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4Cable TV International, Inc.


Florida Profit Corporation 


UPDATED 01-042018

07/22/2016 -- Name ChangeView image in PDF format04/08/2016 -- Domestic ProfitView image in PDF format

Florida Profit Corporation 
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Changed: 05/02/2016 
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4Cable TV International, Inc. is a global manufacturer of outdoor transmission equipment for the cable and broadband industry.
The company's patent-pending innovations offer broadband, phone and digital and cable TV service providers with cost-effective solutions 
Employees16   Sales or Revenue1.03 M / http://quotes.wsj.com/CATV


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Florida Profit Corporation
Document NumberP16000032682

Date Filed04/08/2016
Effective Date 11/08/2007
State FL
Status  ACTIVE
Event Date Filed  07/22/2016Principal Address


Changed: 05/02/2016
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Changed: 05/02/2016 
Registered Agent Name & AddressWILDERMUTH, JEFFREY
Officer/Director Detail

Title CEOS 



Contact Info
1248 Highway 501 Business
Conway, SC 29526

Phone: 1-843-347-4933
Email: investors@4Cable.tv





Patent Application






CATV - Turning Cable TV Green
4Cable TV International, Inc. is a global manufacturer of outdoor transmission equipment for the cable and broadband industry. The Company's patent-pending innovations offer broadband, phone and digital/cable TV service providers with cost-effective solutions that maximize bandwidth, extend system penetration, and save energy. Since 2005, 4Cable has owned and operated manufacturing and research facilities in Conway, SC. 4Cable's flagship product lines are the DSR No Diplexer Node, the RF2F Cable TV Network Extension System, and the PowerMiser™ amplifier.

4Cable TV’s revolutionary PowerMiserTM amplifier line reduces the power requirements for most amplifier types by 50% or more. A PowerMiserTM amplifier can reduce Carbon Emissions by as much as 261 pounds per amplifier per year! That reduction multiplied by the million plus amplifiers in service would make a significant contribution to the health of our planet!
The two Founders of 4 Cable TV have over 90 years of combined experience in Cable TV. Between the two of them they have built thousands of miles of plant and have engineered and overseen thousands of successful amplifier module upgrades

Products and Services

4Cable TV offers the following suite of products:
RF2F™ (Coaxial to Fiber Optics):
This proprietary line of coax-to-fiber taps allows cable operators to reach homes within their franchise authorized area that was previously not economically reachable. Fiber optics allows longer distances between the existing network and the new users at a lower cost per foot for the cable.
This product is currently the smallest and most inexpensive mini-node offered in the market. It was designed and manufactured at the request of a major cable company client and it provides a cost-effective solution to increasing capacity for providing services.
Power Miser™:
This circuitry allows a low current 1 GHz amplifier (and/or line extender) to be constructed with a dramatic 50% decrease in current power requirements while maintaining essentially the same operational specifications.
RFoG (RF over Glass):
This signal distribution technology combines the existing cable TV ,infrastructure with the efficiencies of fiber optics to effectively reach the home in a way that is competitive with the existing options. Other solutions require a new back office infrastructure while RFoG uses the existing infrastructure.
RF2F™ is an extension of RFoG technology and RF2F™ has been referred to as point to point RFoG.

This application combines the RFoG technology platform with our Power Miser™engineering to take fiber signal all the way to the last device before the customer. This results in a much more reliable system with lower operating and maintenance costs.
This extension of the Power Miser™ and the Node+0 utilizes solar power and helps the operator extend service to areas not presently served without adding power sources.
DSR (Dynamically Scalable Return)Mini-nodes:
This technology allows nodes, R-ONU’s (RFoG ,optical network units) to dynamically adjust their return band with simply be changing the channel lineup at the headend. Present technology requires that the diplex filters in each unit be changed, which in many cases means an amplifier rebuild or the replacement of the plug in diplex filters at a considerable cost.
Engineering, Repairs and Upgrade Services:
In addition to its products, 4Cable TV has offered these services to clients on a case by case basis. These services are highly labour intensive and have been a staple in our past and present revenue models. Although providing these services have generated stable revenue streams in the past the Company is shifting its operations towards the production of its product lines as the demand has significantly increased.
Intellectual Property
Currently, the Company has a provisional patent with a full application complete and under review for its DSR-Node, and trademarks issued for the RF2F™ and Power Miser™. Two  RF2F™ patents are in preparation.

Featured Products


Power Saving CATV Distribution Amplifiers

4Cable TV, Inc. offers the cable TV industry a dramatic 50 percent decrease in current (power) requirements with essentially the same operational specifications. The company has developed proprietary circuitry that allows a low current 1 GHz CATV amplifier to be constructed. This saving alone could positively affect the ROI calculations on a 1 GHz upgrade.

