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Making Biometric security available to the everyday business and comsumer. BMTX has biometrically secured garage door openers, thermostats, deadbolts and home alarm keypads and smartTOUCH Medical, Inc., designs, tests and markets biometrically secured medical crash carts, rolling medicine carts, portable patient medical information devices and security and retrieval systems for electronic medical records. BMTX is one of the first companies to make these products available to a wide range of consumers. "The global market for biometrics was estimated at $946 million in 2002. It is forecasted to grow to nearly $3.4 billion by 2007. The current market leader is finger scan technology. In 2002, sales of $744 million were generated by automated fingerprint recognition systems. Facial scan and voice scan have yet to achieve their full sales potential". They have just received an order from a major retailer for more than 22,000 units of their garage door opener that uses "finger activated technology". These products will reach 1800 of the retailers locations, BMTX will realize aproximately 3 million dollars from the contract. "For years, companies such as IBM have been promoting the beneficial uses of biometric technology in various products, such as the ThinkPad(TM) laptops, but actual everyday products have not been developed for, or offered at any meaningful level to consumers" said Mark Basile CEO of bioMETRX. BMTX was recently featured on "I Want That" an HGTV program. ( bioMETRX, Inc. also announced that smartTOUCH Medical, Inc. has signed an agreement with Fujitsu to test a new biometric technology called Palm-Vein biometrics in its developmental line of medical products. BMTX has an OS of 16,430,986 Weekly chart:
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