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dmelvin  trying to make 7 figures before I'm 30 
Posts by dmelvinBoardDate/Time
So they're pushing the merger consummation back again? Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/12/2017 12:43:42 PM
Rest assured, if RMRK get RM'd like they're Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 10/12/2017 12:28:23 PM
Speaking of, I just sold half a bitcoin Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 10/12/2017 12:19:04 PM
I don't think it gets there unless they Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/12/2017 12:01:19 PM
I think he's saying he got FUTL shares FutureLand Corp. (FUTL) 10/12/2017 01:56:26 AM
Wasn't the LoI always good until the end Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/11/2017 05:03:35 PM
I'm in the same boat Doog. Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/11/2017 04:21:21 PM
They put a date on it, and then Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/11/2017 04:19:46 PM
Ah... I see you got your bid filled. Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/11/2017 04:16:59 PM
Yeah... Because legit retirement funds fill their gills with Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/10/2017 10:14:18 PM
It means that the shares being offered here Croe Inc (CRCW) 10/10/2017 09:57:31 PM
Promise? Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 10/10/2017 06:47:26 PM
Trips? really? Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/10/2017 12:42:36 PM
Exactly. No one knows if acquisition Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 10/10/2017 12:03:11 PM
59.9 million per the transfer agent as of Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/09/2017 02:15:06 AM
We won't get it until the merger is Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 10:52:24 AM
Prior to this week, it has 75 mil Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 10:03:29 PM had an OS of around 75 million Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 09:57:44 PM
OS has been reduced by 15 million in Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 09:23:12 PM
I more than doubled my position @.0178... Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 04:26:55 PM
GRCK doesn't even have an 80 million OS, Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 01:40:37 PM
So for every $700 now I'll get a Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 10/05/2017 01:42:55 AM
Great find! Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/04/2017 06:06:16 PM
Don't get me wrong, I'm not leaving, i Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/04/2017 05:53:59 PM
I don't like that they had a set Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/04/2017 05:52:51 PM
"but the parties expect to consummate the transaction Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/04/2017 05:37:09 PM
Honestly, the longer this kind of trading happens, Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 10/04/2017 10:46:58 AM
I think he wanted people to see the LoI Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/03/2017 05:04:48 PM
The numbers came directly from, Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/03/2017 02:12:45 PM
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKING ON OH-THREE'S DOOR! Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/03/2017 02:07:58 PM
From what OC found... the Share Structure got Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/03/2017 02:07:11 PM
Newbies will be sorry Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 10/03/2017 12:07:47 AM
Should be happening now FutureLand Corp. (FUTL) 10/02/2017 03:17:51 PM
Getting walked down on 200k in volume? ALR Technologies (ALRT) 10/02/2017 11:26:01 AM
I'd love to be a millionaire... Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 09/29/2017 06:40:08 PM
My apologies, it was their 10-Q Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 09/29/2017 06:39:28 PM
It's the 10k put out by CRCW in Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 09/29/2017 06:05:35 PM
I would like to welcome everyone to "the Rimrock Gold Corp. (RMRK) 09/29/2017 05:52:44 PM
I expect that filing to blow the top Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 09/29/2017 05:47:07 PM
He hasn't even posted here? Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 09/29/2017 02:15:27 PM