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XFuels (OTC: XFUL) The CleanPetroleum & Power Company™, is a publicly held energy company based in Portland, Oregon USA, established to design, build, and operate regionally-integrated, small-to-midcap electricity and petroleum production facilities. XFuels is a leader in carbon-neutral energy solutions, as well as providing water and food technologies specifically designed to improve life on our planet.

The company's legally-defensible (patented and patent-pending) IP delivers one of the highest energy yields (electricity at sub-5 cents per kWh, and diesel fuel profitable at $25 a barrel oil - without government subsidies), from a broad range of carbon-bearing inputs (forestry, agricultural, and urban waste - including municipal solid waste and plastics), with one of the lowest capital expenditures of any known energy production method. Literally, Garbage-To-Gas.™

we produce petroleum, chemicals & electricity from garbage, wood-waste and plastic
Meet the CEO !

Mike MacLaren, Chief Technology Officer of Xfuels

CEO, Michael McLaren

Michael's 25 years in the high technology industry brings hands-on experience to XFuels in technology operations as well the technical expertise of a master physicist. His vision to improve the planet through clean technologies has kept him squarely at the forefront of the clean technology sector, and his R&D team leadership has successfully diversified XFuels product offerings while maintaining a strong culture of innovation. Michael has served full-time in the alternative energy industry since 1991, where he has:

  • Brought several energy projects to completion on time and on budget, including a cold plasma reactor, algae reactor, and others;
    Secured and managed contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense to provide research for advanced robotic, nuclear, and weapons control;
    Created and filed multiple patents for alternative energy inventions;
    Implemented a profit sharing program which increased corporate production from 30 Million USD to 100 Million USD annually;
    Negotiated and executed several corporate licensing agreements, and completed several strategic alliances with large corporations.

Michael is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, where he earned both his Master of Science in Physics, and his Executive MBA.

Meet The Advisory Council !

Biopetroleum Research Foundation LLC, was formed by a syndicate of VC and angel investors to further the research, development and deployment of new technologies in the chemical, gas processing and synthetic fuels industries. By uniting deep operational expertise with the world's best technologies, foundation faculty members are committed to unlocking the promise of biopetroleum chemicals and fuel, and ensuring their successful commercialization.

Led by Biopetroleum Research Foundation's managing partner, Cleantech Venture Capital LLC, foundation members helped support XFuels in early 2010 as the exclusive commercialization channel of a premier technology platform, and subsequent production of clean petroleum chemicals, fuel and power around the globe.

The firm's capital comes entirely from its own partners and a portion of all profits are donated to charitable causes, with an emphasis on micro-finance.


Cleantech Venture Capital LLC (CleantechVC) was formed with the commitment to improve the planet we live on through responsible investment in promising clean technologies for energy generation and energy conservation.

Founded as an early-stage venture capital firm, CleantechVC is focused on financing, and building innovative companies in the Cleantech sectors, including: solar energy, hydro energy, geothermal, PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles,) and biorefineries for energy and bioplastics. An inspirer and solutions-bringer, CleantechVC specializes in helping scientists and inventors extend the potential of their ideas for breakthrough scientific work in clean technology through venture assistance, strategic advice, and
early-stage venture capital investment and management in the cleantech sector.

Meet The President / COO

Chief Operating Officer, Isaac Benjamin Voss

President, and Chief Operating Officer, Isaac Benjamin Voss

Since originally entering the clean technology industry in 2001, Isaac has helped lead investment into - and grow a number of winning companies, many of them in the clean energy sector. His time at the venture fund Cleantech Venture Capital, further expanded his sector-specific knowledge and experience. It was while with the fund that Isaac and the XFuels technology team first began working together, and he has since helped grow the original XFuels operation from an unknown small town America start-up, to a company now in demand on every continent. As President, he is responsible for the external matters of XFuels; building partnerships and broader business relationships, government outreach and brand & identity thought leadership, as well as advising the CEO and senior leadership on business, strategic, and policy issues.

From 2008 - 2015, Isaac served as Cleantech Venture Capital's EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence), leading the management of all matters related to seed fund start-ups, and overseeing portfolio company grooming, technical, and business strategy matters alongside company founders. His financial transaction experience includes: corporate and partnership formations, debt and equity structuring - including hybrid financing structures, joint venture agreements, business combinations (including asset acquisitions, stock purchases, stock for stock deals and statutory mergers). Under his leadership, and while working with the firm, XFuels has dramatically scaled its corporate and talent infrastructure, and increased market penetration around the globe.

Prior to his time at Cleantech VC, Isaac helped create, lead and foster the development of a broader portfolio of companies in the software, financial, and tech space. After first logging onto the internet in 1993 (his junior year in high school), Isaac chose to skip college, and devote his life to "advancements in technology that would improve life for all people everywhere." His industry experience includes: energy and private utilities, manufacturing, engineering, software development, and brand & identity design and consultancy. Previously he served on the research staff teams at Global Industries (high-tech manufacturing), and General Energy Advisors (broad EPC project development). Today Isaac chairs the board of the BioPetroleum Research Foundation, and since 1994 has been the trustee of the Institute for Global Knowledge & Citizenship.


World growth in oil demand.

Petroleum — referred to as "black gold", is one of planet Earth's most precious and in–demand natural energy resources. While demand from the industrialized "Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development" (OECD) nations of America, Europe, and Japan is projected to slow by 2030, thirst for oil in the Non–OCED nations is skyrocketing. India and China are on pace to account for roughly 50% of the increase in global primary energy demand by 2030, with both countries expected to double their energy use over that period. 3

Apples & Oranges
Comparing regular "Biofuels" (like Ethanol & Biodiesel) to XPetroleum™,
is like comparing Apples to Oranges - they are not the same.

Petroleum Comparison Table: Petrofuels, Biofuels, XPetroleum™, Petro Diesel, Biodiesel, XDiesel™, Petro Gasoline, Ethanol, and XGasoline™.
  • 1D
  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 3M
  • 6M
  • 1Y
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  • 5Y
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