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Honored & Humbled to be included as TOP 50 INDUSTRY VOICES IN BIOTECH TWITTERSPHERE on 11/26/12
SheffStation is #9...http://www.fiercebiotech.com/story/top-50-industry-voices-biotech-twittersphere-2012/2012-11-26?page=0,0



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New Economy Portfolio:  Larger Cap stocks for slower but more consistent gains. Some Longer-Term Plays (30-60 days maybe longer)

Beginner Portfolio:  Scalp Plays & Low Float Biotechs for potential explosive Growth. Quick Turnover 1-30 days (smaller balance want aggressive growth)

Position Size: STARTER: (1-5% Portfolio Balance)  SOLID: (6-10% Portfolio Balance)  FULL : (11-20% Portfolio Balance)


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7/2/15   $APRI   $1.73          





  $IMNP   $1.98 avg    

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  $AVXL   $.415
Avg. $.399

Full (18%)

 Catalyst in July & at end Q3 (Sept)  




Beginner Portfolio Economy      

















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$TPIV..Dr Keith Knutson & Dr. Edith Perez

Good interview w/ Dr. Edith Perez on TNBC


"Compounding interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it..he who doesn't.. pays it." - Albert Einstein
"Your actions speak so loud I can't hear your words! When that happens, you have found a certain level of success others haven't." Sheff


A good name is more desirable than great wealth. Respect is better than silver or gold. -Proverbs 22:1
Don't brag about yourself let others praise you. -Proverbs 27:2
Do not brag about tomorrow, because you do not know what another day may bring. -Proverbs 27:1
One man pretends to be rich, yet has nothing. Another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth. Proverbs 13:7


You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. -James D. Miles

Favorite Sheff Quote: "You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one." -John Wooden

Favorite Sheff Quote: Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.




