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Algae Project Analysis and Facilitation

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LISTEN: BioCentric Energy Public Radio Interview (Tuesday August 11, 10:56 am ET)


Exxon's $600 Million Algae Bet

By Nick Hodge
Tuesday, July 21st, 2009



Investing in Algae Stocks: Fuel and Fun

Algae, Algae, Algae.  What stocks can you buy that are Algae Biofuel companies?  Thanks to WallStNation.com, we got you covered in algae, going green is so much fun, now you can do it to! With your money and look stupid like the Algae Guy.


The Algae Index

Via WallStNation.com:


Its been a month since we published Investing in Algae Biofuel Stocks, let's take a look at how the stocks have performed (including OriginOil Inc. (OTC:OOIL)) and this month the first flight of algae-fuelled jet took place.

Keep Reading at WallStNation.com -- Click Here

The big winner for a one month gain of 40% is OriginOil Inc. (OTC:OOIL), here's how the rest of the stocks have done, only one other company from our Algae Index had a positive return:

Symbol Dec 8th Price Jan 9th Price Gain/Loss % Gain
GERS   $       0.02  $       0.02  $    (0.01) -20.8%
NNFC   $      
VCTPF   $       0.31  $       0.27  $    (0.04) -12.9%
GSPI   $       0.02  $       0.02  $    (0.00) -2.2%
OOIL   $       0.30  $       0.42  $       0.12 40.0%
PSUD   $       0.06  $       0.06  $    (0.00) -5.0%
RDS.A   $    50.46  $    53.98  $       3.52 7.0%
CVX   $    78.09  $    72.82  $    (5.27) -6.7%

Will Petrosun's Algae Biodiesel Grow on Investors?

by Tom Konrad

Celluslosic Ethanol is all the rage.  A less noticed, but significant "Biofuel 2.0" is biofuel based on algae.

Follow the Biomass  http://www.altenergystocks.com/archives/2008/03/will_petrosuns_algae_biodiesel_grow_on_investors_1.html

Here a summary about different companies involved in Algae production for Biofuels. I will be happy to hear your comments and remarks. Should you have any additional information please feel free to comment or send me more information.

First of all here is the "algae crash course":

AlgoDyne Conporation (NL)

Old Dominion University in Norfolk
http://www.wavy.com/Global/story.asp?S=7205525 (Video)

Producing Hydrogen:

BioKing (NL)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSBZa88fy64 (Maybe your Dutch is not up to par but it shows the process, :)
InnoVentures Canada

Other to see:
University of Minnesota (St Paul)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZz-CneGEzo (funny?)
http://www.oilgae.com/ (Everything!)
http://www.oilgae.com/blog/ (RSS feed)
http://www.unh.edu/p2/biodiesel/article_alge.html (Biodiesel numbers)
Posted by Per Dahlén at Thursday, April 10, 2008



The Algae Bandwagon:

Review: A chance for Korea to advance algal-biodiesel technology

What's the big deal about algae and photobioreactors?  Read here to learn more. 

Algae and proposed Cap & Trade legislation - why BEHL can benefit big time! (As algae grows it absorbs CO2)

Share Structure:

Authorized = ........750,000,000
Outstanding = ..... 656,382,584
Float = ................... 348,468,221

Our Primary SEC SIC Codes:
8731 - Services – Commercial Physical and Biological Research
5080 - Wholesale – Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
8744 -  Services – Facilities Support Management Services
8741 - Services – Management Services

Important Links:

CONTACT INFO:  dale@investinginstockmarket.net

Why Cap & Trade would / could be a bonanza for BEHL:  Under Cap & Trade rules, companies that emit CO2 ABOVE their allotted amount (think big industrial companies) must BUY credits from companies that emit CO2 BELOW their allotted amount (think BEHL's Photo Bioreactor hooked-up to smoke stacks - algae ABSORBS CO2) ...  No brainer!   Thanks  'bobber' for the contribution...

* Renewable Energy World

* NY Times

* Algae as a Food Souce for Humans

Our claim to fame...

WE manufacture and sell low-cost, closed-loop algae bioreactor systems for the commercialization and production of algae.

 Big Players Wading into the Algae Industry:

* Algae’s Big Break: Exxon, Craig Venter Launch $600M+ Algae Fuel Effort

* Dow Chemical Joins Algae-based Biofuel Project

 * Algae to Fight World Hunger

* Algae the Health Ingredient

 * Korean Prime Minister urges governments to work together for green growth

Our Mission:
To become a profitable algae solutions provider for CO2 reduction and recycler to high emissions producers, where our supplier is also our customer creating an ecologically friendly environment and a revolving stream for long term profitability.

"Use of Algae for bio fuels will be a key element to helping the U.S. become less dependent on foreign oil. BioCentric is one of the leaders in the industry. Dennis Fisher and Dennis Shen of BioCentric Energy are both active members of the NAA National Algae Association."

"We have decided to use the Algae Strains identified by our Scientists in the Czech Republic which hold the most promise for Carbohydrates, Protein, Omega 3, and DHA."

The BUZZ ON BEHL - Other media that is covering our story:




Börsentäglich neue Meldungen über gewinnbringende Aktien


 Subsidiary Holdings of (BEHL) BioCentric Energy Holdings Ltd:

BioCentric Energy Algae, LLC Currently the company's main focus.
BioCentric Energy, Inc. BioCentric Energy, Inc. (BCEI) is primarily a research & development holding company, whose principals are involved in seeking innovative green energy solutions for the 21st Century. Our mission is to increase the company's value through the discovery, development, and implementation of renewable energy projects. The strategy utilizes our extensive experience and global contacts to uncover opportunities through joint ventures, association agreements, and/or acquisitions. We believe in establishing strong partnerships with industry leaders at the appropriate point in a projects development.
BioCentric Consortium, Inc. The BioCentric Energy Consortium brokers the supply and delivery of organic oils, such as, crude, degummed Soybean oil, Rapeseed oil, and Palm Oil, to Biodiesel facilities. BioCentric Energy Consortium consists of many broker members directly tied into the 'Producers of Organic Oils' and to 'Buyers of Biodiesel' through what is known in the industry as the "Seller's Mandate" or the "Buyers Mandate."
BioCentric Energy Microwave, LLC BioCentric Energy Microwave is in the process of developing a solution that utilizes a proven technologically advanced microwave solution to produce energy from multiple waste products. We have acquired a location in Orange County, Texas to deliver our green energy generation solution. The defined wastes are MSW (Municipal Solid Wastes), Used Tires, and Chinese Tallow.

BioCentric Energy, Hong Kong

Formed with Zhenxing Company of China


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