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Value Microcaps is an IHub Premium board. You must be a premium member to post, however everyone is welcome to read.

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Value Microcaps is dedicated to finding profitable, low p/e, value stocks. Although our title would suggest a limit on market cap or stock price, we are primarily looking for the "Value" proposition and buy some stocks that are bigger. We avoid story stocks with no revenues or earnings. We do look for turnaround situations where companies have posted a profitable qtr and have indicated in their guidance that additional profits are imminent.

Only stocks that have posted earnings for the most recent quarter, or more earnings than losses for the previous 2, 3 or 4 quarters are appropriate stocks for this board. The word "value" implies earnings.

Quarterly reporting is required in order to qualify for this board. If a stock fails to report and is delisted, it no longer qualifies.

Also, please refrain from duplicate posting on Value Microcaps and VMC Free-Four-All (FFA). Determine which board is most appropriate and post only on that board.

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Here are some free resources that are available to perform basic DD on your stocks:

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VMC Portfolio
This board is a reference board for SSK's VMC 100 portfolio. The stocks in it change several times a year to better represent what VMC'ers are focusing on. The value standards always apply.

VMC Free-For-All
This is a board for stocks that aren't profitable yet or have high p/e and don't fit the Value Microcap formula. They should be stocks that have good to great potential and could potentially change your zipcode! Still a great place to discuss stocks but more open in format.

Value Microcaps DD
We use this board to post semi permanent DD on our favorite stocks. You can post a shorter post on Value Microcaps but then post more detailed analysis on Value Microcaps DD and then refer anyone with interest to the longer post. Due to the smaller volume, it should be easily accessible and prevent the need for repetitive posts asking for basic info.

Mid Cap and Large Cap This board is for stocks that are larger than microcaps yet have similar value characterstics of the Value Microcap board.

VMC Survey Board This board is for a discussion of politics, religion and assorted other nonstock, potentially inflammatory issues.

VMC Junior Energy
Looking for smaller energy stocks that have near term cashflow and profit potential. Many are Canadian stocks.

VMC Junior Miners
Looking for mining stocks that have near term cashflow and high upside potential.

VMC Food and Agriculture
Looking for stocks that benefit from the global need to grow more food and biofuel feedstock. Increased wealth and population in BRIC countries as well as global climate change is creating a worldwide shortage in certain food and fertilizers.


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For the PSL14 contest There are 58 contestants. Shown are the number of picks for the most popular stocks.

[pre]  TELT.OB  13 Picks
 CCME     12
 $CASH$    9
 AMLJ.OB   7
 CSGH.OB   7
 LTUS.OB   7
 NEWN.OB   6
 OGC.TO    6
 WKBT.OB   6
 CCEL.OB   5
 JBII.OB   5
 MILL.OB   5
 ROIAK     5[/pre]


Now underway.


Overall, the Goal of VALUE MICROCAPS is to encourage sharing of good information by honest posters. We strive for a Win/Win situation where all of us gain by sharing information in a trusting environment. While internet investing can be competitive and individual,we have proven that sharing good information is profitable and personally rewarding.

