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AccessKey announces TeknoCreations meets testing requirements for TekCase to be used with iPhone

The most recent patented technology from Teknocreations...   Tekcase for Nintendo DS lite

Tekcase Review 07.09.2009

Wii Inductive Charger (US Patent App # 20090072784)


• Works with most silicon skins attached
• Includes two Lithium Polymer battery packs
• Charges one or two controllers at once
• Easy to Clean
• Quick recharge
• 25 hours plus of play time on a charge
• No contacts to get dirty or sweaty or tarnish
• Works for hundreds of recharge cycles
• Saves on the cost of





AccessKey IP, Inc. was founded to participate in the explosive growth of Digital Communications and Entertainment related services. Through our patented technology, we developed the ability to deliver HDTV quality content to both the home and PC environment utilizing our AccessKey technology. AccessKey combines a PC, home audio player, media storage devise, residential Internet gateway, and telephone, all in one unit.


AccessKey IP, Inc.

Corporate Offices:
8100 M4 Wyoming Blvd NE, Suite 420
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Phone: (310) 734-4254 Fax: (309) 408-7156


George Stevens
Chief Executive Officer
(425) 738-0417

Bruce M. Palmer
President, CFO & COO
(505) 867-0601

Craig S. Erickson
VP Technology, AccessKey IP
(505) 404-0609



FLOAT: 396,096,042


The AccessKey IP (Internet Protocol) Home system is designed as a stand-alone set-top box which enables your customer to access video, voice and data (triple play) via the internet. Our patented AccessKey security is embedded within the set-box itself and is not accessible or can be designed as a removable USB device. This would allow your customers the ability to receive IP television on their laptops wherever they have a broadband connection with our patented hardware security and decryption.

The AccessKey PC gives you all the features and benefits of our AccessKey Home combined with mobility.

The AccessKey PC system couples our patented AccessKey USB device and our powerful handheld programmable remote (the AccessKey Remote). Our AccessKey USB device provides full decryption internal to the device in real time as well as secure customer ID so that your valuable content will be where you want it to be.



Leading IPTV Solutions for Multi Dwelling Unit Service Providers and Private Cable Operators Excellent Opportunity to Increase MDU & PCO Revenue

  • Complete “End-to-End” Solution
  • Configurable to MDU/PCO’s Specifications
  • Exceptional ROI
  • Dramatically Reduce Capital Requirements for IPTV Infrastructure
  • Fastest Time to Deployment
  • Highest Performance
  • Most Advanced Technology Available
  • Reliable & Flexible
  • Designed to Deliver Industry’s Most Secure Video Content

Our AccessKey PC® and AccessKey Home® product lines were developed to provide removable access to streaming IP technology both with and away from the set top box. Thus for the first time the functionality of the standard SmartCard can also be used anywhere that you go and it can be used now on your computer systems and still be as secure, as all of the decryption is taking place within our AccessKey® dongle.

The key primary chipset inside of our AccessKey USB device is a self contained and security hardened government approved chipset for which we have created our firmware. Our firmware is capable of handling all of the functionality of the typical Smart Cards plus, is capable of handling internal full time bi-directional video/audio streams encrypting or decrypting at the same time. Our AccessKey technology patent has been applied for with the U.S. Patent Office.
TeknoCreations focusing on consumer electronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of AccessKey IP, Inc. AccessKey IP, Inc. is a publicly traded (AKYI.PK) advanced technology firm which develops, manufactures, implements, and manages products, services, and delivery networks in the exploding fields of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), communications (voice and data), as well as a variety of related internet and advanced security capabilities. AccessKey IP addresses customers in targeted rapidly growing markets such as commercial multi-dwelling unit (MDU) operators and focused ethnic customer segments.

Secure Your Hard Drive ...

This simple device plugs in to your USB port and allows you to create encrypted drives that can only be accessed when using the TeknoVault. Remove the TeknoVault, and the drive disappears, protecting your data from prying eyes and theft. If you ever lose your laptop or it is stolen you can rest assure your personal or corporate information stored in your encrypted drive is safe.

Secure Your E-mail ...

Did you know that sending an e-mail is as secure as sending a postcard? Anyone with the knowhow can intercept and read your private messages. TeknoVault encrypts your Outlook e-mail and attachments so you can be sure only your intended recipients read your messages.

Secure Your PC ...

Prevent your computer from booting, by using the TeknoVault anti-boot feature. Only by inserting your TeknoVault will Windows start up, preventing unauthorized users from accessing your hard drive. Your computer will also automatically shut down when TeknoVault is removed. Both features can be turned on and off by the user when the TeknoVault is inserted.

XBOX 360 InCharge


• Charges the battery while still on the remote
• Includes two Lithium Polymer battery packs
• Charges up to two controllers at once
• Quick Recharge
• Up to 25 plus hours of play time on a charge
• No contacts to get dirty or sweaty or tarnish
• Works for hundreds of recharge cycles
• Saves on the cost of replacing standard batteries which is better for the environment




 Where to buy

United States
Amazon Dell Walmart
PC Connection

PC PowerZone

Costco ca Amazon ca
EB Games ca GameStop ca



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