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Timing is Everything

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Knowing what we know now, I think its safe to say that "Timing is Everything!" When it comes to charts and chart set ups, Momentum Plays and Investor Awareness Campaigns, you have to know when to buy and when to sell.  VOLUME is always key.  A stock without liquidity isn't worth trading unless you like being a bagholder.   Some of the stocks we enter may currently lack liquidity, but based on our DD, we expect there to be liquidity coming soon.  We will also provide email alerts for stocks that may be profiled at this board or chart patterns that may be ready to break out.

During the evenings and some mornings I will work on posting here.

Board Rules:

1) Spam of any kind will not be tolerated
2) There will be times when posters are not in agreement, that is healthy, but please no personal attacks.
3) No specific price preference for the board
4) Volume is the blood in a stock's veins, so I typically prefer stocks with historical volume, otherwise there is little liquidity for selling the stock if need be.
5) Posting charts and annotations if you have a service that provides it are highly welcome since this provides support for your buy/sell/hold signal.
6) As always, do your due diligence, and remember that there is high risk in these types of stocks. Never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.
7) If the post is Off Topic, please post with OT prefacing the post.


Folks, please becareful which plays you jump into. I've been at this a few years and there are plays that go bad for whatever reason and it happens to the best Investment Awareness professionals out there. BUT there are also folks who PRETEND to be your friends on message boards and they just want YOUR money and they will say ANYTHING to get it. Then I hear about how they brag about it and it sickens me. I bought PPBL BEFORE the big announcement and couldn't even make a lousy 10% on it before the front loading pig(s) were tripping over himself / themselves to dump. They can claim they'll post a screen shot which means JACK. I trade out of 3 different accounts. You won't see me posting on those message boards where I KNOW there is a high percentage that most who buy the stock will end up Bagholders. A GOOD Promoter / Investor Awareness Professional doesn't front load heavily and dump all over everyone after the play is announced. He / She does their HOMEWORK to make sure the company is going to create shareholder value and NOT DILUTE all over folks coming into the stock.

No doubt we've all been in a stock that we jumped into from reading a message board only to regret the decision a short time later before exiting for a loss. In my case it's happened on many occasions although less frequently now. (tuition has been a bit expensive at times) I don't know all the players behind various "plays" but I do know about how the game is played. Some "Investor awareness Professionals" are much more trust worthy than others. Some who are more trust worthy have plays that don't work out because they were mislead by the company or they left some facet of DD unchecked. The one thing you can do in just about every case is look at the chart to see what happens after a play is announced. What happens to the Accum / Dist line and the OBV tells the story in many cases. If you see a sharp decrease in both you are likely seeing retail front loaders dumping and dilution and or shorting (shorting does happen but all to often it's the company selling, I've seen it over and over and over again even when the company and everyone else is denying it). those are the plays I exit and I'm not interested in coming back in on a bounce either. I don't look back in most cases.

So what's the answer? FORCE yourself to watch some plays from the sidelines and learn how the game works and get a feel who you can trust and who doesn't deserve your trust. I've learned not to believe everything in a PR and especially on a message board. I could show you posts of folks who swore they didn't front load or know about a play yet I know for a fact that they did. Some folks I know post about how much they are buying when I know they are selling. I'm not here to rat out anyone. I'm just explaining to some degree what goes on. Folks have to learn who they can trust and the biggest criteria is past performance. Not every one of their plays may have been a 100%+ gainer and not everyone is going to make money on every play no matter how much it goes up. I don't mind getting in plays where promoters have some shares to sell or the company is going to raise some money so long as I believe the selling will be done responsibly and shareholders are getting value for the shares coming into the market.

One last thing I think everyone knows already and again, this is for new folks. Penny stocks & ESPECIALLY NON REPORTING PINKS are not LONG TERM investments and probably only good for a week to a couple months max in MOST cases. (RTGV is my one exception) You'll preserve MUCH capital showing discretion which promoters / Investor Awareness Professionals are trustworthy and which are not. GLTUA!

OUTSTANDING DAILY Market Analysis.   I watch this EVERY evening.  Takes 10 minutes and a MUST listen for serious investors.

Some relevent info:

1) For SEC filings I use ""
2) For charts, I use "" (with membership to provide additional features and annotations)
3) To post a chart, right click on the chart and choose Properties, then copy the portion following the "http://",
then to post use '[chart'] <paste in chart link previously copied.> followed by '[/chart'] (the quotes before and after are not to be included when posting but are required so that Ihub doesnt think Im trying to post a chart)
4) I use for Level II including pink sheet Level II
5) I use Microcaptrader, ie., for real time news, watch list, scanning, and an overall realtime portal of stocks and their movements throughout the day.
6) GO to for a great listing of stock terms
7) For more info on chart formations, see
8) For info on shell stocks: http://www.ShellStockReview.Com
9) For historical charts on pink sheet stocks including volume for the day, low, high, open and close prices, go to
10) For symbol changes:
11) I recommend subscribing to for "The Daily List
" which contains a listing of symbol changes, and share structure changes, such as reverse and forward splits.
12) Remember also, to sell into strength, and buy into weakness. When possible, try not to sell at the bid, when a stock is strong, you can usually at least get filled somewhere between the bid/ask, selling at the bid will often hurt the stock, since the market makers make take the bid down further afterwards.
13) I recommend which is a service that delivers signals for when certain BBs/pinks cross certain technical points which indicate that a change in direction. Has made me some nice profits, at times when I was not noticing the trend building, great tool imo.
14) A free video is available (example) for education purposes to help with understanding the skills required for trading:
15) Also available, are videos on youtube for technical analysis:
16) Here is a link to the OTCBB short interest site. Slightly more than halfway down the page where it says "View by Security", you can enter the Ticker Symbol for whatever OTCBB stock you want.
17)Short interest for AMEX stocks.
18) Failure To Delivers (FTD)

For info on, see the Stockcharts board on the Hub:

The ULTIMATE big board charting service around. allows you to scan for stocks, create filters, scan for indicator breakouts and scan for CHART PATTERNS. This is the ultimate tool for all big board players and a must have imo to help track technical analysys.

Valuation and Investing - the basics


Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO)

Ascending Triangle is When a chart makes higher lows but not higher highs, entrance on the bottom trendline or when the price breaks above the previous flatline of highs. Sell when the stock makes a lower low.

Descending Triangle is When a stock holds its lows but makes lower highs. Buy at support bottom trendline or makes its first higher high and sell when it loses support or makes a lower low.

Symetrical Triangle is When a stock makes lower highs AND higher lows, buy at the bottom trendline or when the stock makes its first breakout with a higher high and sell when it makes a lower low or profits are made.


Opinions expressed on this board are only people's opinions. I, nor any moderator or assistant of this board is a licensed broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone.

No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stock strategies, charts and or buy and sells signals discussed on this board you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk.

Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.

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