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So it appears this one was indeed a SYNERGY33 12/12/22 12:04 PM
Expert Market Now any word on the timeframe JMoneyHoops 10/14/22 3:25 AM
Ok......we got an #8KSpy Alert on it...... Zardiw 09/29/22 5:13 PM
At Edgar: Zardiw 09/29/22 5:12 PM
Nevermind. I found it on the OTC site. SYNERGY33 09/29/22 11:33 AM
Where are you seeing the new 8k? SYNERGY33 09/29/22 11:31 AM
Another one today.....see 8K Zardiw 09/28/22 5:53 PM
Sure seems that the news in that filing SYNERGY33 08/03/22 10:59 AM
Aagh has established mature high-tech projects with solid paup 01/12/22 11:09 AM
$AAGH America Great Health (OTC:AAGH) entered into an AskMuncher 12/30/21 1:33 PM
Aagh entered into an agreement with Brilliant Health paup 05/07/21 10:36 AM
another spike coming next week Goyitoramo 02/11/21 11:00 AM
5b cap with 20b outstanding... iKnow777 01/31/21 9:50 PM
I have been in for years and it donut 01/31/21 7:58 PM
Any idea why is it moving? iKnow777 01/30/21 2:43 PM
Had this stock some time. Finally a donut 01/29/21 1:58 PM
bdrbf moving Carioca 01/27/21 2:44 PM
Big volume let’s go Sparky1234 07/10/20 3:06 PM
Power hour !! Sparky1234 07/07/20 3:29 PM
Power hour Let’s push this up Sparky1234 06/08/20 3:21 PM
You think this company would be thriving rite Sparky1234 03/23/20 10:38 AM
Just can’t clear .02 Sparky1234 05/02/19 11:38 AM
What a joke Sparky1234 02/22/19 10:31 AM
Boring Sparky1234 02/13/19 10:10 AM
Wish we could get this rolling upward Sparky1234 02/07/19 9:57 PM
Of course Sparky1234 02/01/19 9:49 AM
Good news if it helps this company .. Sparky1234 01/31/19 3:17 PM
We need the snooze button turned off Sparky1234 01/25/19 10:25 AM
Be nice to some activity. Sparky1234 01/17/19 2:35 PM
Are we going up .!!?? Sparky1234 12/11/18 1:57 PM
This needs some news Sparky1234 07/12/18 3:15 PM
I'm fairly new to this stock but was laplova 05/28/18 1:34 AM
Seems to be a block at .016 .. Sparky1234 05/01/18 10:36 AM
It just took all day Sparky1234 04/25/18 4:16 PM
Looks like a drop today ?? Sparky1234 04/25/18 10:02 AM
Wow this moves hard. Up 75% on Skan11 04/24/18 9:55 AM
Seen that coming ..... Sparky1234 04/23/18 2:58 PM
We’ll see what this week holds .. Sparky1234 04/15/18 8:20 PM
I think the share structure scares most off Sprtn27 03/27/18 2:48 PM
This needs some action Sparky1234 03/19/18 10:26 AM
Yup looks good from here .!! Sparky1234 03/07/18 2:50 PM
Look at latest 8 k, distribution agreement. paup 03/07/18 12:41 PM
Good news .!! Heading in the right direction ... Sparky1234 03/05/18 5:12 PM
Got a starter here, but I think I'll Sprtn27 02/27/18 4:46 PM
Good volume .. Sparky1234 02/26/18 2:08 PM
Pretty disappointing.. we’ll see if mike Wang is Sparky1234 02/22/18 10:32 AM
Disappointed in the Q, but status Quo on Penny Stocks 2.0 02/20/18 4:16 PM
With a little volume this thing should fly .. Sparky1234 02/20/18 10:37 AM
Once the quarterly comes in I think it will Sparky1234 02/16/18 10:38 AM
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America Great Health (AAGH)

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FLOAT 7 to 15 Million

New Company--New Management--Amazing Business Plan



The Company under the new management will focus its business in the health related industry. The Company’s Chairman and president, Mike Wang, is the owner of several health related businesses below with which The Company is evaluating the possibilities of forming several joint ventures. The Company might effectuate the joint ventures using stocks. 

