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A Chart Testing Ground

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First things first: Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered

Chart Testing Ground...

A word about charts:
They really do not predict price so much as they guage people, traders, and their sentiments. And, in the sub pennies they really only record trading sentiment and Market Maker Behaviour in the past tense. Sometimes they will show where sentiment turns, sometimes they don't; especially in the subs. The thing is, triple zero charts are pretty useless except to record traders reactions, and foretell very little - except when they do.
So why bother?

Because people are creatures of habit and are attuned to groupthink. And charts do show where the traders are going. The trick is getting in and out on the turns of the crowd. Like when birds do that swoop in unison. They may be heading right for you, you duck - needlessly. Because in a blink of the eye they change course and go elsewhere.
People will believe in something so much that they will part with hard earned cash no matter what reality tells them. Until they don't. And then they will change direction with ferocity. Charts, sometimes, can give insight to where the crowd is heading. Trends are undeniable at times, but not unstoppable. They change and twist with the vagarities of the groupthink that is present.

Good Luck. This stuff is not as easy as it looks.


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A book about the first stock and other group mentality:
'Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds'
Charles Mackay

Thar be charts in ther

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Embedding ihub charts: There is a link below the chart with [ bracket chart ] address [ forward slash chart bracket ].
However, the address prefix needs to be added.  Between the bracketed words chart and /chart is a link that has the
http://ih.advfn.com left off like this "/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=NO%5EPMCB&p=3&t=16&dm=2".
Simply add http://ih.advfn.com before the /p and after the first chart in brackets.
Like this, without the extra spaces [ c h a r t ] http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=NO%5EPMCB&p=3&t=16&dm=2 [/ c h a r t ]

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ALSO: There is no daily short info. Anyone saying otherwise is either being deceptive or is sadly misinformed.

There is ONLY the twice per month information: https://otce.finra.org/otce/equityShortInterest

Do Not Take My Word For It.

Read the truth directly from the reg sho source:

Information Notice 5/10/19 
Understanding Short Sale Volume Data on FINRA’s Website 
This Notice provides information to assist market participants in understanding the short sale volume data published on FINRA’s website. FINRA is aware that some market participants, including investors, may occasionally perceive the percentage of short sale volume to be unusually high or inconsistent with reported short interest data. This perception may cause market participants to draw inaccurate conclusions about the level or nature of short selling activity in the relevant security. FINRA is issuing this Notice to further explain the published short sale volume data and provide several key points for market participants to consider when evaluating the data.

Finally, short sale volume data does not—and is not intended to—equate to reported bimonthly short interest information. FINRA rules require firms to report, on a per security basis, the total quantity of shares held as short positions in all customer and proprietary firm accounts twice a month. FINRA publishes the short interest data for OTC equity securities on its website, while the data for listed stocks is published by the exchange on which the stock is listed. Although some websites redistribute the Daily File and refer to the data as “short interest,” it is not, in fact, the equivalent of reported short interest information. 

Some market participants mistakenly conclude that the bi-monthly short interest data is understated because the Daily File reflects short sale volume that is much larger than what is reported as short interest. However, short interest data reflects short positions held by market participants at a specific moment in time on two discrete days each month, while the Daily File reflects the aggregate volume of trades executed as short sales on each trade date. Therefore, while the two data sets are related (i.e., short sale volume may ultimately result in a reportable short interest position), they are not necessarily correlated.

For example, if a firm sells short 1,000 shares of security ABCD, then purchases 1,000 shares of ABCD later the same day, the short sale volume in the Daily File will include the 1,000 shares that were sold short. Because the firm sold short and purchased an equivalent number of shares that day, it did not establish or accumulate a short position in ABCD; thus, its short sale has no impact on the reported short interest in ABCD.
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