#88532  Sticky Note OTC/OTCBB stocks (biotechs only) allowed as of 6/16/15: $heff 06/15/15 02:25:49 PM
#87870  Sticky Note 2015 Company Corporate Presentations thru 5/14/15..Will continue to $heff 05/14/15 11:18:09 AM
#86947  Sticky Note $heff $tation Position Meaning: (repost for sticky) $heff 03/24/15 10:53:49 PM
#79438  Sticky Note New 2014 Sign up for my Email Alerts $heff 03/31/14 02:01:32 AM
#75482  Sticky Note Welcome to the thread for folks new to $heff 01/03/14 04:26:24 PM
#88959   $heff and Team! Everyone have a Great 4th Eagle1 07/03/15 07:26:03 PM
#88958   Ummm well , I could give her some bra1loga 07/03/15 12:57:33 PM
#88957   OT: Playmate turned day trader? Sure..right. We will $heff 07/03/15 11:04:05 AM
#88956   $LLY..Big Pharma Picks Immunocore As A Cell Therapy $heff 07/03/15 08:49:14 AM
#88955   $CELG and $JUNO.. Announce 10yr Collaboration to $heff 07/03/15 08:47:05 AM
#88954   $ INSY... PT Lifted to $46 at Piper $heff 07/03/15 08:45:47 AM
#88953   $LBIO.. 25% Sell-Off Provides Buying Opportunity, FBR $heff 07/03/15 08:44:37 AM
#88952   $ADAP..BofA/Merrill Lynch Starts Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc at Neutral. $heff 07/03/15 02:45:28 AM
#88951   $INFI..Jefferies Maintains Bullish Stance on Infinity Pharmaceutical Foll $heff 07/03/15 02:43:17 AM
#88950   [$TTOO..Sepsis is one of the fastest-growing Medicare bills $heff 07/03/15 02:41:00 AM
#88949   $CLDX..Oppenheimer Recommends Owning Celldex Therapeutics $CLDX Into BLA $heff 07/03/15 02:29:12 AM
#88948   $XNCR..Oppenheimer Remains Bullish Following Xencor, Inc. R&D $heff 07/03/15 02:28:12 AM
#88947   Five biotech stocks on deck with FDA: $alny $heff 07/03/15 02:25:35 AM
#88946   $EXAS..Hedge fund targets Exact Sciences' Cologuard $heff 07/03/15 02:24:25 AM
#88945   $REPH.. raises 16 mil @ 11.60 (no warrants!). $heff 07/03/15 02:23:02 AM
#88944   $BIIB and $AGTC..Enter Collaboration to Develop Gene Therapies $heff 07/03/15 02:20:22 AM
#88943   Market closed Friday 7/03 in honor of Independence Day mathew633 07/02/15 09:01:31 PM
#88942   Biotech Small Caps.. I like here: $APRI $heff 07/02/15 03:45:12 PM
#88941   $APRI..DD Post Here..Some Links Below.. $heff 07/02/15 03:23:21 PM
#88940   $APRI..from @ApricusIR: Leading $APRI shareholder Alex Denner of $heff 07/02/15 03:15:31 PM
#88939   New Economy Portfolio Update..bought a stock that should $heff 07/02/15 03:06:29 PM
#88938   OT: Big congrats to @OHSUKnight & good friend $heff 07/02/15 01:35:57 PM
#88937   $STEM..$.5321 is a potential bottom play. 52wk low $heff 07/02/15 01:06:11 PM
#88936   Morgan Stanley..Biotech Month Ahead.. $heff 07/02/15 12:51:47 PM
#88935   $VRTX.. orkambi FDA approval letter - http://t.co/XTS6Xfgi8s (h/t @zbiotech) $heff 07/02/15 12:50:29 PM
#88934   Surprised to see ARNA at #1 Bob Stocks 07/02/15 10:39:03 AM
#88933   Jefferies..Biotech Buyout Targets.. $heff 07/02/15 09:09:28 AM
#88932   $TRIL this is relevant and continues to support BioHunter 07/02/15 12:04:31 AM
#88931   SGYP up 9.5% SGYPW up 20% currently kei 07/01/15 03:53:21 PM
#88930   $ZGNX..$14..did a 1:8 reverse stock split effective today. $heff 07/01/15 02:41:10 PM
#88929   $ONTY..$3.52..looking to grab shares under $3.50 if I $heff 07/01/15 02:36:37 PM
#88928   $CPXX..$2.13..On watch but still hoping to get it $heff 07/01/15 02:35:42 PM
#88927   $SRPT..$29.65..like the action this morning. Definitely looking to $heff 07/01/15 02:26:36 PM
#88926   CBAY, 2.68 grabbed a few, triple bottom chart, Mark 07/01/15 02:14:31 PM
#88925   $DRRX..$2.35..Cantor gives a $3 PT. $heff 07/01/15 01:41:09 PM
#88924   Thx Tremors! Appreciate the $AVXL update info on $heff 07/01/15 01:38:40 PM
#88923   OT:..I currently have two positions & both are $heff 07/01/15 01:25:05 PM
#88922   $KITE..$60.54..6/24 Notes from Mizuho w/ $90 PT $heff 07/01/15 01:20:37 PM
#88921   $PGNX..$7.26..Comments from Needham (6/24) w/ PT of $9/share. $heff 07/01/15 01:19:24 PM
#88920   $SRPT, $VRTX, $EPZM, $EXEL, $RPTP, $ACOR ..Notes from Leerink. $heff 07/01/15 01:02:29 PM
#88919   $CNCE..$14.72..JMP Securities ways in.. $heff 07/01/15 12:57:59 PM
#88918   SGYP Synergy Pharmaceuticals Appoints Timothy Callahan and Richard kei 07/01/15 12:30:55 PM
#88917   SCON likely to deal or partner with Siemens, read_this_n0w 07/01/15 11:29:22 AM
#88916   TLOG TetraLogic Announces Update on MDS Clinical Program ash111 07/01/15 11:25:37 AM
#88915   SCON institutional interest rissen sharply to 38.1 % read_this_n0w 07/01/15 11:02:28 AM
#88914   SGYP hit as high as $8.96 earlier (almost kei 07/01/15 10:21:10 AM
#88913   $TBIO: Transgenomic announces a private placement of $heff 07/01/15 09:37:55 AM
#88912   $EXEL.. PDUFA date for cobimetinib changed to November $heff 07/01/15 08:57:54 AM
#88911   $ACUR..did a secondary for 9.79M shrs at $0.78/share: $heff 07/01/15 08:56:35 AM
#88910   $ZFGN.. had an excellent presentation at JMP conference, $heff 07/01/15 08:51:28 AM