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About and the "IFF"



Twitter began as an investigative portal designed to obtain information about George A. Sharp and his partners. To date, we feel that this objective has been achieved as we have received over 119 formal investigative complaints about George and his partners. This information is now being verified by law firms in both California and New York and once completed, will be submitted in the form of a formal complaint to the US Attorney's Office in Los Angeles. Because of the numerous people George has maliciously attacked on his many websites, has quickly evolved into a voice that protects small public companies against vexatious litigation while garnering an education on how to better function as an operator of a public company.

While we have first hand knowledge that Geroge and several of his known associates have been criminally abusing the law for years, it has only been until recently that we have been able to build a concrete file finally proving they used legal loopholes and courtroom bully techniques to extort tens of millions of dollars in cash and stock from companies and individuals.
Our findings have uncovered washed stock sells, lack of proper SEC disclosure on Forms 3 & 4, recordings of George threatening individuals to pay him or he will sue, tortuous interference (which represents hundreds of millions of dollars in damages), intimidation tactics in lieu of compensation and countless message board aliases finally proving what most smart investors already knew... that they are all linked to George. Whether he is bashing the company he is in pre-lawsuit negotiations with or spreading negative information about a company he has already obtained a judgment against, he uses the aliases to instill fear in investors confidence, in the hopes to drop the share price, which encourages the company and or individual to quickly settle.
Our goal is to see George A. Sharp and his group's illegal activity stopped and we will use whatever legal means at our disposal to see him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We are actively communicating with past and current defendants of George's frivolous lawsuits and will continue to provide Federal authorities any of our investigative findings. Our extensive investigation is an attempt to protect companies and individuals from parasites like George A. Sharp. We will continue to work diligently in an effort that results in an indictment by the US Attorney's Office against George and his partners. has evolved into an investigative portal created to expose fraudsters that abuse the law for their own financial gain. We work with law enforcement in an effort to stop the injustice and the egregious theft perpetrated by these individuals on innocent companies and their shareholders.

Our parent company is the Illumination Fraud Foundation. We recently announced our intent to be recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We will be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings will inure any private shareholder or individual. Upon acceptance, we will begin charitable fund raising, for the purpose of assisting small companies that have fallen victim to lawsuit abusers, financial scammers and cyber-smearing campaigns. We will provide the legal funding to assist in protecting legitimate small public companies and their shareholders. Qualified victims will be required to go through a detailed screening process for approval. Once approved, we will either assist in building and funding a legal representation team or if the victim is currently represented by qualified counsel, we will fund their existing legal requirements to ensure they can continue to grow their business and properly defend itself in the process.

If you have been a victim of frivolous lawsuits, corrupt investment bankers, malicious prosecution or you feel you are just being wronged, tell us your story at

Reg FD

Because of the fraud circulating over the internet, we have elected to operate under Reg FD. We have filed our EIN filing, which is the initial step required by the IRS when filing form 1023 to be recognized under 501(C)(3) election.

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