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UWTI - When Oil bottoms, 3x bull ETN interloper 01/13/15 11:34 AM
In my recollection, Freto, Wolfgangrene, GB, Bagman, and **D*A** 08/20/13 6:18 AM
Just a reminder to all that this board crable 05/03/09 9:31 PM
checkout the monthly pincher chart for EFTR kajulie 06/02/23 2:29 PM
BBLN bollie pinch on 5 min interloper 05/30/23 3:45 PM
BBLN ! interloper 05/30/23 3:02 PM
TGB daily.... chevyman 05/25/23 11:05 AM
Sorry for the triple, forgot to refresh gertje54 05/22/23 2:31 PM
RVLV, look at the pinch gertje54 05/22/23 2:30 PM
RVLV, look at the pinch.! gertje54 05/22/23 2:29 PM
RVLV, look at the pinch gertje54 05/22/23 2:28 PM
PRAA, early gertje54 05/22/23 2:26 PM
KZR Weekly... chevyman 05/15/23 10:47 AM
STIM interloper 05/09/23 11:59 AM
VRAY Grandmasim 04/28/23 4:11 PM
SUNL interloper 04/21/23 12:57 PM
VERU interloper 04/21/23 12:52 PM
Kajulie, now there’s a name from the past. interloper 04/21/23 12:51 PM
PPCB $.0003 has patents Da Stock Alpaca 04/20/23 10:14 AM
CPTN Merebor 04/18/23 1:31 PM
$TDUP has a nice Monthly Pincher Chart with kajulie 04/14/23 10:34 AM
KZR , gertje54 04/13/23 10:06 AM
Just an FYI, NYSE is quick to delist Never_Post 04/09/23 12:30 PM
The weekly's not far behind as well.....nice. chevyman 04/05/23 8:20 PM
SUNL interloper 04/04/23 4:03 PM
EYE beautifull setup gertje54 03/30/23 3:26 PM
MULN moving AH chevyman 03/29/23 7:39 PM
AZYO just made a 20% move intraday ! interloper 03/27/23 12:20 PM
Yes Watching Took a starter Jaxon2010 03/24/23 3:46 PM
Azyo breaking through as I was making post. interloper 03/24/23 3:35 PM
AZYO 5 min chart , price trying push interloper 03/24/23 3:30 PM
Muln , yes it’s forming but no bullish interloper 03/24/23 3:27 PM
FUV weekly does have a pincher with bullish interloper 03/24/23 3:26 PM
Is this a real pinch forming ? MULN fine49 03/24/23 1:00 PM
FUV Weekly Jaxon2010 03/24/23 10:03 AM
Nice daily pinch and setting up for $1 boogie!! Jaxon2010 03/24/23 10:00 AM
Thoughts on BNGO? 1.09 BooDog 03/24/23 8:09 AM
AZYO this was alerted by an outside stock interloper 03/23/23 12:06 PM
AWIN starting to move , link back for chart. interloper 03/23/23 12:04 PM interloper 03/22/23 12:01 PM
ACRX, IBRX, LILM, SMSI, UNIT ... Never_Post 03/21/23 11:42 AM
$SIRI she's ready DavidTrader 03/20/23 9:50 AM
EVAX 1.07 Set... see how it does. BooDog 03/16/23 12:50 PM
IDEX .117 Some decent indicators popping. BooDog 03/16/23 12:25 PM
APTX tenpincher 03/14/23 2:18 PM
IDEX .1156, check your charts. Can they BooDog 03/14/23 7:39 AM
AWIN just added to my bag, got in interloper 03/10/23 12:58 PM
GORO , another failed pile interloper 03/10/23 12:56 PM
Added WATT .5979. Waiting on the momentum, BooDog 03/06/23 12:39 PM
what's your PT for SIRI? I'm thinking we DavidTrader 03/06/23 11:35 AM
GORO over the $. 1.02. Nice pinch! BooDog 03/03/23 10:32 AM
Roger that, also on daily GOGY and TIVC pj McMulligan 03/03/23 9:46 AM
Thanks Boo added to watch! RPID weekly pincher tightening pj McMulligan 03/03/23 9:42 AM
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"House of Pinchers" (Pinch)

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Who's house is this?  It's the PINCHER PLAYER'S HOUSE Thank you EVERYONE for making us a HUGE success! You guys ROCK.......let's keep making lots of $$$$

 Special thanks to Durkkdiggler  for his awesome job with the ibox header!
Please visit him here: Diggler's House of Images


