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BRK.A versus BRK.B? Watch Buffett discuss the creation bar1080 05/16/21 10:53 PM
Sunspotter: I found penny stocks around 1995 when a bar1080 06/03/23 2:38 PM
Hi. I first bought BRK.B in 1997 when sunspotter 06/03/23 11:44 AM
Hi Sunspotter. I didn't know until yesterday that bar1080 06/03/23 10:25 AM
Just wanted to make sure they hadn't gotten crossways. fung_derf 05/18/23 1:52 PM
BERKSHIRE ‘APPLE-WAY’ fung_derf 05/18/23 1:51 PM
Years ago, Warren Buffett announced a plan to Prudent Capitalist 05/18/23 1:31 PM
Bill Gates Foundation holdings based on latest 13F bar1080 05/18/23 1:26 PM
"The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of bar1080 05/18/23 1:04 PM
I read somewhere that Bill Gates dumped a fung_derf 05/18/23 12:44 PM
There's a lesson there... fung_derf 05/16/23 11:53 AM
"Berkshire invests in Capital One, sheds four stocks" bar1080 05/15/23 7:04 PM
Sure, but then again, they have good steaks fung_derf 05/02/23 1:27 PM
I post many things on both BRK boards. bar1080 05/02/23 1:23 PM
There are 1000 posts here, and this stock fung_derf 05/02/23 1:12 PM
1400 posts is enormous posting volume for such bar1080 05/02/23 1:10 PM
Right, which is why triple net is the fung_derf 05/02/23 12:45 PM
"I just do not want to be bothered bar1080 05/02/23 12:41 PM
Don't get me started on why I hate fung_derf 05/02/23 12:33 PM
"I'm tellin' ya, if I buy, I'll tank bar1080 05/02/23 12:23 PM
Not sure about that though. BRK has had fung_derf 05/02/23 12:14 PM
I'm just kidding about day trading BRK.A. Most bar1080 05/02/23 11:40 AM
Isn't that less than 1%? I think there fung_derf 05/02/23 10:57 AM
Remember that with a HQ staff of <30, bar1080 05/01/23 1:41 PM
BRK typically releases its Q1 report very early Prudent Capitalist 05/01/23 1:18 PM
Don't know, Porgie. Various methods can be used bar1080 05/01/23 1:06 PM
When are BRK's earnings supposed to come out? Porgie Tirebiter 05/01/23 12:29 PM
What is OG??? Original Gangsta' of course. fung_derf 05/01/23 10:49 AM
What's "OG?" Both classes of BRK shares bar1080 05/01/23 10:25 AM
So, no coffee mug or a hat saying fung_derf 05/01/23 10:04 AM
Main difference is Class A shareholders get a bar1080 04/28/23 7:50 PM
Would I get any bonus if I bought fung_derf 04/28/23 6:08 PM
Doesn't mean I want to kill Warren fung_derf 04/28/23 6:06 PM
LOL! BRK has been a tremendous long-term Prudent Capitalist 04/28/23 2:19 PM
Understand that BRK has ~370,000 employees aside from bar1080 04/28/23 1:36 PM
Can't say I haven't had opportunities, but I fung_derf 04/28/23 1:29 PM
BRK.A back up to $500,000 in time for bar1080 04/28/23 11:49 AM
I'm referring to evidence that would stand up fung_derf 04/24/23 1:15 PM
"Don't know what you mean by "academic evidence." bar1080 04/22/23 12:08 PM
"Will Buffett's bet on Japan's trading houses bear fruit?" bar1080 04/14/23 6:57 AM
The 3 hours with Waren Buffett and Greg
Prudent Capitalist 04/12/23 11:15 AM
BRK upped its stakes in all 5 of Prudent Capitalist 04/11/23 10:42 AM
BRK annual meeting coming on Saturday May 6 bar1080 04/03/23 10:33 PM
If you don't need income, you don't need fung_derf 03/17/23 1:18 PM
Thus the reason I mentioned the IRA. fung_derf 03/17/23 1:13 PM
Perhaps BRK should survey investors on whether to bar1080 03/17/23 12:41 PM
BRK is a dividend stock. Always has been, bar1080 03/17/23 12:29 PM
Sheeesh! If we sell now to buy Prudent Capitalist 03/17/23 12:21 PM
What is nonsense? Oh that's right, you don't fung_derf 03/17/23 11:49 AM
Nonsense. Insurance stocks are plummeting again. BRK doing bar1080 03/17/23 11:41 AM
It has just broken the support line. I fung_derf 03/17/23 11:07 AM
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Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRK.A)

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 Charles Munger (Charlie),  BRK Vice Chairman        Warren Buffett,  BRK Chairman/CEO     Photo circa 1970

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc
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Berkshire Hathaway, which began in 1839 as a textile mill, neared collapse in 1962 when 32-year old Warren Buffett started buying control in the belief the company could be saved. Buffett initially maintained Berkshire’s textile business, but by 1967, he was expanding into other investments. Berkshire bought stock in the Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) that now forms the core of its colossal insurance operations. Other early acquisitions included See's Candies, Blue Chip Trading Stamps and Dairy Queen. BRK moved from the OTC to the NYSE in 1988.

Today Berkshire is a combination of 66 wholly owned subsidiaries such as the BNSF Railroad and 47 passive minority investments, notably its huge stake in Apple. As of 2021, BRK has a market cap of >$600 billion and 360,000 employees. Berkshire Hathaway is the nation's 7th largest business.  

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3555 Farnam Street
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