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Share Structure: 109M float
Fully SEC reporting, trades on the OTC.QB (not PINK sheets)

No toxic dilution in company history, fully funded by CEO

-- ALRT is seeking to finalize a global pharmaceutical partnership on their pet CGM in March-April 2022 --

-- ALRT is launching their Pet CGM in June 2022, will be cashflow posaitive in 2022 -- 

-- ALRT is seeking to begin FDA trials for their human CGM summer of 2022-- 



About ALR Technologies

ALR Technologies is a data management company that developed the ALRT Diabetes Solution, a comprehensive approach to diabetes care that includes: an FDA-cleared and HIPAA compliant diabetes management system that collects data directly from blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring devices; a patent pending Predictive A1C algorithm to track treatment success between lab reports and an FDA-cleared Insulin Dosing Adjustment program. ALRT also offers an algorithm to provide prescribers support for timely non-insulin medication advancements. The overall goal is to optimize diabetes drug therapies to drive improved patient outcomes. The program tracks performance of all clinical activities to ensure best practices are followed. The ALRT Diabetes Solution gives healthcare providers a platform for remote diabetes care, helping to minimize patient exposure to potential infections in clinical settings. Currently, the Company is focused on diabetes and will expand its services to cover other chronic diseases anchored on verifiable data.

In addition, the animal health division has identified an unmet need in diabetes care and has developed a solution to assist veterinarians in determining the effectiveness of insulin and helping to identify the appropriate dose and frequency of administration for companion animals. Thus, delivering the same optimization of diabetic drug therapies to pets as to humans.

ALR Technologies SG Pte. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALR Technologies Inc. On June 1, 2021, ALR Technologies Inc. announced its intention to migrate to Singapore. More information about ALR Technologies Inc. can be found at Regarding ALR Technologies SG Pte. Ltd. Information can be found at


    ALRT Technologies News




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ALRT News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 05/20/2022 01:18:09 PM
ALRT News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 05/16/2022 01:59:19 PM
ALRT News: Annual Report (10-k) 03/30/2022 01:03:03 PM
ALRT News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 03/15/2022 12:09:04 PM
ALRT News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 03/15/2022 12:07:03 PM
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I checked the 8k "the Redomicile Merger is Rdizz23 06/23/2022 11:42:20 PM
Good volume day, the redomicile is suppose to Rdizz23 06/23/2022 04:26:33 PM
Your right they got that for sure Trade4today 06/23/2022 11:13:30 AM
What about the loss carry forward, the won't Rdizz23 06/23/2022 10:44:50 AM
Im guessing they are predicting future revenue and Trade4today 06/23/2022 10:26:40 AM
Yeah definitely, this whole redomicile to Singapore seems Rdizz23 06/23/2022 08:38:58 AM
I'm not surprised. Are you? mckvee 06/22/2022 12:14:29 PM
Halfway through June and still no partnership deal. Rdizz23 06/13/2022 10:56:34 AM
Ut oh.. looks like peeps are starting to mckvee 05/25/2022 11:31:19 AM
LOL. Yeah. I'm hoping there's a mckvee 05/25/2022 11:01:06 AM
I agree with you Trade4today. Just mckvee 05/25/2022 11:00:08 AM
There is seems to be no signs partnership, Trade4today 05/24/2022 10:06:00 PM
I see opportunity, too! Buy baby, buy! BuzzLite 05/24/2022 05:58:44 PM
What is most upsetting to me about shares johnglenn 05/24/2022 05:49:29 PM
Rdizz... they sure are. mckvee 05/24/2022 01:29:01 PM
Those .05 options are looking silly now Rdizz23 05/24/2022 01:03:38 PM
03 pps. Dollar-land any day now? mckvee 05/24/2022 12:47:29 PM
As of March 31, 2022, the accumulated working mckvee 05/17/2022 11:46:08 AM
That looks to be in the late 90's. mckvee 05/16/2022 04:13:10 PM
Form 10-Q filed by ALR TECHNOLOGIES INC. $ALRT dazetrader 05/16/2022 02:59:36 PM
I’m eager for another update, and ideally the DS CPA 05/06/2022 08:31:17 PM
Agreed. But with no volume on mckvee 05/06/2022 05:10:33 PM
Scratchgolfer0 - I think you have every right mckvee 05/06/2022 05:02:32 PM
I bought my shares when it was in BuzzLite 05/02/2022 04:17:03 PM
Yeah. Now's the time to catch the mckvee 05/02/2022 02:16:47 PM
Completely agree.. and there may be a Trade4today 05/02/2022 01:01:15 AM
Re: ACCOUNTABILITY of ALR Technologies and it's CEO_ Scratchgolfer0 05/01/2022 04:01:16 PM
Stock up, baby! BuzzLite 04/26/2022 01:42:26 PM
Heck. It's a new week, a new mckvee 04/26/2022 01:20:09 PM
4500 shares at .046… a whopping $200 transaction. DS CPA 04/22/2022 12:21:53 PM
ALRT is absolutely KILLING it! 046. mckvee 04/22/2022 10:31:30 AM
Sorry - Please disregard my previous post. subguy 04/17/2022 07:26:30 PM
Wonder if the lock-down situation in Shanghai is subguy 04/14/2022 01:30:17 PM
Pretty solid week. Hopefully something is brewing with johnglenn 04/01/2022 06:32:49 PM
Exactly. mckvee 03/31/2022 05:52:07 PM
If only 0.01% of your posts spinning stories mckvee 03/31/2022 05:49:40 PM
And people like you keep telling investors that mckvee 03/31/2022 05:44:58 PM
I didn’t read the entire 10q was Trade4today 03/31/2022 04:15:51 PM
Hahaha! I think you are 100% correct! Just momo79 03/31/2022 03:58:44 PM
Good to see volume picking up. Hopefully hear johnglenn 03/31/2022 03:55:04 PM
When partnership news comes the stock price is TheLastOneSitting 03/31/2022 03:52:49 PM
Nice to see somewhat of consistent volume these momo79 03/31/2022 03:37:57 PM
A couple high volume days in a row, Rdizz23 03/30/2022 04:21:59 PM
My wife has more revenue selling stuff on Rdizz23 03/28/2022 12:05:33 PM
I went back to Post #1 for ALRT mckvee 03/28/2022 11:41:02 AM
Dollar-land any day now! LOL. mckvee 03/28/2022 11:32:29 AM
Thats $27 dollars well spent! Trade4today 03/23/2022 07:44:37 PM
Huge volume today, a whole $27 worth. Rdizz23 03/23/2022 07:08:11 PM
Yeah couldn't agree more, ultimately it is the TheLastOneSitting 03/16/2022 07:39:56 AM
Another great pr and a pretty good day. johnglenn 03/15/2022 07:27:33 PM
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