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Throughout the ages, gold has served as a currency and an investment of choice around the world. History suggests that, over the long term, gold has held its relative economic value. Today, many financial analysts believe that gold serves as an important part of a balanced investment portfolio as an effective hedge against inflation, recession, financial market and paper currency volatility.

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 MNGA 1.47 VGZ .57 RBY 1.11 

28 Drugs Facing FDA Approval in 2012-2013







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Opinions expressed on this board are only people's opinions. Neither I, nor any moderator or assistant of this board is a licensed broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone.
No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stock strategies, charts and or buy and sells signals discussed on this board you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk.

Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.





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#310448   JASO sweet charts AugustaFriends 04/25/14 12:03:30 AM
#310447   Lol, sarcasm lost, I suppose. hebercreeper 04/25/14 12:03:04 AM
#310444   Basher. On that note, thoughts on some continuation in hebercreeper 04/24/14 11:59:48 PM
#310435   WATCHLIST FOR WEEK 4/21/14: madmax 04/24/14 11:40:48 PM
#310434   LOL AugustaFriends 04/24/14 11:29:21 PM
#310433   Sometimes I wonder if this is the SQNS hebercreeper 04/24/14 11:07:10 PM
#310432   Thanks! matt24d 04/24/14 10:01:28 PM
#310431   Yeah I agree SQNS would be a monster. :-) rayank 04/24/14 10:00:51 PM
#310430   Nice Matt. :-) rayank 04/24/14 10:00:04 PM
#310429   That would be HUGE!!!!! for us. That would matt24d 04/24/14 09:50:27 PM
#310428   I'm betting SQNS got inside the Nook. I hooligan1901 04/24/14 09:45:30 PM
#310427   From the SQNS call. I found this interesting. matt24d 04/24/14 08:55:41 PM
#310426   INUV, cool. Thx SK $oldier Hard 04/24/14 07:22:42 PM
#310425   Saw a post about a stock- BODY and mwwarner1 04/24/14 06:57:26 PM
#310424   No problem. Well you know my stance. I matt24d 04/24/14 05:33:02 PM
#310423   Thanks, I am anticipating a market sell off highhertel 04/24/14 05:29:48 PM
#310422   Here is stuff from their conference call. matt24d 04/24/14 05:19:06 PM
#310421   They came in at the lower range of matt24d 04/24/14 05:18:26 PM
#310420   I just noticed the big drop today, what happened? highhertel 04/24/14 05:10:34 PM
#310419   No problem!!! matt24d 04/24/14 05:09:23 PM
#310418   Trivia Question? marketcrash 04/24/14 04:57:32 PM
#310417   The SQNS points you posted look good Matt. rayank 04/24/14 04:57:06 PM
#310416   INUV 1Q Results SwingKing 04/24/14 04:05:35 PM
#310415   O ok I hear ya! matt24d 04/24/14 03:55:49 PM
#310414   i surely would my friend, but being an onkelhubert 04/24/14 03:54:14 PM
#310413   IMRS hammered today. Downtrend since last CC; AKAPAK 04/24/14 03:49:43 PM
#310412   i got back in at 1.99$ lemm 04/24/14 03:48:27 PM
#310411   I am not sure its a tab you matt24d 04/24/14 03:45:31 PM
#310410   why are you all sure it's a tab? onkelhubert 04/24/14 03:42:32 PM
#310409   HTM is defiantly tamed but on nasty short swampboots 04/24/14 03:32:22 PM
#310408   Exactly why I am not worried. Their design matt24d 04/24/14 03:31:18 PM
#310407   Sqns. Funny. Nothing really changed for Sequans today hooligan1901 04/24/14 03:29:03 PM
#310406   LOL!!! I have said for a long time matt24d 04/24/14 03:27:48 PM
#310405   IDN has to break .80 for another leg matt24d 04/24/14 03:26:42 PM
#310404   Exactly, wait at least a moment longer with swampboots 04/24/14 03:26:04 PM
#310403   Have many IDN but it still tip toes swampboots 04/24/14 03:23:24 PM
#310402   I have a view of the 3rd and matt24d 04/24/14 03:21:20 PM
#310401   Then it is the psychology of shareholders wishing swampboots 04/24/14 03:17:48 PM
#310400   Nice!! matt24d 04/24/14 03:01:28 PM
#310399   IDN ($0.76) What do you know it's GREEN light! SmurfVA 04/24/14 03:00:26 PM
#310398   Because of the fact they are still waiting matt24d 04/24/14 02:59:24 PM
#310397   I understand and appreciate your efforts explaining their swampboots 04/24/14 02:55:30 PM
#310396   You have to remember many of their design matt24d 04/24/14 02:42:50 PM