Good luck in your investing, Bobwins






#166149  Sticky Note Pick 3 Contest 2 Rules SSKILLZ1 04/18/15 12:16:11 PM
#166148  Sticky Note Pick 3 Contest 2 New Board SSKILLZ1 04/18/15 11:41:14 AM
#167151   VMI (As Of 7/27/15) SSKILLZ1 07/27/15 10:10:49 PM
#167150   INVT - bought a starter and will add otcbargains 07/27/15 04:12:30 PM
#167149   Stunning! IMO otcbargains 07/27/15 04:09:47 PM
#167148   Wow, I didn't realize that new lows outnumber cliffvb 07/27/15 03:56:00 PM
#167147   The messenger has already been shot, but this larrybaz 07/27/15 03:35:11 PM
#167146   I did. Thanks for the headsup. larrybaz 07/27/15 01:30:20 PM
#167145   NWH-UN.TO (NWHUF) SSKILLZ1 07/27/15 01:16:58 PM
#167144   It appears to be on the greys in kezzek 07/27/15 01:03:39 PM
#167143   WIZD($.48) up a cool 50% since Friday; anybody Knowledge is King 07/27/15 12:59:53 PM
#167142   NWH-UN.TO (NWHUF) SSKILLZ1 07/27/15 12:54:11 PM
#167141   SMMF Reported core earnings of .39, NPA continue to SSKILLZ1 07/27/15 11:22:27 AM
#167140   In all fairness, they did a 1-for-10 reverse, Knowledge is King 07/27/15 10:17:09 AM
#167139   Yeah solid Q2 for TIXC with earnings of hweb2 07/27/15 10:01:13 AM
#167138   Wow MAG from $1 to $50 in less hweb2 07/27/15 09:58:35 AM
#167137   TIXC put out a nice earnings report this larrybaz 07/27/15 09:51:47 AM
#167136   This one worked out well; MAG buyout @$50 Knowledge is King 07/27/15 09:17:50 AM
#167135   PESI-- i think that the Digirad CEO's statement value1008 07/27/15 09:08:31 AM
#167134   Nice news on PESI. Like the CEO hweb2 07/27/15 08:43:29 AM
#167133   PESI - Perma-Fix Announces That Its Subsidiary, Perma-Fix Guy 07/27/15 08:19:47 AM
#167132   Pick 3 Contest #2 Week 12 Stats in. SSKILLZ1 07/24/15 10:21:22 PM
#167131   VMIR SSKILLZ1 07/24/15 09:23:33 PM
#167130   VMI/VMIR Differential Chart SSKILLZ1 07/24/15 09:07:35 PM
#167129   VMI (Sorted by % Return) SSKILLZ1 07/24/15 09:06:22 PM
#167128   VMI (As of 7/24/15) SSKILLZ1 07/24/15 09:04:58 PM
#167127   VMI (As Of 7/24/15) SSKILLZ1 07/24/15 08:53:23 PM
#167126   Well I haven't seen one with that kind otcbargains 07/24/15 04:56:42 PM
#167125   Ok otc, I'm ready for your next pick :) Knowledge is King 07/24/15 04:14:42 PM
#167124   BOLL there is the company bid at $10.77 otcbargains 07/24/15 03:48:02 PM
#167123   It has only been stuck there because they otcbargains 07/24/15 03:17:19 PM
#167122   Wow what a premium! Paying $10.77 for hweb2 07/24/15 03:14:48 PM
#167121   Buyout at $10.77 anyone still holding would have otcbargains 07/24/15 03:11:17 PM
#167120   Wow did BOLL really hit $12.50?? Hopefully hweb2 07/24/15 03:10:07 PM
#167119   HSBK SSKILLZ1 07/24/15 03:00:03 PM
#167118   BOLL - congrats! otcbargains 07/24/15 02:56:55 PM
#167117   CUBI SSKILLZ1 07/24/15 01:22:06 PM
#167116   Evil spell! WIZD($.32) tumbling 45% today on no news... Knowledge is King 07/24/15 12:25:44 PM
#167115   LBMH Brought some LBMH around $2.08-$2.15 as and interesting SSKILLZ1 07/24/15 12:24:59 PM
#167114   Interesting news on EEI. Doubt management would hweb2 07/24/15 09:50:45 AM
#167113   VMI (As Of 7/23/15) SSKILLZ1 07/23/15 07:54:07 PM
#167112   Nice call on EEI, hweb. Looks like $13-14 Knowledge is King 07/23/15 04:41:04 PM
#167111   KIK: iron ore bbotcs 07/23/15 10:54:32 AM
#167110   The Great Liquidity debate again. I hate going SSKILLZ1 07/22/15 07:22:24 PM
#167109   hweb2: WYY They claim that they bbotcs 07/22/15 07:09:50 PM
#167108   SS- I think there's something missing wadegarret 07/22/15 06:24:05 PM
#167107   VMI (As Of 7/22/15) SSKILLZ1 07/22/15 05:29:06 PM
#167106   re AYSI($1.41): Giant Aussie-miner BHP keeps pedal to Knowledge is King 07/22/15 03:53:25 PM
#167105   Congrats on WYY. Nice run lately! hweb2 07/22/15 03:13:50 PM
#167104   hweb2: WYY bbotcs 07/22/15 02:50:14 PM
#167103   Yeah prob no rush on MOC. They hweb2 07/22/15 02:30:59 PM
#167102   MOC - i believe it will take less Guy 07/22/15 01:04:04 PM