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ABCO Energy, Inc. (the 'Company') is a commercial and residential installer of Photo Voltaic (PV) solar systems, LED lighting solutions and financing for all of these energy saving products. ABCO Energy, Inc. is a Nevada corporation, doing business as 'ABCO Solar' which maintains offices located in Tucson, Arizona. In 2020 ABCO added HVAC business.

ABCO is a fully reporting public company trading under the symbol ABCE on the OTCQB Market. ABCO has wholly owned subsidiaries operating under the names of ABCO Solar, Inc. an Arizona Company and Alternative Energy Finance Corporation, a Wyoming Company.

ABCO Air Conditioning Service, Inc. (ROC#323162) offers a wide range of HVAC services from new installations to maintenance, repair and more. We are a locally owned and operated business servicing Tucson and the surrounding areas of southern Arizona. Being a local company means we understand the demands of our unique desert weather, building types and the demands of indoor comfort. Living in our extreme heat we understand the urgency of fixing a broken air conditioner. Our service technicians are trained to diagnose and repair all brands. Our technicians are not commissioned based and have your best interest and comfort in mind. This experience and knowledge allow us to provide you with the best available options to ensure your installation process for your home or business is done professionally and efficiently.

ABCO ENERGY ANNOUNCES HIGH ENERGY UPGRADE AND RETROFIT CONTRACT FOR $913,000 ABCO Energy, Inc. (OTCQB: “ABCE”) Tucson, Arizona (April 13, 2020), the Arizona provider of integrated energy solutions, is pleased to announce the successful sale of a performance-based high energy efficiency solution for a Phoenix Arizona Commercial multi-owner office building. ABCO’s Performance-based Systems analyze energy efficiency improvements for building and business operations to reduce the customer’s overall energy cost.

By measuring efficiency losses in all building and business energy components like air conditioning, roofing, lighting, insulation, electrical controls, heating and other components, ABCO repairs, replaces and installs equipment that provide top tier performance and savings that pay for the improvements. These efficiency measures are customized for every customer and produce significant reductions to a property’s expenses while simultaneously increasing property and business valuation.

This $913,000 commercial contract consists of approximately $310,000 of solar equipment, $318,000 of HVAC equipment, an LED lighting retrofit for approximately $70,000 and various other equipment installations totaling $215,000, for a total project cost of $913,000. This project is expected to save the condo owners association customer approximately $3,631,000 over the next 25 years. It is the goal of ABCO Energy to provide the most efficient and cost-effective program for our customers.

ABCO Energy also provides the contacts to financing for the majority of its commercial and residential customers. We thoroughly survey numerous financing options and arrange banking or tax incentive investors for our projects and we are especially cognizant of the needs of non-profit organizations, like the one involved in this project, which creates further customer benefits. “As a leading energy solutions provider, ABCO is committed to delivering innovative and cost-effective energy performance systems.

We work step by step with our customers from start to finish, by providing financing, designing and installation services to improve the properties energy efficiency performance” said Michael Mildebrandt, President of ABCO. “In addition to the project equipment and installation services, the annual maintenance contracts will follow for many years on this project. This contract comes to ABCO in the shutdown period of the coronavirus pandemic, and we are proud to announce it will allow our employees to keep working through these difficult times.”

ABCO ENERGY SUBSIDIARY ABCO SOLAR BUYS AN OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE BUILDING FOR TUCSON OPERATIONS ABCO Energy, Inc, (OTCPK, “ABCE”) December 31, 2019 Tucson, Arizona. On December 31, 2019 ABCO completed negotiations, financial arrangements and closed on the purchase of a 4,800 square foot office and warehouse building located on one/half acre of paved land on one of Tucson’s busiest streets. This property will be more than adequate to house both the Solar business (Now 3600 SF and the HVAC business (now 2000 SF) including our previously announced acquisition of a Tucson HVAC service and equipment supplier. The land and outbuildings will accommodate all of our equipment. The acquisition was priced at $325,000 and the financing was spread over a twenty-year mortgage based on a 20 [20] year amortization and a balloon payment at the end of five (5) years. The monthly payment is one/half of our current rent on both businesses. The property will require repair, but all improvements will add to the current valuation. ABCO will be able to do almost all of the repairs with current employees. We believe the land is worth more than the entire property price. The property is centrally located on North Alvernon Street, close to the center of the Tucson Metropolitan area. We feel very fortunate to find and close on this property at a time when office/warehouse occupancy has reached 99% for this type of facility. “This property will add to our owned assets and improve our balance sheet at December 31, 2019,” said Michael Mildebrandt, President of ABCO Energy, “and it is an excellent location to advertise our businesses on a busy street”. The Company will move its operations into the new building as improvements allow and our leases expire or are subleased on our current property. The HVAC subsidiary to be acquired will be relocated to the property as soon as we close on the funding for the acquisition of this operating company.

As of 09/01/2020 Property Address is 2505 N Alverson Rd, Tuscon Rd, Tuscon AZ and is Recorded in the Pima County Records. Property has been updated and repaired and is now occupied by TRS Heating and A/C and news is expected Regarding MERGER with ABCO.


ABCO ENERGY BOARD ELECTS PRESIDENT AND CFO OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS TO FILL VACANCIES ABCO Energy, Inc (OTCPK: ABCE) Tucson, Arizona (November 7, 2019). On November 1, 2019, Wayne Marx, the sole director of the Company, appointed Mr. Adrian Balinski as the Chief Financial Officer, effective October 10, 2019 and appointed Mr. Michael Mildebrandt as President of the Company, effective November 1, 2019. He then appointed Mr. Balinski and Mr. Mildebrandt as Directors of the Company. Mr. Michael Mildebrandt has been VP Sales since 2016. He has been employed by ABCO for the last three years successfully selling residential and commercial solar products from our Tucson, Arizona office. Mike spent 8 years in the United States Air Force and 6 years in the Arizona Air National Guard. During the 20 years after Mike’s air force employment, he was in the direct sales business as well as operating his own successful water treatment business and home appliance franchise businesses. Mike is married and is 55 years of age. Mr. Balinski has served as Controller for ABCO for the past two years. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting. He brings over a decade of experience leading and directing the financial, commercial and business operations of growthoriented businesses. He began his professional career working as Controller for two firms in the housing construction business in the Tucson, Arizona area specializing in Operations and Finance. He has over two years of experience with public entities and SEC filings. After leaving his previous job and obtaining his Master’s Degree in 2017, he began as the ABCO Controller. Adrian is married and is 53 years of age. ABCO is thankful to be able to promote experienced in-house persons to these extremely important positions and will not be required to recruit outside the firm. Michael and Adrian’s previous training within the firm makes this appointment very beneficial to the Company.


ABCE  MOST RECENT 2020 Filings:

NT 10Q Notice that Filing will for late forPeriod Ending June 30th, 2020 Filed 08/17/2020 >
10Q For Period Ending March 31st, 2020 Filed 09/01/2020 ------------------------------------------>
Annual 10K filed 08/7/2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
8K Change of Accounting Firm Adding New Firm ------------------------------------------------------>
8K Change of Accounting Firm Firing Old Firm 08/05/2020------------------------------------------>
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