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Information and discussion about Big Apple Consulting, USA (BAC) and public companies that have been or are clients of BAC or its affiliated entities, which include:

Big Apple Consulting, USA
Big Apple Equities
Boost Marketing, LLC
Double Diamond Investments
EZ Newswire, Inc.
Jackpot Business Specialists
Management Solutions International
MJMM Investments, LLC
Twin Equities, LLC 

Owners, Officers and Employees of above:

* Marc Jablon: (All entities)
* Keith Jablon: (BAC, MMJM, ...)
* Mark C. Kaley: (BAC, MJMM, ...)
* Matthew McGuire: (BAC, MJMM, ...)
Jason Takacs: (BAC, EZN, Boost,  ...)
Matthew (Matt) Nicoletti:  (BAC, MSI, EZN, ...) - Also became President of UNQT (see below)
John Neff:  (MSI, EZN, ...)

* Companies and individuals sued by SEC for fraud and multiple other violations of securities laws.  All found guilty on all counts, fined and sanctioned.

List of Former and Current Client Companies (not complete)

AFAI - AFA Music Group, Inc. (now TDEY)
APRU - Apple Rush Company, Inc. (No Info - $.0001)
AQLV - Aqualiv Technologies (formerly IFRS, now VRTY after 1 for 100 R/S)
ARTS - Artfest International, Inc (SEC suspension, revoked)
ASTR - Astralis, Ltd. (revoked)
AUTQ - Auto-Q International Inc. (defunct)
AVLN - Avalon Technology Group, Inc. (revoked)
BPWI - Big Apple Worldwide, Inc. (also formerly BPWW, now FUSR)
CKYS - Cyberkey Solutions (grey market -- former CEO serving over 8 years for fraud)
CLDR - Cloud Centric Systems (formerly GESM) (gray market, DTC Global Lock)
CLDZ - Cloud Technologies, Inc. (gray market, caveat emptor)
CMSI - Corporate Mortgage Solutions, Inc. (became BPWI then FUSR)
CNSO - Casino Players, Inc. (now MMMS)
CNTL - Centale, Inc. (defunct)
CTYX - Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. (PK no info) - (DTC Global Lock)
DPWS - Diamond Powersports, Inc. (defunct)
GESM - GuestMetrics, Inc. (now CLDR)
EIGH - 8000 Incorporated (SEC Lawsuit, gray market, caveat emptor, non DTC-eligible)
EPMI - Epic Media, Inc. (defunct)
ERUC - ER Urgent Care Holdings, Inc. (bankruptcy filed)
ETGG - EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc. (fka ETGU) - Now LVGI
EREX - E-Rex, Inc. (defunct)
EVSY - Evans Systems, Inc. (now WTCT)
FLNA - FuelNation, Inc. (SEC suspension, grey market)
FUSR - Fusion Restaurant Group, Inc. (formerly BPWW - grey market)
GOSY - GeckoSystems (PK current information - may have backed out of BAC contract)
GRBG - Greenbridge Industries, Inc. (PK no info, Caveat Emptor, default NV SOS, non DTC FAST eligible, website dead, no contact info)
GRBT - Greenbridge Technologies, Inc. (now PGRE) (PK no information, 10,000 to 1 R/S, non DTC-eligible/T4T)
HISC - Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc. (fka HISU) (defunct)
HMWM - HumWare Media Corporation (now EFTB)
IFRS - Infrared Systems International Inc. (now AQLV)
IGTP - Intelligent Sports, Inc. (defunct)
IJJP - IJJ Corporation (PK no info - diluted to no-bid, 1 to 1000 R/S, then diluted to no-bid again)
IVGA - Invicta Group, Inc. (defunct)
IVII - Ivi Vommunications, Inc. (PKno information)
LLBO - Lifeline Biotechnologies, Inc. (PK no information)
LVGI  - Limitess Venture Group, Inc. (Formerly ETGG) (PK no info) - (DTC Global Lock)
MAEI - Made in America Entertainment, Inc. (formerly RVNM) (PK no info)
MMMS - Medytox Solutions Inc. (formerly CNSO)
MTIZ - Metiscan Inc. (defunct)
MTPR - Metapower International Inc, (fka MTPW - Metapower) (PK limited info)
NUER - NuEnergy Group Inc. (now RSII)
OCFN - Omega Commercial Financial Corp. (PK current information, 20,000 to 1 R/S on 7/2/14)

