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What is the Basic Attention Token?
BAT is an ERC20 token designed as a payment utility token for the Brave Browser.
What is the Brave Browser?
Brave is a browser designed by Brendan Eich and his team for the purpose of increasing privacy and fixing a broken digital advertising system
Brave is, in a word, AWESOME!
Why is it awesome?
Because Brave blocks ALL advertisements as part of it's fundamental protocol. And it does so before the advertisement infiltrates the browser. So instead of the slower speed one experiences with a typical ad blocker, Brave actually speeds up downloads. Cookies and trackers are also blocked.
The ultimate Value Proposition though is the payment system for advertisers using Brave. Advertisers may use BAT tokens to compensate viewers for their time spent watching their ads while viewing is enabled on your Brave system. The ad view is verified and transparent via the blockchain so the advertiser doesn't get ripped of, as happens all too often with Google.
The ad viewer is fairly compensated as well so you might say it's a win-win situation.
So who is this Brendan Eich fellow?
Heard of Javascript? He invented it.
Heard of the Mozilla Browser? He invented it.
Is he just in it for the money? I think not. In 2013 he was the highest paid CEO in the country. A multi billionaire. One of the wealthiest men in the world.
BAT is his baby. There is no other crypto token or currency out there with this level of expertise and solid financial backing.
Download the Brave Browser here:
Brendan Eichs bio:
Current price of BAT in USD:
One of many YouTube videos on BAT:
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