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Washington Mutual WAHUQ Trust Prf (fka WAHUQ)

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Washington Mutual Capital Trust 2001, 5.375% PIERS Units due 7/1/2041
Ticker Symbol: WAHUQ     CUSIP: 939322848     Exchange: OTCBB
Security Type: Trust Preferred Security
Issued: 23,000,000 


PIERS (Class 16) Treatment under Seventh Amended Joint Plan 

Pro Rata Share of (i) Runoff Notes, (ii) Creditor Cash and (iii) Liquidating Trust Interests, in an aggregate amount equal to (a) such holder’s Allowed PIERS Claim and (b) in the event that all Allowed Claims (other than Subordinated Claims) are paid in full, such holder’s Postpetition Interest Claim; provided, however, that, notwithstanding the foregoing, the contractual subordination and subrogation rights of Entities who hold PIERS Preferred Securities shall be preserved and enforced hereunder pursuant to section 510(a) of the Bankruptcy Code and any proposed distribution on account of the PIERS Common Securities of (i) Runoff Notes, (ii) Creditor Cash and (iii) Cash on account of Liquidating Trust Interests shall be recalculated and then distributed, subject to Bankruptcy Rule 3021 and subject to the Lien and priority rights of the PIERS Trustee, to Entities who hold PIERS Preferred Securities, or Liquidating Trust Interests on account thereof, until such time as such Entities’ Allowed PIERS Claims and Postpetition Interest Claims have been satisfied in accordance with the terms and provisions of the PIERS Trust Agreement; and, provided, further, that, following such distributions to holders of the PIERS Preferred Securities, WMI shall not retain any distribution on account of the PIERS Common Securities, including, without limitation, the Runoff Notes; and, provided, further, that, following the distribution to PIERS Preferred Securities referred to above, any remaining distribution of (a) Creditor Cash, (b) Cash received on account of Liquidating Trust Interests, and (c) Runoff Notes, shall be distributed, subject to Bankruptcy Rule 3021 and subject to the Lien or priority rights of the PIERS Trustee, in accordance with the priorities set forth in the Subordination Model attached hereto as Exhibit “H”. The relative priorities among holders of Allowed Senior Notes Claims, Allowed Senior Subordinated Notes Claims, Allowed General Unsecured Claims, Allowed CCB-1 Guarantees Claims, Allowed CCB-2 Guarantees Claims, Allowed PIERS Claims, and Allowed Late-Filed Claims, and the order in which such holders are entitled to receive payment of their Allowed Claims, Intercreditor Interest Claims, Remaining Postpetition Interest Claims and Postpetition Interest Claims, including, without limitation, on account of contractual subordination and subrogation provisions, are set forth in more detail in the Subordination Model attached hereto as Exhibit “H”. 

Reorganized Common Stock Election: On the Ballot, each holder of an Allowed PIERS Claim shall be provided the right to elect, in its sole and absolute discretion, to receive such holder’s Pro Rata Share of the Common Stock Allotment in lieu of (i) fifty percent (50%) of such holder’s Litigation Proceeds Interest (solely in its capacity as a holder of an Allowed PIERS Claim) and (ii) subject to the provisions of Section 31.14 of the Plan, some or all of the Runoff Notes that such holder otherwise is entitled to receive pursuant to Section 20.1 of the Plan. To the extent a holder of an Allowed PIERS Claim receives Reorganized Common Stock pursuant to the foregoing election, such holder’s share of the Runoff Notes to which the election was effective shall not be issued and Reorganized WMI shall retain an economic interest in the Litigation Proceeds equal to fifty percent (50%) of the Litigation Proceeds (and such interest shall not constitute a component of the Liquidating Trust Assets) such holder otherwise would have received (solely in its capacity as a holder of an Allowed PIERS Claim) (and the holder’s rights in respect of distributions from the Liquidating Trust shall be adjusted to the extent such proceeds are received by Reorganized WMI). Failure by any holder of an Allowed PIERS Claim to elect to exercise rights provided in this Section 20.2 on or before the Ballot Date shall constitute a deemed waiver and relinquishment of such rights by such holder. Any election made after the Ballot Date shall not be binding upon the Debtors unless the Ballot Date is waived, in writing, by the Debtors; provided, however, that under no circumstance may such waiver by the Debtors occur on or after the Effective Date.

