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Posts by trademax42BoardDate/Time
Well buddy you have your opinion, and I Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 08:10:53 PM
OWC* Deja vu: doom and gloom scenarios in Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 07:55:13 PM
Close at .002+ is very possible, imho. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/19/2017 03:10:04 PM
L2 is looking pretty thin on the ask Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 03:03:52 PM
How do see gap at .023? Yesterday's low Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 02:47:42 PM
That would be awesome! Looks like the tide Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 02:29:00 PM
Looking at L2, thin on the ask side, imho. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/19/2017 01:37:16 PM
If the 8k comes out to confirm what Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 01:19:40 PM
hey cjs...good to see you my friend. Yup Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 01:05:51 PM
.002s up again. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/19/2017 12:55:30 PM
.0019s thinning out fast, .002s commeth sooneth, imho. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/19/2017 12:29:13 PM
.0019 up. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/19/2017 12:24:10 PM
.0017s are thinning out fast, looking extremely bullish, imho. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/19/2017 12:22:08 PM
Nice work Rainmaker. Thank you. Float is very Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 12:17:01 PM
Exactly deja vu. Holding my shares with a Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 11:33:46 AM
Yup Choi. Holding onto my shares with a Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/18/2017 03:54:40 PM
Next wave has started in earnest, imo. Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/18/2017 03:44:51 PM
hey rhardy270...yup got my tickets as well. Looks Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/18/2017 03:23:18 PM
Yup once this merger goes through, no telling Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/18/2017 03:14:45 PM
Yesterday's high was at .0315, tap on the Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/18/2017 12:04:39 PM
I believe the gap was at .0315 and Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/18/2017 12:01:13 PM
Awesome information. Looks like merger talks are going Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/18/2017 09:23:06 AM
Thank you DOGONE, this is great news. Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/16/2017 12:45:07 PM
806K bids at .037! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/16/2017 11:07:27 AM
Just need the finra's approval for the flame Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/16/2017 10:30:14 AM
Good morning all. Needs some volume for this Innovativ Media Group Inc. (INMG) 10/16/2017 10:22:23 AM
Wow!! 450K on the bid at .0379! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!! Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/16/2017 10:16:23 AM
hey Camelot.... Waiting patiently for this to move Innovativ Media Group Inc. (INMG) 10/15/2017 06:52:58 PM
I believe from last submission since 10/4. Three Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/15/2017 06:35:55 PM
Exactly. No fluff PRs, no hype, no shares Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/15/2017 05:37:54 PM
Wow!! Awesome 10 calendar days are up tomorrow Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/14/2017 04:45:10 PM
Bring it on BA. Locked and loaded my Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/13/2017 03:18:15 PM
Could CSTI large ask block be fake? Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/13/2017 02:54:40 PM
Like the way you do chart analysis. Thank Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/13/2017 02:46:38 PM
Only 4 million on ask at .0017. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/13/2017 02:13:03 PM
Sounds great bud! Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/13/2017 02:10:35 PM
Green!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/13/2017 02:06:09 PM
Almost 30 million on bid at .0016, ask Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 10/13/2017 02:03:51 PM
L2 is looking thin on the ask to Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/13/2017 01:53:34 PM
Thank you for the update Mad Onion! Tide Dolat Ventures, Inc. (DOLV) 10/13/2017 01:43:04 PM