As solid state CATV systems have evolved, each successive amplifier line with its extended bandwidth has come with increased current consumption. For years the industry has accepted this as a fact of life, and no one has addressed the issue of power conservation.

Current CATV 1 GHz line extenders draw approximately 850 mA of current and have distortions in the mid to low 70s. A 4Cable TV PowerMiser™ Line extender with equivalent RF gain and output levels, will draw approximately 410 mA and maintain distortions in the same mid to low 70s range.

The cable industry is again upgrading their plant to 1 GHz although at a slower pace than in the past, and the timing is perfect to replace the existing modules with new ones which utilize the Company’s PowerMiser™ circuitry.

The Company’s technology is capable of migrating across platforms and so PowerMiser™ modules would need to be constructed for each of the modules now in service.

By implementing the PowerMiser™  technology it is estimated that the savings to the cable TV industry would be $45 million per year in the U.S. alone. In addition to significant power savings, other advantages of the 4Cable TV PowerMiser™ products include the following:

Higher reliability due to lower heat generated by the amplifier;
Longer operation of standby power supplies; and
Less voltage drop in the cable resulting in fewer power supplies needed
Wall Street is increasingly expecting CATV companies to show profits in addition to positive cash flow, and by utilizing the PowerMiser™  technology more revenue will go to the bottom line.

Upgrade Existing 750 or 870 mHz Amplifiers

Amplifiers for the following platforms are either developed or under development:


RF2F™ (Coaxial to Fiber Optics):

Run 10,000 foot Fiber Drops Expand to New Customers


There is Gold at the End of Your Lines

Download White Paper “RF2F 10,000+ Foot Drops”



Coax to Fiber Tap

Low Power 1550 Transmitter and  Receiver

An answer on how to Extend your plant into 4 homes per mile with a ROI of as little as 6 months

Version 1

1550 nm 3 dBm 1 GHz Transmitter
Built in 1550/1310 WDM ;  1550/1610 or 1550/1590 optional
Wide band 1310-1610 Receiver
SC/APC Connector Standard


Now in 4 Versions:

  • Single output  3  dBm
    Dual Output     0 dBm per output
    Quad Output    0 dBm per output
    8 Output           0 dBm per output

At the end of almost every feeder line there are  a few more customers that could be fed with a system extension but the cost is prohibitive.  It is estimated that there is an average of 2 potential customers within 2000 feet of every end of line.  The RF2F comes with a single, dual, quad or 8 outputs to easily and inexpensively extend your system at an average cost of $500.00 per customer.

In addition every system has a  few potential customers located too far from the coaxial plant to serve.  Now with 4Cable’s RF to Fiber taps this  becomes  easy to accomplish.  Simply add the RF2F unit in your feeder line, just as you would a regular tap and then run fiber from the RF2F to your customer’s home.

On the side of your customer’s home you use a regular RFoG home unit and now you can easily serve customers up to 10,000 feet from your coax plant.

Each RF2F unit   includes a low power (3dBm) 1550 nm transmitter, a 1310 receiver, WDM, plug-in changeable directional coupler, and an AC power supply all in a small die cast housing.

Options  include a 2 output unit with a built in 2 way fiber splitter, a higher output unit with a built in 4 way fiber splitter and a 8 output unit.

The 4Cable TV RF2F Mini is designed to take the place of a normal RF tap but instead of a coax output , the output is fiber.  This allows you to go up to 5000 feet from your feeder line to serve a distant customer.  Almost every system has a few places where this unit can be deployed either to serve a new customer or to replace long coax drops with amplifiers that are prone to problems.

Outdoor Mounted Transmitter  for RFoG with a Two-Way 1310 nm Return

4Cable TV’s RF2F (RF to Fiber) field mounted transmitter is designed to accept an RF feed from the HFC coax plant and then output a 1550 nm signal on fiber.  The unit has an integrated 1310 return receiver that accepts the return light from the ONU and converts it back to RF and then sends it back on the traditional HFC plant.  The receiver is capable of producing a signal with a 30 dB CN with a light input of -26 dBm.  Because of the degradation caused by the interaction of the laser Chirp and the dispersion characteristic of the fiber the RF2F can be ordered pre-configured for a fiber length of 5, 10 or 15 km.  It has a nominal output of 10 dBm with an option to increase it to 18 dBm.
This RF2F is the perfect choice to feed a new subdivision, when fiber is not available, or an extension into a new area.  Because of the lower cost of deployment it is perfect choice to use to deploy fiber into a sparsely populated rural area.
It is also be available in a low power 3 dBm version to be used to feed long drops to 2 or 3 homes.


