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#msg-57129225  Options Trading Strategy depending on market conditions

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#msg-59606684  Stikky Stock Charts

#72110  Sticky Note Yen Carry Trade: watch out, yen starts to 3xBuBu 11/19/15 09:07:23 PM
#71928  Sticky Note VelocityShares 3X Long/Short 3xBuBu 10/05/15 02:09:56 PM
#71678  Sticky Note Yellen to shed light on market's biggest mystery 3xBuBu 02/22/15 06:30:50 PM
#71582  Sticky Note 9-1 ratio and Mid Pre-election/post-crash observation 3xBuBu 12/04/14 02:57:26 PM
#70229  Sticky Note new quarter ER kick off: 3xBuBu 01/09/13 11:06:07 PM
#62439  Sticky Note Re: Sliding Market - Technical Perspective: dalcindo 11/10/10 10:39:43 AM
#72150   P gap to fill, Happy Turkey Day! 3xBuBu 11/25/15 06:56:50 PM
#72149   Pharma on watch: GENE SYN PCRX DRRX ENDP 3xBuBu 11/25/15 06:30:35 PM
#72148   SUNE TERP falling again 3xBuBu 11/25/15 03:04:02 PM
#72147   LABU is bouncing back nicely 3xBuBu 11/25/15 11:23:54 AM
#72146   Lee Gar Shing and his buddies lol 3xBuBu 11/25/15 11:22:43 AM
#72145   well who makes all the money? the langlui 11/25/15 10:18:49 AM
#72144   now provide us with a great exit point toomuchmoney 11/25/15 10:12:13 AM
#72143   UWTI another good entry point 3xBuBu 11/25/15 10:07:17 AM
#72142   HPQ got dumped this morning afater ER 3xBuBu 11/25/15 09:34:35 AM
#72141   can't imagine how the majority of people afford 3xBuBu 11/25/15 02:10:26 AM
#72140   because everything in HK is getting so expensive, langlui 11/25/15 01:21:34 AM
#72139   amazing, there are 191 thousand millionaire in HK 3xBuBu 11/24/15 11:13:27 PM
#72138   Hewlett-Packard's Revenue Declines In Final Quarter Before Split 3xBuBu 11/24/15 06:25:16 PM
#72137   UGAZ @2.94 3xBuBu 11/24/15 01:55:44 PM
#72136   Market down due to Russian plane shot down 3xBuBu 11/24/15 10:42:07 AM
#72135   Taiwan is not part of China. Why China langlui 11/24/15 09:48:23 AM
#72134   mainland DMG Entertainment buying Taiwan TV too 3xBuBu 11/24/15 09:43:54 AM
#72133   UGAZ @2.72 3xBuBu 11/24/15 09:42:05 AM
#72132   same here, but even if we have different langlui 11/24/15 09:41:46 AM
#72131   $UWTI +8.65% langlui 11/24/15 09:40:30 AM
#72130   yeah I am watching that, good short potential toomuchmoney 11/24/15 09:38:39 AM
#72129   I love HK 3xBuBu 11/24/15 09:38:03 AM
#72128   u can play the opposite side if u 3xBuBu 11/24/15 09:37:00 AM
#72127   i saw the news, why oh why... let langlui 11/24/15 09:36:25 AM
#72126   already did bubu, looking for a pull back toomuchmoney 11/24/15 09:30:20 AM
#72125   Jack Ma of Alibaba in Talks to Buy 3xBuBu 11/24/15 09:28:26 AM
#72124   get ready to cash in UWTI 3xBuBu 11/24/15 09:26:28 AM
#72123   on watch: IBM QLIK DATA BOX CYBR VRX 3xBuBu 11/23/15 11:56:20 PM
#72122   AA ~ Elliott Management takes 6.4 percent stake 3xBuBu 11/23/15 11:50:29 PM
#72121   Dude, great job! NBG, UTWI popping langlui 11/23/15 02:14:42 PM
#72120   I hate BABA! LOL langlui 11/23/15 02:13:44 PM
#72119   just luck to catch a gift at an 3xBuBu 11/23/15 01:15:12 PM
#72118   Unreal results, a wholeheartedly congrats, BuBu! **D*A** 11/23/15 01:07:38 PM
#72117   NBG breaking 0.33 ;-) 3xBuBu 11/23/15 12:51:03 PM
#72116   Hong Kong entrepreneurs eligible for Alibaba's HK$1b Investment fund 3xBuBu 11/21/15 11:01:26 AM
#72115   what? wow what's going on with it? langlui 11/21/15 02:44:19 AM
#72114   $ moving up again today with 3xBuBu 11/21/15 01:01:14 AM
#72113   Deep Discount: NBG @0.18 3xBuBu 11/20/15 02:01:32 PM
#72112   Nice charting! thanks for sharing. **D*A** 11/20/15 05:49:30 AM
#72111   Gold is kissing Dollar 3xBuBu 11/19/15 09:28:25 PM
#72110   Yen Carry Trade: watch out, yen starts to 3xBuBu 11/19/15 09:07:23 PM
#72109   i guess not.. but UWTI went through the langlui 11/19/15 08:58:15 PM
#72108   I have no idea what you are talking toomuchmoney 11/19/15 01:12:59 PM
#72107   yep, u always need to regroup and be 3xBuBu 11/19/15 01:10:30 PM
#72106   this is a beautiful trader for swinging, it toomuchmoney 11/19/15 01:06:52 PM
#72105   oh, I see, if they 1/10 R couple 3xBuBu 11/19/15 01:05:21 PM
#72104   reverse split, does not matter at all just toomuchmoney 11/19/15 01:02:55 PM
#72103   I thought SC always normalize those splits, 3xBuBu 11/19/15 01:02:38 PM
#72102   no, what is 1/10 Rs? 3xBuBu 11/19/15 01:01:09 PM
#72101   remember the 1/10 Rs that puts things a toomuchmoney 11/19/15 11:24:36 AM