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Bravatek has never recorded a profit in 12 years

Chairman & CEO

Thomas A. Cellucci
Bravatek Solutions, Inc. [OTC-PINK: BVTK]
e: tom.cellucci@bravatek.com
c: 703-981-5044

Important Links:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/bravatek

Company website: www.bravatek.com

Company Investors page: http://bravatek.com/company/investors/

Investors email: investors@bravatek.com, info@bravatek.com

OTC Markets filings: http://otcmarkets.com/stock/bvtk/filings

OTC Markets profile: http://otcmarkets.com/stock/bvtk/profile

OTC Markets news: http://otcmarkets.com/stock/bvtk/news

What Bravatek FALSELY CLAIMS to do:

1: Cyber Security, Secure Email- 

Through its Patent pending product Ecrypt One, Bravatek provides data leak prevention and email security (Patent has been denied 4 times)

2: Telecom- Builds towers to suit the major carriers and utilities. 

A few years ago, BVTK acquired Viking Telecom, a small tower services company that builds and maintains telecommunications towers.

3. MAP programs.

Bravatek regularly signs up companies with promising security technologies as Marketing Alliance Partners.  BVTK says they gets a significant percentage of any sales they help make for these companies through the MAP program.


BOGUS, UNCOMPLETED or FALSE News Releases & 8-K Filings

April 22, 2017: Bravatek Executes Agreement with Prominent Reseller in US Government and Military Space—for both Ecrypt One and Telecom Services

Though normally a much longer process, the Company was approved and placed—in one day—on SEWP government-wide contract with $20 B ceiling.


And the related 8-K:

Bravatek Solutions, Inc. (the “Company”) formally entered into a Reseller Agreement with i3 Integrative Creative Solutions, LLC (“i3 Integrative”), a Virginia-based service-disabled, veteran-owned small business ("SDVOSB"), for a relationship consummated and to be considered effective April 7, 2017, pursuant to which i3 Integrative will promote and solicit commitments in the United States federal government military and civilian markets regarding the Company’s cybersecurity email software and telecom services, in consideration of the payment of commissions to i3 Integrative



May 4, 2017: Bravatek’s Viking Telecom Services Opportunities Abound

New VP of Telecom Services Joins Team to exploit sales opportunities…



May 30, 2017: Bravatek Brings on Top-tier Sales Executive

Bravatek Solutions, Inc. (OTCPink: BVTK)), a next generation cyber security software, hardware and solutions provider, today announced that it has retained a nationally known sales executive, Mr. Jim Brown as a Vice President of Sales to coordinate sales activity, and oversee the installation of its nationwide sales organization.


June 1, 2017: Bravatek CEO’s Letter to Fellow Shareholders



June 2, 2017: Bravatek and MHC forge a Strong Strategic Alliance


And the related 8-K:



June 6, 2017: Bravatek Already Receives over $1 M in Purchase Orders and Commitments for Tower Services from Recently Announced Alliance

“These orders/commitments translate to a significant ROI for Bravatek from a recent $200 k investment in HelpComm. More work is expected into 2017, which could translate into an estimated $2 M+ in additional revenue for the Company”: commented Pauline Ewald, JD, VP of Telecom Services at the Company.



June 7, 2017: Bravatek and HelpComm announce a ”Win-Win” Strategic Alliance


And the related 8-K:






August 11, 2017: CrucialTrak Joins Forces with Bravatek as its Newest Development and Marketing Alliance Partner


And the related 8-K:



August 31, 2017: Bravatek Enters Healthcare Arena with Ecrypt One Software Sale



September 7, 2017: DarkPulse Technology Holdings, Inc. Selects Bravatek as its Marketing Alliance Partner


And the related 8-K:



September 12: DarkPulse Technology Holdings Lands $22M deal


September 21 8-K: LOI to Acquire HelpComm


September 28 8-K: LOI to enter into 60:40 Joint Venture with DarkPulse Technology


October 10 8-K: LOI to enter into 65:35 Joint Venture with CrucialTrak


October 11 8-K: 107 Million Purchase order for DarkPulse, 20% Sales Commission of estimated 21.4 Million for Bravatek


And the related October 12 PR:


October 12 PR from DarkPulse on the same topic:


October 20 8-K: Updated agreement with Darkpulse for 1.5 - 2B potential revenue for DarkPulse's recently signed agency agreements


October 27 8-K: New MAP agreement with NeQter Labs


December 1st PR: Bravatek on pace for record setting Q4 sales efforts
Bravatek expands sales team to present Ecrypt One and its enhanced line of MAPs to 40 new prospects during recent Q4 sales blitz.