Demand for Products

4Cable TV is currently seeing a significant demand for several products.

RF2F™ (Coaxial to Fiber Optics)

Every week, a new cable company becomes aware of the power and ease of use for the RF2F™.

We are currently approved or under testing with the following companies:


Time Warner




Cox Cable

Cable One


Shentel Corporation

Wave Broadband

Armstrong Group

In addition, 4Cable TV has a large base of independent operators who buy products on a regular basis. As well, we are in discussion for one Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) opportunity and one third party partnership. Currently, approximately 300 units of the RF2F™ have been deployed by independent operators with no reported issues.
In addition to the large residential deployments anticipated with the RF2F™, 4Cable TV has learned that there are applications for this product in the Business Services divisions for MSOs. Data services are currently being implemented successfully by cable companies using Ethernet fiber. However, Video content (cable TV) cannot be provided via Ethernet fiber, and it has been reported to us that there is demand for an inexpensive solution to provide Video services to existing Data service subscribers. The RF2F™ provides this solution.

This product has already been deployed by MSOs in practical scenarios for business subscribers. In situations where a business customer has asked their cable company to add Video services to their existing Data service packages, the RF2F™ was implemented to meet customer needs and provide the
MSO with additional service revenue.

A larger scale example is the Hoboken train station, which is one of the largest and busiest stations that serves New Jersey and New York commuters. The local Business Services division that services this station built an amazing information platform for the entire station, but was asked by several companies
to provide Video services in addition to their Data services. Initial cost estimates to provide Video service to the station were approximately $50,000, which was considered too costly to deploy.
However, utilizing the RF2F™ as a solution, the project plans were revised and were projected to be approximately $5,000.
Scenarios like this are common in the industry and the RF2F™ offers project feasibility through considerable savings, a short return on investments, and offers a “spend money to make money” solution.

Market Research & Data  


4Cable TV is an enviable position within the multi-billion dollar CATV industry. The Company has a unique suite of products that are currently in testing with major North American cable companies.
Although it is possible to replicate our technology and products, there are barriers to entry within theindustry that prevent competing firms from harming our revenue streams.
Most MSOs require ameticulous and diligent vetting process for new products they wish to deploy. We have a strong rapport with these major players in the industry and several of our products are currently in the testing phase with these cable operators. The likeliness of our products being substituted in favour of other firms’ is very low.  

RF2F™ (Coaxial to Fiber Optics)

This product does not exist anywhere else in the market and there is no substitutable good for the capabilities it provides. The amount of time it would take to replicate and launch the RF2F™ would take 18 to 24 months, excluding the extensive vetting process. The RF2F™ is a unique product that utilizes two universally used and understood technologies in the CATV industry (RF coaxial and fiber optics) in a manner never thought of before. Engineers who have studied the plans of the RF2F™ are amazed at the simplicity and power of the device, and early reports from MSO testing have all come back positive.


Most companies that manufacture amplifiers and nodes produce some type of mini-node. These devices tend to be small and watered-down versions of their larger products.  Most have slightly lower specs than their larger models, and their main strengths seem to be their smaller size and lower costs. However, the 4Cable TV mini-node is a high performance device that easily outperforms all existing products currently in the market. Our mini-node is the smallest currently offered in the market. Also, with a sales price lower than $500, it is the most affordable device currently available in the market. 


This is exclusively a 4Cable TV innovation, and no other product like this exists on the market. The Company is the first to develop an energy saving amplifier, and we have continued to research and expand this product line for the last 7 years. At this time, 4Cable TV is the only company in the world that builds energy efficient CATV amplifiers and nodes.


This is also an exclusive 4Cable TV innovation, and there is no other solar powered CATV equipment on the market. The Company is able to build solar powered products because of its propriety PowerMiser™ circuits, which allow our equipment to run on 50% of the power consumed by traditional CATV equipment. We have a 5 to 7 year head start on any competitors that may attempt to duplicate our efforts.  

Latest News

Senior Fiber Optic and Fiber-to-the-Home Specialist John Homsey to Lead 4Cable Sales

CONWAY, SC--(Marketwired - Feb 10, 2015) - 4Cable TV International, Inc. (OTCQB: CATV) ("4Cable" and/or the "Company"), a global manufacturer of outdoor equipment for cable and broadband transmission providers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. John Homsey as the Company's new Vice President - Sales and Marketing, effective immediately. Mr. Homsey brings over 25 years of experience providing technical sales solutions to Cable (MSO) and Telecom providers and managing leading edge solutions, services and new product introductions.

