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Last Post: 7/23/2021 9:37:50 AM - Followers: 99 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 1

This is a forum where folks can study Technical Analysis with me.or just see what I'm looking at  here.
I have studied TA about 8 - 12 hours a day since 2005. (longer hours in the beginning...less now.)

I DONT Know Everything.

But what I have studied, I do know, and use it to analyze charts.

When using technical analysis to see the vision of a chart picture, its not necessary to master Every TA tool, nor is it necessary or desirable to use an extreme number of tools ...you only need a handful, combining together the ones that you find most useful. and over time, putting together your own tool kit some combination that works well all together.

My own set of technical tools focus on understanding and using
Ichimoku cloud(full)
Elliott Wave counting
Candlestick analysis
Some key Chart patterns
Support/Resistance levels
Fibonacci tools ... retrace and Arcs. 
Pivot points
......and somehow developing a greater Intuition that can feel the public mood .

Doing technical analysis is really only half the picture. The other half is understanding Fundamental anlysis.

Combining the two types of analysis creates the best vision short of inside info one can have.
I spen alot of time reading internet news from around the world. studying charts. Following the commentaries of assorted experts I respect. and trying to put the pieces of the investing puzzle together.

My portfolio has focused on Biotech and metals and miners mostly. in recent years.

The lyrics of this profound song seems to express the spirit of sacred math and geometry that is Fibonacci. 

All insights and ideas of  others are welcome here as well. 
#9678  Sticky Note IMO, it is the chart that matters not Citrati 04/04/20 11:31:32 AM
#10464   AVXL related. Citrati 07/23/21 09:37:50 AM
#10463   decent rally from the 20.40 bottom zone 123tom 07/22/21 03:23:26 PM
#10462   But its a zone 123tom 07/19/21 12:41:46 PM
#10461   Thank you, the weekly provides a very different perspective. drenos2 07/18/21 02:39:15 PM
#10460   The zone between the green horizontal lines the Citrati 07/16/21 02:11:08 PM
#10459   Let's hope you are right about this 22 drenos2 07/15/21 05:01:07 PM
#10458   ITRM Fib chart 123tom 07/06/21 01:35:03 PM
#10457   looking at the AVXL 1 hr chart 123tom 07/06/21 01:14:07 AM
#10456   Annovis looks interesting but I missed the 10x jimmy667 07/04/21 06:14:18 PM
#10455   It will be interesting how this works out Citrati 07/04/21 04:28:26 PM
#10454   and the follow up chart AVXL 123tom 07/03/21 09:52:53 PM
#10453   oopsie daisy... ITRM 123tom 07/02/21 06:01:11 PM
#10452   My email was my thoughts on ITRM getting BooDog 07/02/21 09:46:58 AM
#10451   some pretty Fib arcs 123tom 07/02/21 12:19:25 AM
#10450   AVXL from 22.70/22.80 current low 123tom 07/01/21 10:29:31 AM
#10449   I did not receive the email. Not Citrati 06/29/21 07:43:01 PM
#10448   I sent you an email yesterday though maybe BooDog 06/29/21 06:28:46 PM
#10447   I have some ITRM at 2.26. Will add Citrati 06/29/21 06:17:58 PM
#10446   Had fun with XELA, pump by Reddit. BooDog 06/29/21 06:03:21 PM
#10445   Gold developments. Citrati 06/28/21 07:51:28 PM
#10444   Here is the chart. Citrati 06/28/21 09:20:07 AM
#10443   ITRM trading strong this morning in the premarket. Phoenix300 06/28/21 09:17:02 AM
#10442   Looks like it is going to open strong Citrati 06/28/21 09:12:33 AM
#10441   Could AVXL surge to 35 and then 45 123tom 06/27/21 11:21:03 PM
#10440   Jimmy, do you have any interest in or 123tom 06/27/21 09:10:53 PM
#10439   I agree C, with that. 123tom 06/27/21 09:04:45 PM
#10438   Following it from a friends tip. Someone Phoenix300 06/27/21 08:12:58 PM
#10437   Yes I still have AVXL and ARWR as jimmy667 06/27/21 05:31:49 PM
#10436   Just curious. Did this come up in a Citrati 06/27/21 04:22:25 PM
#10435   Thanks for the details. I will be Phoenix300 06/27/21 02:26:00 PM
#10434   Worth reading IMO. Citrati 06/27/21 02:10:25 PM
#10433   Can it bust through $3? It Citrati 06/27/21 01:50:31 PM
#10432   Hope all is well! I haven’t seen you TWilson07 06/27/21 10:42:30 AM
#10431   Thanks Tom. It took off in after Phoenix300 06/25/21 07:25:28 PM
#10430   ITRM is an interesting looking chart 123tom 06/25/21 02:02:28 AM
#10429   Tom look at today’s dip in the chart Phoenix300 06/24/21 11:29:18 PM
#10428   AVXL chart picture 123tom 06/24/21 03:27:40 AM
#10427   Ok. well, I dont know 123tom 06/24/21 03:06:11 AM
#10426   Agreed. My interest in RIOT is about blockchain Citrati 06/23/21 11:34:11 PM
#10425   crickets As little as I know about the crypto 123tom 06/23/21 10:37:17 PM
#10424   Any RIOT holders/traders that visit here? Citrati 06/23/21 10:03:57 AM
#10423   Looks like Sprott is taking a page from Citrati 06/23/21 12:02:27 AM
#10422   That is the way I see it as well. Citrati 06/22/21 05:12:40 PM
#10421   These latest breakdowns were the ones 123tom 06/22/21 03:52:35 PM
#10420   Yeah, we are close on numbers. On Citrati 06/22/21 03:03:44 PM
#10419   and in the time it took me 123tom 06/22/21 03:01:49 PM
#10418   Good publicity but... 123tom 06/22/21 02:34:50 PM
#10417   Maybe no now. ;) Pipilongstocking 06/22/21 09:32:38 AM
#10416   How many think todays AVXL gap fills? Citrati 06/21/21 02:06:14 PM
#10415   Wow, CBS article adds to AVXL rocket move. Citrati 06/21/21 10:14:02 AM
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