PBHG - PBS Holding, Inc. (PK no info)
PRGE - Paradise Ridge Hydrocarbons, Inc. (formerly GRBT) (PK current information, 10,000 to 1 R/S, non DTC-eligible/T4T)
PHMB - PharmaCom BioVet, Inc. (PK no info, caveat emptor)
PKPL - Park Place Energy Corp. (OTCQB)
PLNIQ - Plasticon International, Inc. (revoked)
PRPG - PRG Group, Inc. (revoked)
PRPM - Protek Capital (formerly ProPalms, Inc.) (PK no information)
RPPR - Aquastar Holdings, Inc. (now SUTI)
RSII - Rising India Inc. (formerly NUER) (PK current info)
RVNM - Ravenmoon Entertainment (now MAEI)
SDVI - Signature Devices, Inc. (PK, no information)
SMAS - Somatics Systems, Inc. (grey market, caveat emptor)
SNDY - Solos Endoscopy, Inc. (PK current info)  Multiple reverse splits, DTC/TDA chillcurrent client of Boost Marketing
SSPT - Shot Spirits Corporation (PK no information, default NV SOS, website dead, non DTC FAST-eligible)
SUTI - SUTIMCo International, Inc. (formerly RPPR) (PK current info)  Reverse split 11/2011, current client of Boost Marketing
TBLU - Telcoblue (revoked)
TDEY - 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (Chairman was Marc Jablon, a principal of BAC until permanent penny stock bar) (PK current info)
TMMG - TM Media Group, Inc. (grey market, caveat emptor)
TSRR - Tradestar Resources Corp. (grey market)
UPZS - Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (PK, limited info, multiple reverse splits)
UNQT - Union Equity, Inc. (PK current info) DTC/TDA Chill
VRTY - Verify Corp. (formerly AQLV and IFRS) (OTCQB)
VPLM - Voip-Pal.com Inc. (PK current info)
WTCT - Watchit Technologies Inc. (formerly EVSY) (Suspended then Revoked)

Company executives who hired or otherwise chose to work with Big Apple Consulting or its Affiliates:

Ken Allen, (MTPR)
Steven Aronstein (SMAS)

Brian Barrett, (GESM and SSPT)
Leonard Baxter (GRBT)
Steven Scott Brown (ETGG)
Jonathan Bryant (EIGH) (SEC Lawsuit)
Robert Corr, (APRU)
Jon Cummings, III (OCFN)
Jon A. Cummings, IV (OCFN)
David Gubb (GRBG and UNQT)
Joseph Fahoome (CNSO, MMMS)
William G. Forhan (CNSO, IVGA, MMMS)
Edward Patrick Herbert (ETGG)
Jim Holmes (LLBO, SNDY)
John Huemoeller II (HMWM)
Kenneth L. Hurley (SDVI)
Marc Jablon (BPWI, CMSI, TDEY) (Principal of BAC, found guilty of multiple counts of fraud in SEC action, permanent penny stock bar)
Neil Jablon (BPWI, CMSI)
Louis Keith (LLBO)
Thomas Kelly (EIGH) (SEC Lawsuit)
Charles Lance (UNQT) (Also SLNX and RNVT fka VOXI)
Malcom Lennie (RPPR, SUTI)
David Lovatt (CLDZ, IJJP and CLDR)  He was also CEO of ENTS, CEO/COO of DNAD and is currently CEO of PKGM.
Frank Moody (EVSY, HISC and WTCT)
Gary Musselman (HISC and WTCT)
David N. Naylor (PRGE)
Matthew Nicoletti (UNQT) (Also SLNX sand RNVT fka VOXI) (Former employee of BAC, MSI and EZN)
Clark Ortiz (PBHG, TDEY) (Also CEO of SWRF)

