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Canamed4Pets Inc. (CNNA)

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New and Improved Cannamed4pets for Dogs & cats.

Cannamed4pets is a US stock listed company on the pink sheets, working as exclusive agent to promote the new
category of cannabis (hemp) based pet supplements in the key European markets.

How can Cannabis benefit a pet?

May help joint discomfort as a result of normal daily activity
Maintain a heatlhy GI tract
Support normal neurological function
Assist in ‘end of life’ care and comfort
Encourages a normal calm demeanor
Maintains healthy neurological function
Helps support the immune system

What is in the product?

100% organic, non-GMO hemp, in vegetarian capsules, made in WA State
Active Ingredients: phytocannabinoids
Other Ingredients (natural to the hemp plant): terpenes, flavonoids, B vitamins, trace omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
Less than 0.3% THC


DOGS: twice daily administration is typical
CATS: commonly need once daily frequency
Best if given near mealtimes or with a treat.
Most pets respond within 10-14 days.
Frequency of administration can be adjusted based on pet’s individual response.
Business scope

Our business is based on exclusive agent collaboration with the foremost U.S. quality producer of a new innovative range of cannabis based pet supplements, with primary focus on dogs and cats.

The main focus of the company is to establish a bridgehead of these exiting new pet supplements to the major European metropolitan areas, where the pet population per capita exceeds national averages.

EU Metropolitan Pet Market Insights

In Paris alone, urban residents hold about 500.000 dogs. In London, almost 300.000 dogs and 400.000 cats keep their ”parents” with affectionate company. In Berlin some 125.000 dogs provide strong relationships with their owners.

To provide a perspective, especially the single living individual is on the rise in every major petropolitan area in Europe. In a number of cities, single households surpass households counting more than 2 persons. In addition to this couples living apart command about ¼ of the remaining part of the households.

This trends also bear significance on the growth of households with pets. Pets substitute kids on many social and psycological levels, and the same pets experience a life many children could never dream of. This stems from the fact that the predominant part of urban pet owners also represent the above average income earners, and especially the more affluent segments.

The pet owners care for their companions in many ways as parents care for their first born child. Virtually no expense is too extravagant, if it concerns the health and well being of their beloved pet.

EU Statistics on Pet Expenditure

The sales value of pet foods and accessories in selected European countries, during the 12 month period ending March 30, 2014 ended at around 3.1 billion Euros worth of dog food and 4.2 billion Euros of cat food across Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain.

There are around 17 dogs to every 100 people in France, one of the highest ratios in the world, and an unofficial dog population of some 10 million (over 500,000 in Paris alone). Around 40 per cent of French people list their pets as the most important thing in their lives and they spend around € 3.0 billion on them annually.

During the 2014 period around 963 million euros worth of dog food was sold in the UK, compared to 1.06 billion euros of cat food. Total expenditure on pet food and accessories rose to approximately 3.5 billion British pounds.

In Spain, pet food and accessory sales grew by 6.5 percent, the biggest sales growth out of all the given countries. The value share of pet food sales in Spain for the 12 month period ending March 30, 2014, show that dog food holds 60.8 percent of the total pet food sales value in Spain.

In Italy, in the 12 month period ending March 30, 2014 the sales value of pet foods and accessories was worth around 416 million Euros.

In Netherlands, the sales value of dog food in the 12 month period ending March 30, 2014 was around 87 million Euros.

Cat ownership in Europe (in millions)


1.01    1.7      2.7     3.8       5.7      7.5      8.5     11.4    11.5

POR   AUT   HOL   ESP     POL    ITA    GRB    FRA   GER

Dog ownership in Europe (in millions)

descarga (1)

0.6        1.6        1.8       5.4       6.9      6.9        7.4        7.4    8.5

AUT     HOL    POR     ESP     GER     ITA      FRA    POL    GRB


1. Level:

Penetration into 3 key metropolitan areas within the first 3 years.

Volume to generate turnover growth from US$ 500.000 first year to US$ 2.000.000 year 3. EBITDA to develop from US$ 100.000 – 500.00

1. Level:

Penetration into 3 additional metropolitan areas, whilst growing business regionally in the established markets.

Volume to grow from US$ 2.000.000 to US$ 5.000.000 the coming 3 years.

EBITDA to develop from US$ 500.000 to US$ 2.000.000 over the period.



Key focus for the company as an exclusive agent is to establish close collaboration with 1-2 significant distributors in each selected metropolitan area.

We want to keep the company lean and focussed from the offset, hence the distribution role is outsourced, saving overhead on stock, sales promotion and manpower.

The business will encompass a range of cannabis based supplements well suited to provide a wide range of care and enhanced well being for the beloved pets in major EU cities.

Distributions partners

The company is currently analysing the optimal mix of distribution partners for the strategy and engaging in commercial dialogue with key chain representatives.

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