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love your neighbor  Pinkyland PATTERN Trader - Not Investor, or blowhard pinky vigilante.  

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Alias Born 08/20/2006 12:22:51 AM

Personal Info
Age 777
Location Three keys to always winning and/or never losing in pinkyland:
1) Get lucky
2) Be on the inside/have inside info
3) Don't play

Trade the pattern
Investment Philosophy pinky stocks are similar to finacial market bubbles - if you want to trade them be sure to get in early and get out before they collapse.

Subpenny pinky stocks are what they are. If you play them, why complain about them. It's like volunteering to go to the North Pole - then complaining that it is cold when you get there.

Occupation Pinkys r4 trading-pinkyland is like going 2 the dump 2 find a treasure. Pinkyland ain't easy-Even if u find a 'good' one-still need 2 time your trades
Interests/Hobby family - tennis - basketball - forex trading

FYI -I only encourage people I do not like to buy penny stocks. If people buy based on the DD that I post- it is their own fault - ha ha.

Pinkyland Trading- always make your best guess.

Looking for the stock superfecta:

Favorable share structure
Business with revenue and profits
Good management
Undervalued PPS
Favorite Quote "No man - I don't care how colossal his intellect - No man is greater than his prayer life." - Leonard Ravenhill

if i only traded pinky/sub-penny stocks that ihub message boards did not call a scam or the CEO a POS - there would be no pinky/sub-penny stocks for me to trade.

I have a unique ability to predict the future pps of any stock with 100% accuracy:
Person I'd Like to Meet I do know Jesus - i would like to meet Him in person and give him a big hug- not to soon though! lol
Favorite Movie Are you rapture ready?

Ask Jesus into your heart today! - if you haven't already.
Favorite Artist Guessing that the PPS of a penny stock will go down is not very impressive. Correctly guessing that the PPS will go up is much more impressive.
Favorite Sports Team Ihub is a rigged system- BS reigns supreme-only 2 things can be trusted: the ihub fraud team, and the #'s reported to FINRA 4 their short report. LOL
Default Signature Christian Prayer Room #board-9826