"Mr. Homsey has extensive experience in fiber optic and fiber-to-the-home technical sales to large and mid-sized MSOs," said 4Cable TV International, Inc. President, Mr. Steven K. Richey. "Not only does he have the expertise, and an established network to sell innovative products to the cable and telecom industry, he brings a unique technical background that will be invaluable as we move forward with the development and enhancement of our RF2F product suite. Mr. Homsey has served in executive sales and technical positions throughout his career with firms ranging from large multinationals to mid-sized cable industry suppliers, which makes him uniquely qualified to lead 4Cable to the next level of sales success."

"Over the past few years 4Cable has developed an exciting line of fiber-to-the-home patent-pending innovations that offer cable system operators a unique opportunity to increase their subscriber base through the introduction of cost-effective RF to fiber optic solutions," said Mr. Homsey. "I am thrilled to join 4Cable at this exciting time in the Company's development. My goal is to establish a world class sales program to grow 4Cable's market penetration and expand our position as a leading innovator in fiber-to-the-home solutions."

Prior to joining 4Cable, Mr. Homsey was Vice President of Professional Services, Sales & Sales Engineering at Genesis Networks where he directed the professional deployment and service teams. Previously he was Product Sales Manager of Access Networks with Communications Test Design Inc. (CDTI), where he managed and directed the P&L of CDTI's strategic business sector and 'Fiber-to-the-Home'. From 2006-2011 he was Senior Director, Professional Services, Sales and Technical Sales at Hitachi Communications Technologies America, where he managed sales, sales engineering and business development teams. Mr. Homsey also spent several years with Wave7 Optics, Inc., an early pioneer in the fiber-to-the-home and business (FTTx) optical access market, and has years of system operational experience as Engineering Director with Cablevision Systems. Mr. Homsey holds a Telecommunication Technology Degree from Wentworth Technical Institute, Bachelor of Business Administration from Ashford University and Masters Certification in Project Management from Villanova University.

Mr. Homsey takes over from outgoing VP Sales and Marketing Gene Faulkner. The Company is grateful to Mr. Faulkner for his hard work and dedication, and wishes him well as he moves on to new opportunities.

Top 5 MSO Successfully Concludes Lab & Field Trials / Approves 4Cable RF2F Technology for Purchase

CONWAY, SC--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2014) - 4Cable TV International, Inc. (OTCQB: CATV) ("4Cable" and/or the "Company"), a global manufacturer of outdoor equipment for cable and broadband transmission providers, is pleased to announce that a top-five Cable Multi-System Operator ("MSO") has successfully concluded lab and field trials of the Company's patent-pending RF2F technology. The results of the lab and field trials clear the way for the purchase and deployment of RF2F to the MSO's cable systems across the country. The trials were conducted over a six-month period and demonstrated in field settings the successful commercial application of RF2F to extend the cable operator's network coverage.

"The successful completion of the lab and field trials means 4Cable has now been approved to begin selling RF2F Fiber Drops to the MSO's cable systems throughout the country," said Steven K. Richey, President of 4Cable. "With this approval by the MSO our sales team now has the green light to begin approaching this operator's individual systems and assisting them in the deployment of RF2F. RF2F represents a unique opportunity for an MSO to bring on new subscribers outside their network service areas by extending lines beyond the current 300-foot barrier with a solution that converts RF signals to fiber and allows up to 10,000-foot line extensions to previously unserviced customers."

RF2F will also enable a cable system operator to extend service to its end of line customers at approximately one-tenth of the cost of Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) plants. MSOs are typically looking for a maximum of two or three years on the return on investment (ROI) for these line extension projects. The ROI for many HFC projects is more than five years which means it is simply too expensive to add these subscribers, while the ROI using 4Cable's RF2F units is as little as six months.

"This represents a major milestone for our RF2F product line," said Gene Faulkner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 4Cable. "RF2F is now an approved solution for this top-five MSO to connect new customers, or group of customers, for under $1000 per customer. The race is on for MSOs to continually add new customers with each new subscriber valued at approximately $3600-$5000 each. We have several other trials underway with other MSOs and independent cable operators, and expect the success of this lengthy and extensive trial by a top-five MSO to be of interest to them."

4Cable TV International, Inc. (OTCQB) CATV | DAILY CANDLES


Booth: 2201
 Welcome to 4Cable TV International's 2015 SCTE EXPO Page. 

4Cable TV designs and manufactures a complete line of revolutionary RFoG products, including the new RF2F-Mini optical extender platform, allowing MSO's to add subscribers from distances of over 5,000 feet away from your coaxial plant. In addition 4Cable offers a large variety of optical products, including EDFA's, priced as low as $100.00/dB, as well as our popular PowerMiser amplifier platforms.

Brands: PowerMiser RF2F



843-347-4933 extension 1 Steven Richey, President, CEO and Director 



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