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Posts by BLULLISHBoardDate/Time
$CCTL strong performance today :-) Coin Citadel (CCTL) 12/14/2017 04:07:39 PM
CONGRATS-So much money being made here-Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee-Todays high-$1.05 Rich Cigar, Inc. (RCGR) 12/14/2017 04:05:23 PM
LMAO @ folks who sold their $RCGR shares Rich Cigar, Inc. (RCGR) 12/14/2017 03:47:55 PM
Hahahahaaha-$RCGR one of the LARGEST intra day-Breakouts of 2017-$$$$- Rich Cigar, Inc. (RCGR) 12/14/2017 03:29:17 PM
You think-$CCTL open .0009-.0012 tomorrow? Coin Citadel (CCTL) 12/14/2017 03:22:51 PM
$BITCOIN-Top OTC pennystock is-$CCTL? Coin Citadel (CCTL) 12/14/2017 03:18:04 PM
LMAO->>-angelo2112-<<-hahaha0-So you supposedly bought and sold? Coin Citadel (CCTL) 12/14/2017 02:53:50 PM
ALERT-$ANDI Triple Digit Breakout ALERT-$ANDI THE~AMERCAN~DREAM~NEXT~"000"~1000%~5000%~Gains 12/14/2017 02:32:24 PM
$ANDI Triple Digit Breakout ALERT-$ANDI Triple 000 and Sub-penny Chart Plays 12/14/2017 02:19:35 PM
$ANDI Triple Digit Breakout ALERT-$ANDI Sizzling Stock Picks 12/14/2017 02:15:40 PM
$CCTL 2nd phase breakout on the horizon?-WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Coin Citadel (CCTL) 12/14/2017 12:50:22 PM
lots of accumulation going on Coin Citadel (CCTL) 12/14/2017 11:51:04 AM
nice.....boooom Coin Citadel (CCTL) 12/14/2017 11:47:48 AM
I like, thanks for the rich update Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 12/14/2017 07:24:47 AM
Sounds good... Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 12/13/2017 01:22:48 PM
Still with us here $MARA? Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (MARA) 12/12/2017 05:43:42 AM
HAPPY FOR EVERYONE HERE WHO LOADED MY Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (MARA) 12/12/2017 05:42:20 AM
LMAO_firsttrade is garbage, best for OTC plays is Etrad Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 12/11/2017 12:45:36 PM
Nice $ANDI charts..Got a 6 month chart as well? Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 12/11/2017 12:46:17 AM
My shares here is looking very green....go $WOFA Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/11/2017 12:42:31 AM
000's-$ANDI-BREAKOUT ALERT- *** MICK, $Pistol Pete$ & FRIENDS STOCK PICKS *** M F S P'''''''' 12/10/2017 09:23:06 PM
000's-BREAKOUT ALERT- Boomtown 12/10/2017 09:18:33 PM
Yes-Start is what it's about getting rich with Stragenics Inc. (ASAB) 12/09/2017 06:42:41 PM
IMPORTANT PENNYSTOCK MONEY MAKING Q&A-READ->>-Are you tired of THE~AMERCAN~DREAM~NEXT~"000"~1000%~5000%~Gains 12/09/2017 05:57:05 PM
Nice...-Let's rock and roll Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/09/2017 05:21:32 PM
Lol..I know you are a big fan of Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 12/09/2017 01:44:57 AM
Yee...Holding my Shares tight... $WOFA Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/09/2017 12:56:48 AM
$ANDI going to bounce just as $WOFA is, Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 12/09/2017 12:55:18 AM
Good to see your too bud... Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/09/2017 12:53:01 AM
$ANDI 1st Breakout Range_.0015_.002 then .0025 to .011 THE~AMERCAN~DREAM~NEXT~"000"~1000%~5000%~Gains 12/08/2017 09:16:15 PM
$ANDI locked float THE~AMERCAN~DREAM~NEXT~"000"~1000%~5000%~Gains 12/08/2017 09:14:51 PM
Good to see you here Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/08/2017 09:12:26 PM
Looking really nice here Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 12/08/2017 05:16:01 PM
Today high .0008 $ASAB Stragenics Inc. (ASAB) 12/08/2017 04:06:23 PM
Sounds good I am ready....My Shares $ASAB looking Stragenics Inc. (ASAB) 12/08/2017 03:56:12 PM
Yeah-LMAO AT FOLKS WHO GAVE AWAY DIRT CHEAP Stragenics Inc. (ASAB) 12/08/2017 03:52:05 PM
$ANDI smartphones.. Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 12/08/2017 03:14:14 AM
Nice post... THE~AMERCAN~DREAM~NEXT~"000"~1000%~5000%~Gains 12/06/2017 06:14:23 PM
ASAB breakout Alerts issued all over the OTC Stragenics Inc. (ASAB) 12/06/2017 04:38:02 PM