Uma Pandey, (PRPG)
James E. Plant (CKYS) (In prison for 8 years for criminal fraud after pleading guilty under a plea arangement for a shorter sentence)
Clifford Pope, (IJJP) (Hired Boost Marketing after decimating IJJP stock via BAC)
Brian Riley, (GRBT, HISC and WTCT)
Mike Roth, (GRBG, GRBT) (also CEO of BCLE)
Chris Salmonson (FLNA) (In prison for 20 years for criminal fraud)
Fred Schiemann (LLBO, SNDY) (also CEO of IGRW, fka HPCS)
Ronn Schuman (CTYX)
Jeffrey M. Smuda (PHMB)
Mark Solomon (ERUC)
Paul Spetch (AUTQ)
R. M. Spencer (GOSY)
Jack L. Stapelton (ETGG)
Dan Tartaglia (TMMG)
James Scott Tassan (ARTS, PBHG, PRPM)
Scott Tassan (ARTS, PBHG) (also AURI)
Bert Trentham (RPPR, SUTI)

James Turek (PLNIQ and TBLU) (Convicted of criminal fraud by DOJ, sentenced to 18 years.  Was sued by and settled with the SEC for fraud)
Edward "Eddie" Vakser (ARTS, PBHG, PRPM, SUTI, SWRF, TDEY, TSRR) (also AURI)
William White (GRBG, GRBT) (Also worked for EESO and had dealings with SPNGQ). (Hired Boost Marketing for GRBG after previously decimating the stock via BAC)
Don Wood (WTCT and GRBG) (former CEO of RENU)

Steven Woodell (UNQT)
Robert Zysblat (PRPM, TDEY)

Attorneys favored by BAC clients:

Christopher Davies (SSPT and ....)
Carl N. Duncan (BPWI, CLDR, EIGH, FUSR, GRBG, TDEY, SNDY and ....) - SEC Lawsuit, barred from SEC practice.
Brian F. Faulkner (GRBG, PBHG, SNDY, SUTI, TSRR and ...)
John B. Frohling (ERUC and ...) - Prohibited Service Provider
Randall S. Goulding (IJJP, ...) - Current lawsuit by SEC

Kimberly Rudge (formerly Kimberly Graus) (CLDR, CTYX, ETGG, GRBG, IJJP, PRPM, SNDY, TDEY, UNQT and ...) - Being sued by FL Bar for fraudulent opinion letters.
J. Bennet Grocock/The Business Law Group (AUTQ, CKYS, CLDZ, EPMI, EREX, IVGA, MAEI, OCFN, RVNM, SDVI and ...) - Suspended from SEC practice
Guy M. Jean-Pierre, aka Marcelo Dominguez de Guerra, (APRU, ARTS, CLDR, CTYX, GRBG, IJJP, SNDY, SSPT, TDEY and ...) - Charged by the SEC with fraud and fled to the Dominican Repulic and changed his name.

David Popper, (FLNA, RVNM, TMMG, WTCT and ...)
Manly, P.A. (WTCT)
Jonathan D. Leinwand (TDEY, GOSY)
Law Office of Thomas Russell (PRGE)
Securities Counselors, Inc. (Partnership of Carl N. Duncan and Randall S.Goulding - SEC actions - see above)

Laura Anthony - see Candle Vandal connection : https://www.scribd.com/doc/317208375/Big-Apple-Information  

Accountants favored by BAC clients:

Fred Scheimann, CPA (LLBO, SNDY)
Thomas, Zurcher & White, P.A. (CLDR, GRBG, TDEY, UNQT and ...)

Transfer Agents used by BAC clients:

Action Stock Transfer Corporation (UNQT has moved to)
Bay City Transfer Agency and Registrar (WTCT)
Compushare Transfer Corporation (ETGG)
Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Co. (FLNA, GOSY)
Corporate Stock Transfer Inc. (MTPR, PHMB)
Interwest Stock Transfer Co. (CLDR, CTYX, SUTI, UNQT)
Island Transer Agency (APRU, ARTS, PBHG, SDVI, TSRR)
Holladay Stock Transfer (CLDZ. MMMS, UPZS)
National Stock Transfer (CKYS) - SEC Action in process
Olde Monmouth Stock Transfer Co. (ETGG)
OTC Corporate Stock Transfer (LLBO)
Pacific Stock Transfer Co. (CLDR, MAEI, PRPM, RVNM, SNDY) -- Owned by Joseph Meuse
PacWest Transfer (OCFN)
Signature Stock Transfer Inc. (BPWI, EIGH, FUSR, NEUR, PRPG, RSII, SMAS)
Standard Registrar and Transfer Co. (GRBG, TDEY)
Transfer Online (ERUC, GRBT, IJJP, PRGE)


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