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InterDigital Communications (IDCC)

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IDCC News: Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) 03/22/2017 04:30:40 PM
IDCC News: Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) 03/22/2017 04:27:05 PM
IDCC News: InterDigital Joins Industry-Leading Peers in GSMA NB-IoT Forum 03/21/2017 08:00:00 AM
IDCC News: Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) 03/17/2017 05:18:06 PM
IDCC News: Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) 03/17/2017 05:12:41 PM
#416083  Sticky Note Undervalued InterDigital Inc, Well Positioned For Growth In JimLur 03/22/17 07:59:54 AM
#416121   lOOK FOR TAX REFORM HAPPENING SOONER NOW!!! mickeybritt 03/25/17 09:42:18 AM
#416120   I guess I know the answer to the squingeqbob 03/24/17 07:54:09 PM
#416119   Jim: The answer to your question olddog967 03/24/17 07:11:20 PM
#416118   JimLur You don't think Apple would pay a royalty mickeybritt 03/24/17 05:18:06 PM
#416117   Mickey. I'm wondering if the Apple license covers JimLur 03/24/17 04:55:28 PM
#416116   3 days longer than February, but shorter by FISH21049 03/24/17 03:06:35 PM
#416115   This has been a long month... plankwalk 03/24/17 02:23:21 PM
#416114   I get a chuckle when I read what IDCCfan 03/24/17 10:57:39 AM
#416113   FISH Look at the volume and the price increase. mickeybritt 03/24/17 10:43:05 AM
#416112   Maybe this would be a good weekend for FISH21049 03/24/17 10:26:28 AM
#416111   I wonder if ZTE's coping to sanctions violation FISH21049 03/24/17 10:23:13 AM
#416110   I agree. Unfortunately, I think the bonuses are la-idcc-fan 03/24/17 10:18:24 AM
#416109   scooby5 Don't let it bother you as all the mickeybritt 03/24/17 10:08:58 AM
#416108   While if you look at things one way..yes felix7 03/24/17 10:05:08 AM
#416107   What bothered me about the Apple license is scooby5 03/24/17 10:01:11 AM
#416106   At the rate we are going if a mickeybritt 03/24/17 09:55:29 AM
#416105   It certainly has been quiet in here the my3sons87 03/24/17 09:52:16 AM
#416104   I was wondering the same thing. pochemunyet 03/23/17 08:23:11 PM
#416103   Hmmmmm... Where'd everybody go? squingeqbob 03/23/17 07:06:16 PM
#416102   ZTE Cops To Sanctions Violation In $892M Iran Paullee 03/23/17 07:33:45 AM
#416101   Mick, Smoking is the least effective way. Tablets, Chewing zombywolf 03/23/17 07:21:50 AM
#416100   zombywolf Thanks for the support and will definitely check mickeybritt 03/23/17 05:17:59 AM
#416099   Mick, I come back to check up on you zombywolf 03/22/17 10:41:38 PM
#416098   Stop and think Internet of things!!!!!! mickeybritt 03/22/17 09:35:28 PM
#416097   A lot can happen in 3 yrs! Keep jjff 03/22/17 07:51:42 PM
#416096   you have to try weed. It worked wonders rooster 03/22/17 07:40:22 PM
#416095   I agree; I'd imagine something should happen before plankwalk 03/22/17 06:52:44 PM
#416094   Mickey, bless you - you are in our squingeqbob 03/22/17 06:25:47 PM
#416093   plankwlk Hopefully they have a new license agreement before mickeybritt 03/22/17 06:03:29 PM
#416092   Mickey, my dad went twice as long as pochemunyet 03/22/17 05:35:08 PM
#416091   Mickey..if the stock is even near 150 by mister 03/22/17 05:34:24 PM
#416090   Just got back from chemo at the v.a!!!!! mickeybritt 03/22/17 05:20:07 PM
#416089   Pretty good day today. Hold strong, longs, we'll pochemunyet 03/22/17 05:07:37 PM
#416088   I see where he's coming from. This week plankwalk 03/22/17 12:54:31 PM
#416087   Agree, lando, but for some people, it's never pochemunyet 03/22/17 10:49:17 AM
#416086   Respectfully disagree. A double in pps in lando1 03/22/17 10:36:33 AM
#416085   WayHaw Done JimLur 03/22/17 10:03:43 AM
#416084   This is worthy of a sticky post IMO. WayHaw 03/22/17 09:14:09 AM
#416083   Undervalued InterDigital Inc, Well Positioned For Growth In JimLur 03/22/17 07:59:54 AM
#416082   pisrat Not a thing wrong with you selling and mickeybritt 03/21/17 10:17:03 PM
#416081   We all know what you've been selling all pochemunyet 03/21/17 10:06:43 PM
#416076   I don't have to post to be here :) dmiller 03/21/17 07:40:43 PM
#416074   I will hold and laugh at you sellers bulldzr 03/21/17 07:29:59 PM
#416070   Untrue... You showed up on 23 February at around tw11 03/21/17 07:12:58 PM
#416069   Yea, I'm the contrarian indicator. The stock is dmiller 03/21/17 07:03:03 PM
#416068   made a huge mistake not selling everything at mister 03/21/17 06:14:33 PM
#416067   pisrat, Agree with you too. Glad to see JimLur 03/21/17 05:24:29 PM
#416066   Jim, your absolutely right. Some long time investors, pisrat 03/21/17 05:14:43 PM
#416065   bulldzr, It's no mystery as you suggest it's JimLur 03/21/17 04:57:28 PM
#416064   Not mysterious; small investors took profits and went pochemunyet 03/21/17 04:56:25 PM