December 30th PR: Bravatek invoicing against Darkpulse 24 Million PO


Since some people are confused, here's one investor's email to Tom, in which Dr. Cellucci clarifies that the 21 million is all for Bravatek:


Deceiving Shareholders via Company Tweets

June 8: BVTK negotiating JV agreement for large stake in Telecom site ownership/ operations worth significant multiple of announced Telecom services https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/872806307354607616

June 12: Let's make it simple today: "Hold on to your seat-belts" folks. We've been busy at BVTK and it'll show this week... https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/874247169154396160

June 16: BVTK Board updated on two "company game changer" late-stage sales negotiations. Input was required due to the magnitude of opportunities... https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/875704373996924928 

June 21: Board members proudly tell BVTK management: "This changes everything"! https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/877511414025527296 

Same day: “BVTK's full steam ahead in using SEWP contract with talks with DHS and DOD…” https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/877507771960315904 

July 11: “BVTK's CEO invited to give detailed brief at NATO Headquarters on Monday, July 17, 2017 (fyi--not open to the public)…” https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/884760491083608064 

July 18: “NATO and Smithsonian (Jim Brown) yesterday...DHS today with Jim Brown (BVTK's VP of Sales) who's still in town with BVTK's CEO…” https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/887298959936565249 

Same day: “Pentagon folks tomorrow…” https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/887299766174060544

July 19: BVTK's VP of Sales and CEO "on the road" today meeting with US Government and military organizations to close Ecrypt One business... https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/887660445510885377 

July 20: BVTK's VP of Sales left D.C. yesterday after several successful meetings and now is in Chicago "spread the word" at meeting about Ecrypt One https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/888018801891180544 

Editorial comment: So the several meetings July 19 to close business with the U.S. government and military were successful? Don’t hold back, Tom. Tell us more! 

July 21: ”Excellent progress made on legal front with game changers...“ https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/888364109124820992 

July 25: Positive Feedback from last week's NATO visit is overwhelming... https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/889832046687903746 

August 4: company tweet of a thank-you letter from US Air Force Lieutenant General Jeff Lofgren, who is currently Deputy Chief of Staff, Capability Development for the NATO Headquarters Allied Command Tranformation https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/893491751742312450 …. NATO currently has two commands, which can be thought of as current operations, and forward-thinking transformation. This is the forward-thinking transformation command. These are the guys in charge of determining what comes next. http://www.act.nato.int/deputy-chief-of-staff-capability-development 

August 28: Company tweet confirms no RS: “”ABSOLUTELY" says BVTK's CEO about getting current with its FINS and "NO" to BVTK management's desire for RS!!! "YES" to equity commitments.” https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/902138763492687872

September 1: the company tweet that was referenced: “BVTK's CEO discussing MAP with approx. $1 B revenue firm today...Also, discussions with two other large Healthcare providers for Ecrypt One.” https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/903608090397999104 

Same day: Working ALL holiday weekend at BVTK to get current quickly. Also, we are negotiating potential acquisition with Telecom firm. https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/903607618534563841

September 7: “BVTK's CEO in meetings about Ecrypt One with large ($1 B scale) cyber firm tomorrow in D.C. area...Fourth firm interested in Ecrypt One…” https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/905794694818488320 

September 17: "Look for major PR announcements next week from BVTK and at least one of its MAP partners next week..."  https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/908672626637393920

September 22: "Due Diligence moving briskly with HelpComm...Our current IDIQs will get folded into acquisition...Visit by investor this Sunday/Monday...https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/911217531725258752

Same day: “BVTK CEO and DarkPulse CEO working together on larger business opportunities...” https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/911218068206080000

November 22: "BVTK negotiating Ecrypt One deal for use by large company's employees in 390 large buildings on the West Coast (USA). "The word is out about Ecrypt One's utility and robustness" says BVTK's CEO. All the T&E (Test & Evaluation) took extra time--but was well worth it!" https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/933302957059256321

December 14, 2017: "Kaspersky out--guess who's in with the US government?... Remember--BVTK severed with Kaspersky early on..." https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/941310106280525833

Significant Deceptive  Tweets from Partner DarkPulse:

September 12: DarkPulse Technologies Strategic Alliance with $bvtk already proven fruitful http://www.darkpulse.com/press  release to follow  https://twitter.com/DarkPulseTech/status/907581270112251904
September 22: Relationship with $BVTK continues to expand; deal finalised for India agency agreement valued $1B +...Key Hire... PR soon  https://twitter.com/DarkPulseTech/status/911302302379724806

October 2: Two separate agency agreements..India just signed.second agreement for india sub continent, africa middle east etc off to UK for signatures  https://twitter.com/DarkPulseTech/status/915057270001733632

October 12: Regarding PO issued to $bvtk- we are in final stages to hire the PhD who will run the Eurasian office. Expect him to be onboard in 2 weeks  https://twitter.com/DarkPulseTech/status/918587957757562880

October 12: Slight delay due to Canadian holidays expect India Subcontinent, Middle East $ Africa deal to come back signed shortly - will issue 2nd PO  https://twitter.com/DarkPulseTech/status/918588680058626048

December 19, 2017: The dealflow is beginning to look ridiculous- 2018 will be off the charts. Explosive grow for DPT coming in first and 2nd Quarters  https://twitter.com/DarkPulseTech/status/943251345900843010

December 28, 2017: Regarding questions about revenues.. I look at it this way- we are building a money machine. Once started it will almost print money on its own. Look at the global distribution relationships including $bvtk  https://twitter.com/DarkPulseTech/status/946499898806902784



Before going any further, I think that it is important to note for those who are new to Bravatek Technologies, Inc, that it changed its name from Ecrypt Technologies, Inc. on November 10, 2015.  http://www.prnewschannel.com/2015/11/10/ecrypt-technologies-inc-changes-name-to-bravatek-solutions-inc/#sthash.jwupIGr6.dpuf

Past Splits:

Due to some ugly convertible debt, there were reverse splits on:

12/4/2015: 1 for 10

6/20/2016: 1 for 2500

However, in 2017 the CEO has repeatedly tweeted and emailed that the company has no plans or desires for further splits.  For instance, from the above August 28 tweet:  “ABSOLUTELY" says BVTK's CEO about getting current with its FINS and "NO" to BVTK management's desire for RS!!! "YES" to equity commitments.” https://twitter.com/bravatek/status/902138763492687872



Management Team

Bravatek Technology’s management has the industry knowledge and entrepreneurial innovation to advance the company’s strong market position. They’re backed by a highly experienced, diverse and respected team of directors.

Thomas A. Cellucci, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Debbie King, Director & CFO

Chuck Brooks, Director

Hans Holmer, Director

Jim Brown, VP of Sales - Not heard from since 2016

Pauline Ewald, J.D., VP of Telecom Services- Not heard from since 2016


O/S 1,363,315 (as of March 28, 2019) 
(Pre 1/16/19 reverse split of 10,000:1 equivalent OS 13,633,150,000) 

A/S 11,600,000,000 (as of February 1, 2019)'

Held at DTC 1,359,750 (as of March 28, 2019) 
"Held at DTC" will be the closest number to the float. 

Restricted 3,552 (as of March 15, 2019) 

O/S (Outstanding Share count) history since April 2017:
03/28/19 - 1,363,315 (DTC 1,359,750) increase of 64,791 
03/15/19 - 1,298,524 (DTC 1,294,524)
02/15/19 - 1,255,587
02/01/19 - 1,195,916 (DTC 1,192,351)

01/16/19 REVERSE SPLIT 1 for 10,000 - 1,028,269
11/19/18 - 10,282,694,590 (DTC 10,247,663,246)
11/02/18 - 10,282,694,590 (DTC 10,247,663,246)
10/19/18 - 10,082,694,590 (DTC 9,997,663,246)
09/28/18 - 9,932,694,590  (DTC 9,897,688,246)