Pincher Education
SG  Pinchers by simplegreen on 8/8/08
The SG pinch is generated by the lower ADX(7) line to show both direction and strength of trend used with the -DI or +DI of the upper ADX(7) indicator.If +DI and lower ADX line form the pinch then the stock goes up....if -DI and ADX line pinch then stock is going must not ignore that willie 52 really needs to confirm the trend change from all I have seen in testing and trading this setup.Simply place on ADX(7) above another ADX(7) for a symmetrical display and the willie(52) and thats all there is to it.
Very nice example of a long term upward trending PIncher with notations of positive fundamentals and indicators:
MrBigz Pincher Video Lesson

Penny Stock Pinchers - Tina Marie
Warning!!!!    (Penny) Pinchers can be EXTREMELY volatile, but they can also be extremely profitable.  These stocks are typically companies dealing with potential de-listing, high dilution, and possibly have corrupt management or are just plain unstable. 

Penny pinchers can also be very profitable plays as well.  If you're unable to sell a stock quickly, I would not recommend playing these because just as fast as they may "pop" (move up), they have the same potential to fall just as quickly.  Never jump into one right away when you first notice it forming into a pincher.  Penny stocks can go much lower before they actually do run.  IMO once you notice a penny pincher, check previous days to see what the pps was and put it on "watch" for a stabilized pps (not going down further) before buying.  I've watched a few for weeks before actually buying. 
Against the better advice of my co mods in reference to allowing penny pinchers (mainly pinks) to be played here, I take the pro active role of providing a place to discuss them (not pump) and see pinchers as a tool for playing them and hopefully making some money from them.  Yes, they are VERY risky but a lot less risky than trying to play them on the momo stock specific boards (that they've already been front loaded and pumped with gawd knows how many free trading shares hitting the market from promoters and paid pumpers).  I see the pincher chart as an "early" method of getting in before the pump starts (if it does).
HOWEVER, please note that we will NOT tolerate pink sheet stocks being pumped on this boardIf it's clearly NOT a pincher, don't post it here - it will be removed as "off-topic." Stricter rules will be enforced for penny stocks than those that are fully reporting. 




The PPO (Percentage Price Oscillator) is a momentum indicator that tells us the percentage, above or below the long-term indicator, that a stocks price falls.  So,  when the PPO ‘pinches’ it was at -40%.  This means that the stock was trading -40% below is long-term average price.  It was grossly oversold. 

The ADX(Average Directional Index) is an indicator that shows the strength of a trend.  Measured on a scale from 0 to 100, values below 20 are considered weak and values above 40 are considered strong.  It is important to understand that the ADX does not indicate whether a trend is bullish or bearish only it’s strength



Good scans to get you started!
Charger's Scan (Stockcharts) -
SimpleGreen's Scan (Stockfetcher) -
Crable's Pincher Scan (Stockcharts) -
Starter Scans (Stockcharts) -
captain america's Scan (Stockcharts) -


Soapy's PVO/STO Pincher Sell Signal

People often think that pinchers are only for BUY signals and not SELL signals unless the candle breaks down the MA(20). If someone tells you this, please remember that Soapy told you to slap such people and call them an idiot to their face. Also people often think that the PPO/ADX pincher is the king of pinchers (which may be true) but such pincher plays require the MA(20) to be your "golden egg" stop loss. But this too is utter nonsense when playing a pattern given a pincher. For example, consider the chart below for Deckers Outdoor Corporation in which a rising wedge can be seen using the green trendlines. As we all know, such a wedge is inherently bearish and needs a sound exit as to retain a profit. But how does a pincher tell you when to exit?

Unlike entry, which can be a total pain, the exit is quite simple to nail given the ability to look beyond the ADX/PPO pincher which has NO INFORMATION on when to exit other than: "Oops, we hit the MA(20) and I just lost considerable gains. DOH! I feel like I rode FFGO and GLCC back to 0.0001!" Since we're here to make money, we don't want to be the MA(20)-idiot that gave up 30% of profit due to an ineffective stop loss methodology. Thus we should consider appealing to a pincher as a signal to jump ship and take profits. The trick to this is to look at the PVO/STO pinch as a signal to exit. The chart below illustrates how to find such a pinch and is pretty much the entire story. So, please keep in mind that an ADX/PPO pinch may tell you when to enter, but the PVO/STO tells you when to exit if and only if you can define a pattern for the candlesticks. Also, for those who want to exit at the top of a swing, notice how the exit keeps you above the MA(20); an exit leaving more profit in your pocket.

Happy Trading.






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