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Any new info on this? Dan Money 11/10/22 9:06 PM
Sadly no. Dan Money 09/22/22 12:43 AM
any updates? bowlfan912 08/28/22 10:35 PM
At the time of my post. Yes. I mattsinvestmentclub 05/22/22 8:21 PM
Hey Dan, will do that next time I creede 05/13/22 12:39 PM
You should get someone who lives in Canada Dan Money 05/13/22 12:06 PM
Thanks for checking, but that did not sound definitive. creede 05/13/22 10:38 AM
Here is WeBulls answer to trading CE or Werbe 05/13/22 8:58 AM
U don't know chit $$ Golden Cross $$ 05/13/22 7:08 AM
"Suffered Investment Losses? Sue Your Stockbroker for their Dan Money 05/12/22 10:34 PM
Hi Creede, Dan Money 05/12/22 10:25 PM
Ok Werbe. Go in peace. creede 05/12/22 5:19 PM
Something did change and it wont ever go back. Werbe 05/12/22 4:19 PM
And I never said that WeBull would be creede 05/12/22 3:35 PM
Hmm twisting my words. I never said Werbe 05/12/22 12:27 PM
What are you talking about? It's not illegal creede 05/12/22 10:28 AM
No way possible they will allow it. Werbe 05/12/22 10:21 AM
Werbe. Greys never had a public quote. You creede 05/12/22 10:07 AM
Level 2 and being publicly quoted are completely Werbe 05/12/22 9:56 AM
YOU may adore the sleazy broker who accepts bar1080 05/12/22 7:38 AM
Werbe… what are you talking about? Nobody is talking creede 05/12/22 7:38 AM
Webull is another trading platform. They cannot Werbe 05/12/22 12:53 AM
Guess we shall see when Webull launches creede 05/12/22 12:27 AM
Amen. We're seeing a slow but sure administrative jtomm 05/11/22 9:46 PM
Brokers are not fiduciaries they are a market ErnieBilco 05/11/22 8:46 PM
Hi Kreede. :-D Werbe 05/11/22 6:33 PM
They should be allowing CE stocks. It’s not creede 05/11/22 4:57 PM
Hi Dan, creede 05/11/22 4:55 PM
They do not do CE unless some massive Dan Money 05/10/22 9:47 PM
bar 1080 and creede you both make good points. Dan Money 05/10/22 9:39 PM
Looks like WeBull might be opening the door. creede 05/10/22 5:19 PM
And you should not be allowed to eat creede 05/09/22 2:19 PM
From what I see, respected US brokerages are bar1080 05/09/22 12:49 PM
"Fiduciary" is a bull-crap term that's being used creede 05/09/22 12:05 PM
Sorry, but brokers are legally required to shun bar1080 05/09/22 8:40 AM
I also am curious Dan Money 05/09/22 1:22 AM
So Speed Trader is still good? Dan Money 05/09/22 12:29 AM
Sorry everyone I took a 1 year hiatus Dan Money 05/09/22 12:19 AM
Does T ROWE PRICE still allow CE? lugub 01/19/22 2:37 PM
My research shows that Fidelity is $0 for KeepOn 12/16/21 11:47 AM
Which is precisely the point why the new creede 10/20/21 4:21 PM
From OTCM: "2,247 former Pink No Information securities bar1080 10/20/21 3:37 PM
Ameritrade restricted list on Sept 30, 2021: Doc bar1080 10/08/21 2:36 PM
bump cheeseburger the cat 10/04/21 12:59 PM
I'll kick them to the curb if you iwant1mil 10/01/21 3:48 PM
Most brokers had to comply with the recent lugub 09/30/21 5:27 PM
Notice I got when I attempted to test_buy bar1080 09/30/21 2:47 PM
Has anyone been able to buy "Expert Market" yet? iwant1mil 09/30/21 12:06 PM
So, then will T ROWE PRICE restrict trading lugub 09/27/21 5:13 PM
lmao - great post. creede 09/25/21 12:55 PM
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Brokers that allow Caveat Emptor OTC stocks

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Moderator Dan Money
Edited  9-22-22

The goal of this board is to find the best brokers for buying caveat emptor OTC stocks.

Etrade - No  no    I have an account with them.They used to but they do not now.

Fidelity - No  no   I have an account with them.Someone told me they do caveat emptor OTC stocks but that was a lie.

Ameritrade - No no 
I have an account with them.I was able to buy some in march 2021 but I am being told they do not allow us to buy now? so I need to verify this or if one of you will.

Schwab - No no    I have an account with them.I was able to buy some but was just told they do not allow buys any longer.Anyone want to verify for us? 

Speed Trader - Someone Verify Please 

T Rowe Price - Someone Verify Please 

I recommend -  Nothing now

If any of you have a broker who allows it make a post.

If you can help us find a better broker please make a post.Please make a post and send me a message also and I will update the intro if you have verified results.

The rumor is that brokers stopped allowing caveat empor OTC stocks not to protect us but because they did not want to pay the fees?

Some argue it is to protect us from ourselves only but that argument is not logical when they do not protect traders from doing many  trades like those that bought block buster or enron stock and lost it all.Where was the broker protection for them or all the people who short Amazon and Apple or Tesla when it was $300 a share?

Any of you have a theory on why all these brokers are afraid of CE stocks?

I find this whole thing stupid as people do stupid trades and things with their money every day and get no such forced protection.I saw a documentary about a woman who spent $50 a day on scratchers and another who spent over 100k on lottery and where was their protection?

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