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Zeons Corporation (ZEON)

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This link ,      has full press releases for your reading on SSTP and

This link,       has full press releases for USSE, the mother company of SSTP


This magazine article in August 2008  issue of BioMass       is a glowing projection for SSTP


The End of $4 Fuel pr released Monday, July 21, 2008   was called by some JR's response to the SEC filing of July 16

Situation Analysis:

SEC attorney said on July 16, 2008  after doing their market analysis and hearing testimony of third parties, they are initiating suit against JR and USSE for fraud claims about the fuel, etc.   This did not become public until July 18


USSE dropped to sub penny , about 0.007 on the day news was released about SEC litigation .  See link for details.

SSTP dropped to 0.012 and rose back to the 0.022 cent range on the day this litigation hit the news for USSE.

Litigation filed by SEC filing on   July 16,2008  ----.Senior Trial Counsel Georgia Bar No. 61 8950 Telephone No. (404) 842-76 16 E-mail:
Staff Attorney 'Georgia Bar No. 423430 E-mail:
COUNSEL FOR PLAINTIFF Securities and Exchange Commission 3475 Lenox Road, N.E. Ste. 500 Atlanta, Georgia 30326-1232 Tel: (404) 842-7600 Fax: (404) 842-7679


Situation Analysis:

SEC attorney says after doing their market analysis and hearing testimony of third parties, they are initiating suit against JR and USSE for fraud claims about the fuel, etc.

L'Sole, Pembco, and AMSPEC say after doing their fuel analysis, they are setting up plans to market this fuel to the world.

Seems the difference is SEC did market analysis and third party analysis of the market story but failed to do a fuel analysis.

Dear Jury, If you were responsible  , would you want to have the  fuel  analyzed  or third party testimony about the fuel?   The SEC has NOT analyzed the fuel.  AMSPEC has.

written by Larry A Rice


Also, when USSE was new, I had a 30 minute conversation with a high government person whose job involved checking out  new potential fuels around the nation.

I have his name and phone and email on file, but will not quote them here.  I do declare he testified to the superiority of this fuel in both quality and production being far above

anything he had seen anywhere.   Larry A. Rice



Audio from John Rivera June 25, 2008

Current press releases for USSE

Feb 29,2008 news for SSTP

Board of Directors as of Feb 27, 2008

A new list of Corporate Executive Officers in Nevada Registration update!

READ THIS 1st LINK about

a site filled with information

We have an A+ team in Baytown,

============== January 13, 2008 ==========================

----------->Dec 27th, 2007 <------------->

slide show of completed construction
Baytown pilot facility ready to run

========================Dec 12 Pictures===============
Dec 12 pictures show some key people and new developments

Nov 9,2007 in Baytown, Tx must see picture


Must see video Sept 2007

Rivera Fuel Process (RFP) gives a fuel with less than 1% water content.
Others, competitors have 15 to 30% water.
RFP has reformulated, changed the chemistry, and used the hydrogen in that 30% water to form more high energy fuel output with a higher btu count than can be gotten with the 30% water biofuel competitors.

Currently in negotiations with Dominican Republic officials to provide fuel for both transportation and generation of electricity.

Company Websites: for USSE for SSTP

Dominican Republic News Sept 2007 on JR and Rivera Fuel

Sustainable Power Corp. Receives Report Summary Announcing a Direct Replacement for Gasoline by AmSpec Services, LLC Validating Rivera Process

U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp./Sustainable Power Corp. with its partner AgriMax Fuels LLC. has begun its production/blending of OD-66 E-Biodiesel in Houston, TX from where it is shipped to

GeoBiofuels , distributor for E-Biodiesel OD-66.

August 2007: Oxygenated Diesel or OD-66
New fuel meets all spec's and exceeds some for on road diesel


News and Research from the USSEC.US website:

OD-66 Oxygenated Diesel

third party: June 13,2007

informative post in our story of a new and sustainable fuel

Summary narrative:

New bio-fuel with superior qualities, does not gel down to -70*

New E-diesel fuel additive gives superior blend ratio of ethanol

New process gives superior efficiency in production of bio-fuel.

Government document:

Previous barriers broken with new Rivera Fuel:

Latest magazine coverage mentioning USSE and E2M

Rivera Process biofuel runs engines for transportation and fuels turbines for electricity generation.

U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. produces green energy.

... more efficiently than any other process.
20 lbs of soybeans into USSE reactor tube produces about
10 lbs of fuel, 5 lbs of carbon, and 5 lbs of gas.

USSE Senior Management Team:

Chairman and CEO John Rivera's Blog:

Comprehensive overview of USSEC per analytical profile by Wall Street Resources, Inc. (11/07/06):

Highlights from the WSR report:

============= SHARE STRUCTURE ==================
January 14, 2008 best info for USSE

link to may through August listing of share structure

Total Float is 450,000,000
Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Issued : 1,497,095,480
Unissued : 502,904,520 as authorized but not issued in any form

Of the Issued : 1,497,095,480
Restricted shares account for 1,201,398,778
Leaving in the float 296,759,202

Float: 296,759,202

Restricted: 1,201,398,778

Outstanding: 1,497,095,480

Authorized: 2,000,000,000

Link to an update on share structure

======================================== USSEC CONTACT INFO =======================================


Gerald F. Brent
VP of Operations/ General Manager
(601) 446-8007


Redwood Consultants, LLC
250 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Bldg. A-1
Novato, CA 94949
Phone: (415) 884-0348
Fax: (415) 884-0361


Signature Stock Transfer, Inc.
Jason M. Bogutski, President
2301 Ohio Drive, Suite 100
Plano, Texas 75093
Phone: (972) 612-4120
Fax: (972) 612-4122

Significant page of 19 links to documentation of USSE

============================================ DISCLAIMER =============================================
Information above is gathered from either the internet or from other sources that could prove to be inaccurate. Please do your own due diligence as some information may be out of date. IHub and the moderators of this board (USSE) will not claim nor hold any responsibility for an investor's financial decisions. If any invalid information is located on the USSE board, please notify the moderator or one of the assistants immediately so corrections can be made. Through your posts on this board, you are acknowledging awareness and complete understanding of the terms of use.

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