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Joseph C. Canouse has been appointed the CEO

look who have been friends , So sweet smile

 Two noteholders:  Paul Lovito and Harold Mittleman

Paul Lovito

Harold Mittleman: 

$GRLF Due Diligence: 
primary discoveries: post by vantillian 
1. Two noteholders that have been sucking money out of this stock for years, effectively using this as a vehicle for creating personal money. 
2. Background information on Paul Lovito and Harold Mittleman: revealing the two noteholders. 
3. Mike Shea has little or no cash to create any real business (let alone feed himself). 
4. An illegal issuance of 300million shares in 2014. 
#1 – The Two Noteholders: Mittleman and Lovito 
Mittleman who is JFenway LLC in all the filings received 575,000,000 of the 660,000,000 shares issued in 2014. Based on the Annual Report it looks like he funded the company with about$65,000 while personally pulling out about $400,000 (this latter estimate is conservative). 

Lovito just sucked and sucked money out of this stock without putting anything back in during 2014. And he’s been doing it FOR YEARS. 

KEY Question: what possible value other than Harold’s meager funding of about $65K do these men actually bring to the table? Don’t forget, Mittleman had to pull out $400K of the market in order to give $65K back! LOL! What a good funder! That’s akin to you giving me $100 bucks right after I gave you $500. He’s not a funder. He’s a pimp and apparently Shea is not a well-paid whore. 
Look at this from the Annual Report: 
“In July, 2013, the Company reached a settlement with both Preferred Series E holders, JFenway and Paul Lovito. The initial settlement provided that each Preferred E Holder receive a convertible note in the amount of $1,162,500 note in return for the retirement of 
30,000,000 Series E Preferred Stock which converted at 1:15” 

What in the world could these crooks possibly do to justify such exorbitant notes in excess of one million dollars, each? Well, apparently they had the same thought! Perhaps they thought the SEC would wonder this as well, so they renegotiated. They even admitted the amount was “egregious” LOL!!!!!!!! 
“Subsequently, it was decided that the amount of the notes was egregious and each holder agreed to enter into settlement upon a new amount. Mr. Lovito and JFenway have agreed and executed a new note in the amount of $225,000 which equated to two times the value of those preferred at the time of the transaction.” 

Question: In what universe would you be willing to give up almost a million dollars if it was really yours and you really deserved it? NOT. ONE. I suspect the original note amount in excess of one million dollars was based on vapor and yanked out of their ass. I suspect their current notes of $225,000 are pulled from midair as well, but it just sounds a lot more noble. (And small enough not to attract SEC scrutiny). 
Investing? No. You're enabling JFenway and Lovito to live comfortably. By all means buy stock here if you are into non-profit tax-deductible donations. 
#2 Background Information on Mittleman and Lovito 
A google search for "Paul F. Lovito, Jr" turns up a good amount of information. 

"Paul F. Lovito JR was born 11 January 1969 and he lives (or lived) at 6573 NW 127th Ter in Parkland, Broward County, Florida, U.S.A. His voter ID number is 102048163. He registered to vote 7 February 2000 and he is registered in the Republican Party of Florida. He is listed as White, not Hispanic." 

Interestingly enough, the home is currently for sale. You might want to take a look and see what you all have helped fund the last few years. 

tax info: 
Lovito was fined by Finra for cheating on his Finra exam: 
[[[I am currently assembling more DD on Lovito (both Paul and Marc) and will be adding to this section. Many folks have been kind of enough to email me pertinent information.]]] 

Who is JFenway LLC? Let’s do a Google search: 
Here are some of the top links that come up: 
It appears that Harold Mittleman is currently a real estate agent operating in NY 
[[[NOTE: More coming soon. On Mittleman and Lovito, both.]]] 
#3 Mike Shea Has Little Or No Money To Run This Company 

My personal opinion of Mike Shea is that he inherited an impossible situation in 2013, because he inherited Mittleman and Lovito. 
I believe Mike is under tremendous pressure to keep cranking out press and business-related activities in an effort to create liquidity so Mittleman and Lovito can sell, sell, sell! 
But Mike bears some responsibility as he has more or less enabled these guys to print money and live comfortably while Mike has accomplished very little real business. Mike needs to find out a way to either remove these guys or clip their wings. I have suggested that Mittleman and Lovito should qualify as affiliates under Rule 144 and should abide by all affiliate rules and regulations. 
#4 In 2014 There Were 300 Million Shares ILLEGALLY Created 

The report uses the word “illegal” when referring to these 300M shares. Who did this? 
Dear Mike Shea, Who created the 300 million illegal shares and how did that happen? Were there attorneys and brokers involved that enabled the illegal creation and selling of these shares? Do you have legal recourse on the criminal level? 

In Conclusion, The Annual Report reveals so much. 
There are a ton of questions I have for Mike Shea based on my discoveries: 
1. Who is the current funder of the company? 
2. What is your monthly burn rate? 
3. What is Lovito’s role in the company? 
4. How much money does Harold need to pull out of the market before you get say $10K back? 
5. Are there any other sources through which you are getting funding? 
6. If you had $100K, what would you spend it on? 
7. Who created the 300 million illegal shares and how did that happen? Were there attorneys and brokers involved that enabled the illegal creation and selling of these shares? Do you have legal recourse on the criminal level? 
8. What was the nature of Continental’s admission of guilt regarding the creation of the 300M illegal shares? What happened to the $10K? 
9. It appears that between Lovito and Mittleman, they captured about a million dollars out of the market last year and you got back about $65K. Is this accurate? What is their plan moving forward in 2015? More importantly, what assurances can you give to shareholders that you can impede their dilutive actions in an effort to bring value to shareholders? 
10. How can regular shareholders help at this point OTHER THAN BUYING LOVITO’S AND HAROLD’S STOCK? In fact, is there anything else of substance and value that is even going on besides an operation to pay back Mittleman’s and Lovito’s questionable and spurious “debt?” 
I have demonstrated from the Annual Report that Lovito and Mittleman are more or less in charge and continue to use and abuse Mike and this company as their vehicle to live a pampered life. It’s easy to find Lovito’s and Mittleman’s addresses and look up their homes. They are not paupers LOL. They’ve been living nicely off the backs of shareholders. That money should be going into the building of a company. It hasn’t and it won’t until Shea grows a pair. 

I have demonstrated from the Annual Report how over 660M shares were created in 2014 alone to pay back notes. I have shown how 575M of those shares were issued to JFenway. 

I have brought attention to the egregious 300M illegal share issuance as noted in the Annual Report. 

I have shown from the Annual Report how Mike is essentially broke, as these two note-holders take the money and run with little or no concern for the operations of the company or the livelihood of Mike Shea. 

This data is really important. Without answers and a battle plan moving forward, this stock is dead.

post by vantillian 

Joseph C. Canouse has been appointed the CEO 

Google Him
but not with the kids in the room





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