them or all the people who short Amazon and Apple or Tesla when it was $300 a share?

Any of you have a theory on why all these brokers are afraid of CE stocks?

I find this whole thing stupid as people do stupid trades and things with their money every day and get no such forced protection.I saw a documentary about a woman who spent $50 a day on scratchers and another who spent over 100k on lottery and where was their protection?

#51   Do this mean a company cannot become current iwant1mil 07/27/21 04:09:58 PM
#50   nope. :( TradeForProfits 07/06/21 10:06:27 AM
#49   will they let you buy if you call HIFI 07/03/21 11:43:08 AM
#48   I hope you guys didn't miss it! Maketa 07/02/21 12:16:03 PM
#47   they know exactly what they are doing... making TradeForProfits 06/22/21 01:07:23 PM
#46   I think it is pretty cool that a Sheepdog 06/20/21 01:48:20 PM
#45   searching also TradeForProfits 06/18/21 01:38:01 PM
#44   I'm glad I found this group. I have ezscott 06/17/21 07:42:31 PM
#43   Anyone Tracking CE Tickers?? KingsKnight 06/11/21 10:26:23 PM
#42   who knows... clearly the claim of protecting us TradeForProfits 06/11/21 11:43:03 AM
#41   I wonder what they are threatening to do Dan Money 06/11/21 05:23:56 AM
#40   Schwab isn't allowing CE buys, only sells or TradeForProfits 06/09/21 01:30:25 PM
#39   Ameritrade didnt rob me I am sorry to Dan Money 06/08/21 02:53:47 PM
#38   Sorry I was gone everyone for a few Dan Money 06/08/21 02:12:00 PM
#37   a much needed board, what is needed even threewheeler 06/03/21 02:29:07 AM
#36   Very few of these CE Stocks show signs Timingpennies 05/28/21 09:22:16 AM
#35   This is a definitely bad thing these new Technocrack 05/27/21 01:34:18 PM
#34   On Page 77 it states Timingpennies 05/25/21 07:50:08 PM
#33   https://www.sec.gov/rules/final/2020/33-10842.pdf Timingpennies 05/25/21 07:40:32 PM
#32   Trade Station is not supporting CE Stocks either. Timingpennies 05/25/21 07:35:42 PM
#31   If anyone knows where to buy CE stocks Timingpennies 05/25/21 06:48:45 PM
#30   Some of us have been trading CE Stocks Timingpennies 05/25/21 06:45:40 PM
#29   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWeia3VaERY KeepOn 05/24/21 05:43:32 PM
#28   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWeia3VaERY KeepOn 05/24/21 05:43:06 PM
#27   Come to think about it you can't buy JP313 05/24/21 02:50:03 PM
#26   But you can't buy them after September right? JP313 05/24/21 02:48:44 PM
#25   Will CE be worthless after September? How can JP313 05/24/21 02:45:49 PM
#24   List of TD Caveat Emptor: KeepOn 05/19/21 09:29:09 AM
#23   Get a Schwab account they are great for Dan Money 03/31/21 09:38:22 AM
#22   Good info, thank you... RaTrade 03/23/21 12:42:49 PM
#21   I have good news I was able to Dan Money 03/23/21 12:41:25 PM
#20   I can believe you that you dont care Dan Money 03/20/21 03:36:52 AM
#19   About profits and only profits, idc what anyone RaTrade 03/20/21 01:35:02 AM
#18   Why is posting sells considered rude to you? Dan Money 03/20/21 12:03:08 AM
#17   “You should pitch some stocks on your my RaTrade 03/19/21 07:06:50 PM
#16   Wow well that is great. Dan Money 03/19/21 05:49:33 PM
#15   Yes, fees are nothing in comparison to the RaTrade 03/19/21 05:41:17 PM
#14   Etrade would love those fees. Dan Money 03/19/21 05:30:19 PM
#13   Mostly Custodian tickers, must have a low MC. RaTrade 03/19/21 03:47:37 PM
#12   I have formulas for buying stocks. Dan Money 03/19/21 03:25:34 PM
#11   Excellent... hardest part trading is finding your niche... RaTrade 03/19/21 03:06:52 PM
#10   I was able to buy my first Caveat Dan Money 03/19/21 02:37:56 PM
#9   I think you're correct, about money... but if RaTrade 03/19/21 02:11:00 PM
#8   Sink or Swim that is funny.Since I do Dan Money 03/19/21 02:07:41 PM
#7   Since eTrade merged with JP they changed... I RaTrade 03/19/21 01:25:07 PM
#6   I am a swing trader so Etrade was Dan Money 03/19/21 01:16:23 PM
#5   I've been trading etrade OTC for many many RaTrade 03/19/21 01:01:41 PM
#4   I am still waiting for my money to Dan Money 03/19/21 12:20:40 PM
#3   eTrade starting piss me off... looking forward to RaTrade 03/19/21 12:17:28 PM
#2   Great I have some leads on Caveat Emptor Dan Money 03/13/21 04:59:07 PM
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