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BITCOIN ALERT wednesday April 12th 2017

* Important Note About © & Anonymity ===>

"... A lot of people mistakenly believe that Tor Onion Networking is "all about anonymity" - which is incorrect, since it also includes:

  • extra privacy
    identity/surety of to whom you are connected
    freedom from oversight/network surveillance
    anti-blocking, and...
    enhanced integrity/tamperproofing

...none of which are the same as "anonymity", but all of which are valuable qualities to add to communications. ... "



*WARNING*>>>We truely believe in FREEDOM & da [R]evolutionary promise of Satoshis' original protocol!~BB



>>>>>--20 Years ago: "what is VISA??"--<<<<<< >>>>>>>--10 years ago: "what is PayPal??"--<<<<<<<<<<

Why Bitcoin Will Lead to Economic Paradigm Change: 

>>>Today: "what is Bitcoin??"--<<<<<<<<<<


>>>>>--Tomorrow: "Who does bitcoin  empower the most!!!"--<<<<<

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital currency. Bitcoins came into existance in early 2009. In the beginning Bitcoins were traded at less than $0.10, today they are trading at over $13 and we expect them to go higher!  The Federal Reserve regulates the United States money supply how they see fit: Printing more money whenever they like, in turn making the money we all save less valuable. Bitcoins on the other hand, the supply is set up based on mathematical equations and is reduced over time. Here is a graph showing the supply of Bitcoin over time:

Bitcoins cannot be printed like Dollars. They must be mined, using computers. They become more difficult to mine over time. This means the the supply of new Bitcoins will cost more to produce, as the electricty and time to mine them increase. In order for it to remain profitable to mine, the price must increase. Miners won't continue to mine if the price does not, as their electric bill will have them operating at a loss.



While we love Bitcoins here, and believe they will continue to ascend to new heighs!!! We will soon be offering stock and smart contract

that we beileve could grow much like Bitcoins have!!Please keep in mind that Bitcoins were on my watch list when

they were trading for just pennies! Feel free to boardmark here & sign up for our email list!










Bitcoins are a volatile market in the early stages. It is risky investment money into Bitcoin, stocks, and any investments mentioned here! Nobody here is a finanical adviser.
 Never buy, sell or hold based on anything said by myself or anyone here.
 Always do your own DD and research!!!!! I take no responsibility for your gains nor losses!!!!




(((((~*~THE ORIGINAL~*~))))))


<3<3 Spread da BTC Love ! ====>


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#4437   ok btc is moving down fast now, and mudpuppy 07/26/17 11:50:54 AM
#4436   If their is ever any major market negative Hedgebunny 07/26/17 10:45:06 AM
#4435   WOW, My experience with $5,000 invested. Please don't mcptrman 07/26/17 09:38:36 AM
#4434   Lmao... Buy silver or platinum! Lmao.... Hedgebunny 07/26/17 01:59:38 AM
#4433   the first nail in the coffin of the mudpuppy 07/25/17 06:49:58 PM
#4432   And back up to over 2800 a rbtree 07/23/17 12:03:00 PM
#4431   looks like wave 3 down has started. mudpuppy 07/23/17 08:55:25 AM
#4430   Doesn't look clear if you view a chart.It rbtree 07/22/17 04:47:31 PM
#4429   it seems clear that the near term direction mudpuppy 07/21/17 12:57:45 PM
#4428   bear market rallies are strong and seductive. mudpuppy 07/20/17 12:04:39 PM
#4427   You were saying? rbtree 07/20/17 11:03:25 AM
#4426   ok 2nd top is in and downtrend has mudpuppy 07/19/17 05:00:36 PM
#4425   Here's one that's being marketed quite well. Very JohhnyBGood 07/18/17 11:33:59 AM
#4424   forget the headline, read the article. it clearly mudpuppy 07/18/17 10:37:12 AM
#4423   actually my target was 2350-60...... should reach it mudpuppy 07/18/17 08:01:34 AM
#4422   boom jimmybob 07/17/17 03:18:00 PM
#4421   ok bounce in progress and could go as mudpuppy 07/17/17 08:26:58 AM
#4420   Bump! This board is in a new IH Geek [Meatloaf] 07/15/17 03:49:54 PM
#4419   With the current downtrend in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is sfld 07/14/17 08:25:31 AM
#4418   ok next short term target is 2100, probably mudpuppy 07/13/17 02:19:49 PM
#4417   it did break down exactly as expected and mudpuppy 07/10/17 09:25:55 AM
#4416 max26 07/09/17 10:56:36 AM
#4415   looks like the crash is going to begin mudpuppy 07/09/17 06:58:14 AM
#4414   first options trading in bitcoin on us exchange mudpuppy 07/09/17 06:33:17 AM
#4413   stalled at the prior breakdown, but it's still mudpuppy 07/08/17 11:44:14 PM
#4412   Yup. Except, they're not cheap anymore...unless ya get rbtree 07/05/17 08:40:08 PM
#4411   Not a bad setup ... GMTRADES 07/05/17 07:54:01 PM
#4410   Thanks. I'm thinking I'll just use 2-3 of rbtree 07/05/17 05:48:27 PM
#4409   Current news says altcoin price bubble and negative GMTRADES 07/05/17 02:06:34 PM
#4408   Any altcoin miners here? I'm seriously considering it, rbtree 07/05/17 11:48:14 AM
#4407   the last month and half has created a mudpuppy 07/01/17 11:14:29 PM
#4406   I think it breaks below 2120 around 7/3 mudpuppy 06/27/17 10:04:36 PM
#4405   next stop 2120.............later this summer 1350 mudpuppy 06/26/17 12:56:37 PM
#4404   Blockchain is here to stay: GMTRADES 06/25/17 10:03:52 PM
#4403   fyi~thats not a coin thats a "token" please BIG BALLER 06/20/17 07:13:00 PM
#4402   looks like $1340 coming around end of june mudpuppy 06/16/17 12:03:57 AM
#4401   Putin Meets Vitalik Buterin, Endorses Ethereum: GMTRADES 06/13/17 07:52:16 AM
#4400   Sudden Bitcoin Volatility Shakes Altcoin Markets: GMTRADES 06/12/17 12:01:44 PM
#4399   Mark Cuban tweets cyptocurrency is a Bubble, GMTRADES 06/10/17 01:17:31 PM
#4398   all I know is from reading the website: mudpuppy 06/09/17 02:42:37 PM
#4397   Can you explain OneGram to me? Haven't heard bhovanec92 06/09/17 02:16:35 PM
#4396   yes it appears the long term top is mudpuppy 06/08/17 02:54:29 PM
#4395   looks like downtrend may have begun.. mudpuppy 06/08/17 11:29:27 AM
#4394   What is this new coin the bitqy? jsc52033 06/06/17 06:09:03 PM
#4393   same people pumping up bitcoin have pumped the mudpuppy 06/06/17 03:52:00 PM
#4392   One more try to call the top? mudpuppy 06/06/17 10:56:03 AM
#4391   BTC trades like a pennystock yet is $2600 BIG BALLER 06/05/17 10:23:30 AM
#4390   your computer stuck? lol~ BITCOIN to $3000x$5000 next BIG BALLER 06/05/17 10:20:16 AM
#4389   in a few days..people will no longer be mudpuppy 06/04/17 06:07:53 PM
#4388   then next target = $1800 mudpuppy 06/04/17 12:01:38 PM