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Last Post: 3/29/2015 2:21:29 PM - Followers: 1073 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 4

the following was written by the founding moderator of this board,harbs
for me, the most profitable and consistent trades i make on a daily basis are the bounce trades...typically intra-day bounce plays..and the harder and longer they fall, the higher they bounce...

anything that is crashing down and belongs on watch belongs here...bb's, pinks, big board stocks - all of 'em...we run scans all day long - looking for those dropping at least 15-20%, or a stock that has been beaten down for days or weeks straight and finally turns up, a reversal of sorts..

ideally i'd like this to just be a thread where we can post a ticker during the day and not much more needs to be said...any bad news or anything causing the tank would be helpful, though...

this is not a long term thread, a break-out thread, an accumulation thread, a dd thread...let's nail the bottoms..

THIS IS FOR BOUNCES ONLY...(and reverse bounces - shorting)

the timid and faint of heart need not apply...

ps - i appreciate all of you that make your calls real time...as you can see, that is what i try and do ( sometimes i'll even post where my bid is, before i'm filled, or may never get filled )..bottom line is protect and build your own accounts, but if you have the time it's nice..( obviously, when you're flipping a naz 20 times in a day, it might not make a lot of sense to post all the trades )

and i appreciate the calls real-time because that helps people make money - it's not to say that anyone should buy or sell when i or you do, but heck, what good is it to tell us after the fact..how many times does a stock close up 1,000% and the supposed guru posts after hours -"oh, btw, i loaded the boat on xyz this am - made bank" hmmm, thanks..

ok, one other trade..when a stock shoots up like crazy, i like to call them "naz-crackers" lol..well we try and short those for the reverse bounce...day 1 of huge volume always scary to short into unless it's just an over done momo play...but days 2 and 3 are usually the best spot..

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#285765   Look, there's one now, LOL Flobewan 03/29/15 02:21:29 PM
#285764   TOSd Churak 03/29/15 02:05:07 PM
#285763   You're hanging out on the wrong board if Flobewan 03/29/15 01:30:00 PM
#285762   getting record snow and few there appreciate it. cintrix 03/29/15 01:15:56 PM
#285761   Figures that east coast in spots were getting andrius 03/28/15 01:46:12 AM
#285760   I heard that, regarding the snow conditions in beachcomber1 03/27/15 11:54:55 PM
#285759   yeah that was on top of Heavenly. andrius 03/27/15 11:33:55 PM
#285758   wow that would be amazing,, I really gdog 03/27/15 11:24:56 PM
#285757   That's actually way cool. When a person put's beachcomber1 03/27/15 11:09:28 PM
#285756   I saw a blind person skiing on the andrius 03/27/15 10:46:58 PM
#285755   I forgot I had a 2.75 order in earlylight 03/27/15 05:08:29 PM
#285754   I'm looking at 500 griff100 03/27/15 04:24:19 PM
#285753   Anyone still in TCPI? jj pop 03/27/15 04:24:12 PM
#285752   LOLOL, I just got a tiny starter. Flobewan 03/27/15 04:23:34 PM
#285751   I'm about to get mine lower...na na na griff100 03/27/15 04:22:38 PM
#285750   Got a tiny amount UCO 7.05 Flobewan 03/27/15 04:16:15 PM
#285749   yes, mine too...learned the hand alphabet, then read griff100 03/27/15 04:09:51 PM
#285748   all of my sign is informal and self taught mathew633 03/27/15 04:06:37 PM
#285747   I interpreted for one of the guys I griff100 03/27/15 04:03:03 PM
#285746   wow awesome,,, I should have said sister gdog 03/27/15 04:00:49 PM
#285745   Filled some at 2.75 to hold over the weekend.... griff100 03/27/15 03:59:18 PM
#285744   We employed a one time 6 hearing impaired mathew633 03/27/15 03:58:09 PM
#285743   My sister in law is deaf, I come gdog 03/27/15 03:55:20 PM
#285742   plays a mean pin baaaaall...Tommy? griff100 03/27/15 03:32:45 PM
#285741   prolly blind deaf & dumb... I am going glassy 03/27/15 03:31:26 PM
#285740   I'll bet he won't post here again,, bounce gdog 03/27/15 02:58:29 PM
#285739   UGAZ 2.31 trying to bounce! lvhd 03/27/15 02:45:57 PM
#285738   Turn it back on...UCO down 9.7% to 7.20. griff100 03/27/15 02:38:05 PM
#285737   Very true...I wasn't giving him an excuse....just curious griff100 03/27/15 02:37:20 PM
#285736   I turned my computer off. earlylight 03/27/15 02:36:47 PM
#285735   Well regardless, doesn't matter if he is deaf cintrix 03/27/15 02:35:14 PM
#285734   Right...I'm not exactly fluent, but I can use griff100 03/27/15 02:32:07 PM
#285733   Watching Flobewan 03/27/15 02:28:30 PM
#285732   yes, I know about ASL . My daughter cintrix 03/27/15 02:28:12 PM
#285731   UCO falling pretty hard.. griff100 03/27/15 02:28:05 PM
#285730   oopsie Flobewan 03/27/15 02:27:46 PM
#285729   OCN....CRAP...again! griff100 03/27/15 02:27:12 PM
#285728   With today's illiteracy (especially on the internet) it's griff100 03/27/15 02:25:38 PM
#285727   lol andrius 03/27/15 02:23:17 PM
#285726   rotf I think he might be blind, not deaf cintrix 03/27/15 02:21:01 PM
#285725   LMAO! Good luck with that! girlfriend 03/27/15 02:15:54 PM
#285724   We don't invest here, we trade catastrophies and griff100 03/27/15 02:12:46 PM
#285723   LOL earlylight 03/27/15 02:11:45 PM
#285722   OHRP Straight Down Into Toilet DeafTrader2 03/27/15 02:06:51 PM
#285721   WTG... Churak 03/27/15 01:59:44 PM
#285720   I might get some back nearer to close griff100 03/27/15 01:55:51 PM
#285719   Geez back in 2.86 - still have a cintrix 03/27/15 01:53:51 PM
#285718   hope you got out. looks like the andrius 03/27/15 01:49:20 PM
#285717   OHRP new lod........ griff100 03/27/15 01:42:54 PM
#285716   JNUG sick hit 18.4s just as I thought.... andrius 03/27/15 01:32:07 PM