Health & Beauty Group Inc. It is a California company in the business of R &D and sale of vitamins and nutritional supplements. It owns more than 20 formulas and engages contract manufacturers to make these products. The company has built up solid sales records both in the US as well as in China.

Pro Health Inc., a Tennessee company organized in 2016. It entered into a Sales Agreement with Provision Healthcare , LLC, a Tennessee limited liability company, in the selling of ProNova Equipment, which is a Proton Treatment device used in the treatment of cancer. Other than the sale of equipment, Pro Health will also be providing Total Solution Services related with the use of the Equipment.

Sales Agreement between Mike Wang and Dr. William Fang for the marketing and sales of Dr. Fang’s early detection system of Cardio Vascular diseases. The device provides unique 3D imaging for the Cardio Vascular conditions for patients and has already won approval of US FDA. It has very positive significance in helping preventing heart attacks, which are the number one killer in the US as well as in the world.

AUDITED FINS COMING...On January 29, 2018, we engaged Sadler, Gibb & Associates, LLC ( “ Sadler Gibb ” ) as our independent registered public accounting firm to audit the Company ’ s consolidated financial statements as of June 30, 2018 and for the year then ended. Sadler Gibb will be performing reviews of the unaudited consolidated quarterly financial statements to be included in the Company ’ s quarterly reports on Form 10-Q for the year ended June 30, 2018 as well as going forward. 

During each of the Company ’ s two most recent fiscal years and through the date of this report, (a) the Company has not engaged Sadler Gibb as either the principal accountant to audit the Company ’ s financial statements, or as an independent accountant to audit a significant subsidiary of the Company and on whom the principal accountant is expected to express reliance in its report; and (b) the Company or someone on its behalf did not consult Sadler Gibb with respect to (i) either: the application of accounting principles to a specified transaction, either completed or proposed; or the type of audit opinion that might be rendered on the Company ’ s financial statements, or (ii) any other matter that was either the subject of a disagreement or a reportable event as set forth in Items 304(a)(1)(iv) and (v) of Regulation S-K

Effective January 02, 2018, the Board of Directors (the "Board") of America Great Health   (the "Company") determined that it was in the best interest of the Company to hire a new Chief Operating Officer ("COO"). Accordingly, the Board approved the appointment of Andy Weichu Sheng as the Company's COO.
Mr. Sheng, age 62, has 30 years extensive experiences in business management and operation. Prior to current positions, Mr. Sheng served as President at since 2002; and Chief Executive Officer at since 2013, Mr. Sheng served as President at Shoes Expert; during 1998 to 2002, Mr. Sheng served as President and Chief Executive Officer at Hemei Security; Mr. Sheng also served as President at SICO Group General Electric China Sole Distributor for three years since 1990.

Huge Stock Acquisition/Agreement 
On January 04, 2018, America Great Health (the “Company”) entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement (the “Stock Purchase Agreement”) with Health & Beauty Group, Inc. (the “Seller”), a California Corporation focus on manufacuring and distrubution of health supplements and costmetic beauty proucts. Pursuant to the Stock Purchase Agreement, the Company agreed to purchase 51% of common shares of the Seller, for an aggregate purchase price of $765,000, which consisting of  63,750,000 outstanding shares of the Company’s common stock at $0.012 per share.
The foregoing description of the Stock Purchase Agreement and its terms is qualified in its entirety by the full text of the agreement, which is filed as Exhibit 10.1 to, and incorporated by reference in, this report.

New Manangement/Board

Mr. Mike Q. Wang Interim CEO, Interim Pres, VP, CFO, Sec. & Director 62 

Mr. Herric Chan Independent Advisor 46 

Mr. Tony Wu VP of Operation and Member of Board of Advisors 37 

Robert Chen Ph.D., MHA Director of Bus. Devel. and Member of Board of Advisors 

Mr. Terry Lee MBA Managing Director and Member of Board of Advisors 65 

Dont be Afraid of the Share Structure 
The CEO and INSIDERS Own 80-90%, LOCKED AWAY. 
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