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Posts by money6870BoardDate/Time
I think they meant Christmas Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 12/14/2017 02:35:27 PM IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/14/2017 02:03:37 PM
There isn't new management yet, dufort tweeted out IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/14/2017 12:02:01 PM
We won't even get coal this year IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/14/2017 08:43:16 AM
Nothing. Even the shares are worthless IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/14/2017 08:40:52 AM
Wrong DNA Brands, Inc. (DNAX) 12/13/2017 04:06:39 PM
Just hit the link I provided and scroll down Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 12/13/2017 01:59:56 PM
Go to, hit products, sapa coffee and Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 12/13/2017 01:59:07 PM
You can IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/13/2017 12:32:22 PM
Unlikely Duck. Same old BS with this company. IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/13/2017 09:47:29 AM
May need a new ticker symbol soon.... from IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/12/2017 01:42:25 PM
They really need to get moving IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/12/2017 01:41:23 PM
Where can we buy the chews? Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 12/12/2017 11:47:18 AM
Only 544 million at .0001 left to go, DNA Brands, Inc. (DNAX) 12/12/2017 11:03:27 AM
Thanks, they just got back with me. I Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 12/12/2017 10:52:32 AM
How did you get CBD tea, I thought Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 12/12/2017 09:26:24 AM
An RS never works at these levels IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/11/2017 04:02:26 PM
Hopefully its not a big RS announcement IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/11/2017 02:08:03 PM
We need to see action, not Dufort talking IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/11/2017 07:59:59 AM IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/10/2017 08:41:15 PM
It loose tea, I like it, bought both Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 12/08/2017 09:22:01 PM
I've ordered over 10 bags of CBD coffee Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 12/08/2017 09:06:19 PM
Same Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 12/08/2017 09:05:16 PM
Wes, the wanderport site works for me. Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 12/08/2017 08:00:39 PM IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/08/2017 07:56:04 PM
Dufort has said thats not the companies twitter IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/08/2017 07:54:48 PM
Retweeing same BS again Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 12/08/2017 04:53:04 PM
Is that even possible, can't get worse IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/07/2017 07:22:58 PM
Don't hold your breath Duck IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/07/2017 07:21:47 PM
This is to weighted down to take off, DNA Brands, Inc. (DNAX) 12/07/2017 01:15:03 PM
We have no idea if theres been dilution Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 12/07/2017 10:26:28 AM
Hopefully Dufort comes thru, but history tells us IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/06/2017 06:09:52 PM
Did they ungag the TA? Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 12/06/2017 05:21:28 PM
The dilution train rolling down the tracks......Choo Choo SUTIMCo International, Inc. (SUTI) 12/06/2017 05:16:15 PM
Link? Alternative PRoducts Unlimited (APRU) 12/06/2017 11:54:07 AM
No dilution, contact the TA. Wanderport Corp. (WDRP) 12/06/2017 11:52:58 AM
Telling the Truth isn't being negative. Go over IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/06/2017 10:47:13 AM
To bad IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/06/2017 09:58:28 AM
Hell it could mean acouple years with Dufort. IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/06/2017 09:38:46 AM
Dufort emailed this today: You will see what we IDGlobal Corp. (IDGC) 12/05/2017 09:49:30 PM