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Outstanding Shares 859,453,403 a/o Jul 30, 2015



GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, DIAMONDS, AMETHYSTS, EMERALDS, TSAVORITES, RUBIES, OTHER PRECIOUS GEMS, METALS AND MINERALS & CRUDE OIL ARE OUR BUSINESS   AU MIN AFRICA Is  NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS For NIGERIAN CRUDE OIL. (minimum of 2.0 Million Barrels a month up to 6.0 million Barrels)!  Orders  From Any Gold / Diamond Buyers  will be accepted beginning October 2015. Company Had  Secured Permanent Long Term Partnership/Joint Venture Alliances With Its Commodities (Gold and Diamond) BUYERS!! 

TRADED:  GRYEF /  USA OTC Stock Exchange
CUSIP NO.. S3141A 101 *  ISIN No. ZAU 000013799 
CIK NO0000-710118       
INDUSTRY:  Gold, Diamond, Gems Trading and Mining  in Africa
 AU MIN AFRICA KEY PEOPLE:  Atty. Litha S. Swartbooi, CEO/COO
                                                     Bongiwe Mbina, CCAO/ Chairman Overseer
 PRODUCTS: Gold, Copper, Silver, Diamond, Precious Gems, etc.

    AU MIN AFRICA a fully registered
company under the jurisdiction of the Republic of South Africa, is a Foreign Issuer publicly trading in the U.S.A. (Ticker  Stock Symbol:GRYEF) with solid experience in the mining of Precious Metals Gold,  Silver,
PlatinumCopper;  Precious Gems:  Diamond, Amethyst, Emeralds and Precious 
Minerals.  The Company is focused in the extensive mining exploration, development, processing, refining, production and trading of the commodities: gold, silver, platinum (unrefined, refined) from small to medium to large scale mining operations with the re-development of existing and abandoned mining sites ergo converting these sites into profitable income-generating mining enterprise in most of the African Nations.


       AU MIN AFRICA is surging and fast tracking the Gold Bars of AU (Aurum Utalium) Gold Selling Business strategy to provide an added and immediate income-generating resource for AU MIN AFRICA, earning between 10% to 30% or more Net-Profit Sharing Commissions of the sold pure gold.  This business strategy will be another source of income for the Company to generate the Added-Value Net Profit Revenue for Fiscal Year 2015 and the years to come. This was the end result of the Company’s very unique, amicable and strong strategic alliances with several African Nations’ Pure Gold's Local Miners producing pure gold as well as the Company's direct working alliance with the Buyer’s Gold Refinery, thereby providing the immediate Company's capitalization and mobilization for future acquisitions and expansions leading to AU MIN AFRICA’s future success and more profitability! 
       AU MIN AFRICA's primary business objective is to take its current business plan of immediately procuring revenues through the sale of mineral commodities: Gold, Diamond and Gems; and to trade particularly the sale of the Gold Bars produced by its friendly African Gold Mining Allies.
       Additional facts and information are detailed how to place an "Order to Buy" the Gold Bars in this website's especial page to obtain the “Buy "Order Form”. Download and complete the “FCO-LOI to Buy” directly from AU MIN AFRICA and its African Mining Allies who are Ready, Willing and Able to deliver up to 600Kg of Gold  Bars at least 99.9% +/- Purity each month.
       AU MIN AFRICA's main goal is to become one of the leading African Gold and Gems Producer/Distributor which applies western standards of production and management. The Company envisaged the production level of 1.4 tons per annum to be successfully achieved within the next coming 12 to 24 months and the years, thereafter. 
      AU MIN AFRICA is currently obtaining a DMCC  Free Zone Company Trading Commodities License from the world's best free zone center "Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre DMCC]" thereby enabling AU MIN AFRICA to commence marketing its gold commodities: unrefined and refined  gold dore bars or nuggets or dusts or concentrates, to sell these commodities to the many renowned Gold Buyers who are also DMCC Registered Company.
       Furthermore, the Company will pursue aggressively through acquisitions, explorations and joint venture working alliances with existing African Nations already producing pure gold by the small to medium to large scale miners. There will be a continued focus on expansion and acquisition of other interests related to the development of alternative form of implementing safe to the environment form of harvesting gold, diamond, precious metals and minerals plus exploring other natural resources in various parts of the Continent of Africa. These continued efforts are aimed at providing genuine value for your stock and interest in AU MIN AFRICA.


        History:  In March, 2014, Native South African Nationals and Filipino Nationals entered into a mining business working alliance and partnership, decided to leverage a unique opportunity to start a precious metals and precious gems mining company in Africa. The "Founding-Partners-Investors" are mining professionals with relevant expertise, management skills and experiences. All the "Founders-Partners-Investors" financed out of their own funds in the acquisition of mining concessions, drilling to test, preparing the ground, purchasing of equipment and employing mining engineers and professionals for the first time. To bring the mining operation from the drawing boards of operation has at times been quite a challenge, considering the substantial capitalization needed and tremendous energies have been exerted, efforts spent into finding the right mining professional into obtaining mining license, alignment and support from regional and national government.

         Objectives:  AU MIN AFRICA main objective is to become the Leading Precious Metals and Precious Gems Producer/Distributor in the world, utilizing state-of-the-art mining technologies to achieve the highest efficiency while preserving the environment and protecting its work force and people. The objectives are: 1). to explore all mines in parallel with the new mining concessions. Once the current concessions are depleted and if possible the Company will acquire the mining concessions for hard rock mine;  2). to produce the best Return on Investment (ROI);  3). to continuously expand, grow creatively, develop additional cutting edge technology in gold production and extraction of other precious metals;  4). to preserve and protect the host community's environment;  5). to provide sustainable jobs, health care programs, educational incentives and community services to the host community being the Company's social corporate responsibility.

           Vision & Mission: AU MIN AFRICA's missions are a). to become one of the market leaders in the mining industry by using an environmentally-friendly alternative methods of refining and purifying Gold and other precious metals with regards to engineering, design, construction and operation; b). to introduce a state-of-the-art mining technology that can recover gold up to 99.9999% of pure GOLD for over 35 years thereafterc). AU MIN AFRICA is committed to contribute to the economic and social prosperity of the African people and its host community; and d). more importantly in the recovery of abundant supply of the most sought GOLD commodity and of precious gems like Diamond, Amethyst, Emeralds plus recovery of all other precious minerals.







Latest Company Press Releases

Aug 27, 2015  $12,683,200.00 USD 1st Gold Gross Revenues  1st 400Kg Gold Sales  1st Anniversary Aug-27-2015  AU MIN AFRICA  Stock Symbol: GRYEF  Announces
Aug 03, 2015 AU Min Africa Symbol: GRYEF projected a conservative $45,000,000.00 USD Gross
Jul 14, 2015  2015 FISCAL YEAR REVENUE EXPECTED TO EXCEED $170,000,000 USD




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