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Posts by JB3136BoardDate/Time
why not back to 1.35 yet then what WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 12:49:15 PM
Can anybody explain why this would be red WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 11:52:57 AM
i don't either, little about this has ever WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 11:48:28 AM
sorry I lack the cranial capacity to understood WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 11:42:15 AM
I honestly thought this would go up today WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 11:01:59 AM
Yup, KKR is firmly in control. WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 10:54:15 AM
wish it were up volume instead of down WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 10:53:01 AM
I'll go out on a limb and predict WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 10:18:29 AM
can't rush something that isn't there. WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 10:17:51 AM
unlikely, they only do that once per year. WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 10:16:23 AM
I agree, this isn't bad news it's certainly WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 10:15:12 AM
I would tend to want to believe this WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 10:13:29 AM
I don't think this is the escrow based WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 10:12:11 AM
not really that interesting likely just in case WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/11/2017 10:10:10 AM
What part of this provides reason to believe WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/09/2017 07:19:25 PM
Watch the bankers short the crap out of BITCOIN / BLOCKCHAIN/ CRYPTO CURRENCIES 12/09/2017 01:49:28 PM
next one? was there a previous one I missed? WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/09/2017 01:40:39 PM
Shares in C WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/08/2017 07:24:05 PM
Yeah didn't really get it WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/08/2017 07:22:35 PM
Bwhahahahahahaha you are halarious RD WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/08/2017 07:19:45 PM
Yea another year of hearing the same thing WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/08/2017 07:17:34 PM
History and track records wrong again is just WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/07/2017 11:00:07 PM
Idk they don't seem concerned and still projecting WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/07/2017 07:54:02 PM
That really sucks! WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/07/2017 07:38:04 PM
Just common makekers and wmih shares from GSA WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/07/2017 07:37:28 PM
Yeah and early this year didn't we hear WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/07/2017 07:36:28 PM
For some reason I thought I had read WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/07/2017 07:22:08 PM
For as long as they are out there WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/07/2017 07:20:42 PM
nobody knows zeke, do you think we'll ever WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/07/2017 05:15:17 PM
good luck i'm not going to bother you ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 12/06/2017 03:46:30 PM
well the crap has to be coming from ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 12/06/2017 03:18:24 PM
Bull Like I said GLTU too much selli ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 12/06/2017 03:12:00 PM
Since this went effective on the 30th ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 12/06/2017 03:02:42 PM
too much selling today, back and forth between ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 12/06/2017 01:33:42 PM
nuff of that large block dump action PGUS! ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 12/06/2017 12:23:03 PM
I still don't think this was the news ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 12/06/2017 11:04:55 AM
There is absolutely zero reason to believe the WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/05/2017 05:40:25 PM
real nice buys today! ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 12/05/2017 03:27:40 PM
as long as it's up volume and not ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 12/05/2017 01:07:36 PM
yup it was just a few shorts locking WMIH Corp. (WMIH) 12/05/2017 10:48:48 AM