09/17/18 - 9,932,694,590  (DTC 9,897,688,246)
08/31/18 - 9,461,659,923  (DTC 9,426,653,579)
07/31/18 - 9,266,957,705  (DTC 9,231,951,361)
07/17/18 - 9,266,957,705  (DTC 9,231,951,361)
06/29/18 - 9,266,957,705  (DTC 9,231,951,361)
06/25/18 - 9,109,855,924  (DTC 9,074,849,580)
05/31/18 - 8,989,855,924  (DTC 8,954,849,580)
05/16/18 - 8,864,855,924  (DTC 8,854,849,580)
04/30/16 - 8,758,074,494  (DTC 8,748,068,150)
04/18/18 - 8,758,074,494  (DTC 8,748,068,150)
03/29/18 - 8,658,074,494  (DTC 8,648,068,150)
03/15/18 - 8,558,074,494  (DTC 8,548,068,150)
02/28/18 - 8,515,225,714  (DTC 8,505,219,371)
02/16/18 - 8,475,225,714  (DTC 8,465,220,887)
01/31/18 - 8,450,225,714  (DTC 8,049,087,475)
01/22/18 - 8,145,422,445  (DTC 7,994,085,959)
12/29/17 - 8,040,670,036  (DTC 7,889,333,550)
12/15/17 - 7,933,144,507  (DTC 7,781,809,537)
11/30/17 - 7,879,499,224  (DTC 7,660,933,056)
11/16/17 - 7,703,189,282  
10/31/17 - 7,655,299,047  (DTC 7,470,347,720)
10/16/17 - 7,649,743,494
09/15/17 - 7,531,184,221  (DTC 6,976,995,004)
08/31/17 - 7,504,753,161  (DTC 6,976,995,004)
08/21/17 - 7,504,753,526 
08/08/17 - 7,059,627,954 
07/17/17 - 6,768,318,956  (DTC 6,557,098,042)
06/30/17 - 6,750,733,274  (DTC 6,547,901,079)
05/31/17 - 5,492,927,963  (DTC 5,482,921,640)
04/17/17 - 2,154,334,873 


Tom Cellucci Releasing PRs to Pump Stock Price !?!?  Feb 7, 2018 (see below)



SEC Revokes ABHI, Bravatek Partner/Joint Venture (4/23/2018)



SEC Suspends IDDR, Bravatek Partner/Joint Venture (11/5/2019)



Joint Venture Partner DarkPulse Technologies Inc. terminates Tom Cellucci as Co-CEO & Director (February 2019)

DarkPulse Tech Logo
DarkPulse JV Terminate Tom Cellucci

Joint Venture Partner DarkPulse Technologies Inc. terminates agreement (3/26/2019)

DarkPulse Logo
DarkPulse Technologies Terminates Agreement

Strategic Alliance Partner Attacktica terminates agreement (10/1/2019)

Attacktica terminates Strategic Alliance with Bravatek


RMA Armament severs all business ties with Bravatek (11/8/2019)

RMA Armament severs any and all business ties with Bravatek & Tom Cellucci

Triton Funds NEVER completed Equity Purchase Agreement 

Tirton Funds logo

Triton Funds Never purchased shares from Bravatek

Tuitio has only had $1,666 of sales in 21 months (As of 9/30/2019)

Tuitio from Bravatek only sold $1,666 in 20 months

Bravatek's ex-Partner DarkPulse Technologies has NEVER had any revenues (As of 6/30/2019)

DarkPulse has never had any revenues

Tom Cellucci Facebook post on the private Bravatek Stock Fanpage (old post, early 2018)
Bravatek Tom Facebook Fanpage Post

Tom Cellucci exchanged the equivalent of 9.9% of Bravatek stock to toxic lender Chip Rice (9/26/2019)

Bravatek Strategic Alliance Partners Mani Group LLC & MC Smart Controls don't actually exist (verified 11/2019)
Mani Group LLC and MC Smart Controls don't existMC Smart Controls
Bravatek MC Smart Controls Pump

Bravatek CEO Tom Cellucci has another company that he never talks about (registered 2017)

Cellucci Associates Investments Inc.

CEO Tom Cellucci created a golden parachute for himself (6/1/2018)

CEO Tom Cellucci also says he's owed $500,529  (as of 9/30/2019)
Tom's 2nd Gold Parachute\

Bravatek Financials as of 9/30/2019 
Bravatek Financials

Tom Cellucci says he is in Kazakhstan (11/19/2019)
Tom Cellucci says he's in Kazakhstan 11/19/2019


BVTK Involved in Money laundering?






SEC complaint form linked below:

The “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” (the “Act”) establishes a whistleblower program that enables the Securities and Exchange Commission to pay an award

Current Price
Bid Ask Day's Range
  • 1D
  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 3M
  • 6M
  • 1Y
  • 2Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y
BVTK News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 11/15/2019 04:32:32 PM
BVTK News: Notification That Quarterly Report Will Be Submitted Late (nt 10-q) 11/14/2019 04:22:13 PM
BVTK News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 11/05/2019 04:09:01 PM
BVTK News: Statement of Ownership (sc 13g) 09/26/2019 01:45:33 PM
BVTK News: Statement of Ownership (sc 13g) 09/25/2019 10:55:19 AM
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