Definition of Runoff Proceeds

Runoff Proceeds ” means (a)(i) all net premiums, reinsurance recoverables, net revenue resulting from commutation of insurance contracts, net interest income, reserve releases and other revenues derived from the reinsurance contracts, investments and other assets of the Trusts less, without duplication, (ii)(A) the reasonable and necessary costs and expenses of the Trusts and the Owner (including, but not limited to, general and administrative expenses, audit fees, required regulatory capital contributions (which capital contributions will be added back to the Runoff Proceeds if applicable regulations permit such distributions thereof), expenses of regulatory compliance, including all costs associated with the Insurance Book Closing, expenses of administering this Indenture and taxes) attributable to the administration of the Trusts or the assets thereof and the collection of premiums and/or management of investments in connection therewith (which expenses shall include reasonable and customary expenses attributable to the foregoing paid under any administrative services agreement, investment management agreement or similar agreement), and (B) claims paid for covered losses and (b) the proceeds from the foregoing received by the Owner or the Issuer in cash, securities and/or other property from any sale, liquidation, merger or other disposition in respect of the Owner or its interests in the Trusts or the assets thereof. The inclusion of clause (b) of this definition shall not be construed as a consent to any sale, liquidation, merger or other disposition or waiver of compliance with any covenant related thereto. For the avoidance of doubt, to the extent that Issuer or WMMRC pays any such cost, capital contribution or expense described in clause (ii)(A), payment by Issuer or WMMRC will be deemed a cost or expense of the Trusts.

#3511   Interesting, thank you. robigus 10/06/16 05:24:05 PM
#3510   My guess is they did not have the ItsMyOption 10/06/16 05:13:54 PM
#3509   Why did they only redeem a tiny percentage robigus 10/06/16 05:11:33 PM
#3508   payment today! Note: This is not a total ItsMyOption 10/04/16 08:21:36 AM
#3507   No PIERS payment for July Quarter paid in Civil War General 09/22/16 11:11:08 AM
#3506   But not mine his time? Because I robigus 08/31/16 05:48:38 PM
#3505   WMIH is buying back a portion of your holdings. Enterprising Investor 08/30/16 11:07:45 PM
#3504   help to understand - Mon Aug 29 13:34:35 ItsMyOption 08/30/16 03:50:04 PM
#3503   Mon Aug 29 13:34:35 2016 - Attention Brokerage Customer ItsMyOption 08/29/16 02:30:41 PM
#3502   Class 16 Liquidating Trust Balance: $2.30 (8/01/16) Enterprising Investor 08/15/16 11:11:48 PM
#3501   They redeemed 2 half-shares. One was .52 robigus 07/01/16 11:41:39 PM
#3500   Looks to me that all my WAHUQ trust ItsMyOption 06/18/16 08:05:33 AM
#3499   Replaces earlier call notice. Enterprising Investor 06/15/16 10:06:42 PM
#3498   Partial call lottery: ItsMyOption 06/15/16 10:18:44 AM
#3497   Has anyone tried (been able) to buy the Donotunderstand 06/07/16 10:36:40 AM
#3496   92936PAB6090 - WMI HLDGS CORP SR 2LIEN P/C 07/01/16 vics picks 06/04/16 06:14:45 PM
#3495   Partial call only. Enterprising Investor 06/04/16 09:53:07 AM
#3494   Thats about the 13% divident we are owned Olti100 06/04/16 07:17:40 AM
#3493   I got a small interest payment yesterday. robigus 06/02/16 06:52:06 PM
#3492   Wed Jun 1 11:07:55 2016 - Attention Brokerage Customer ItsMyOption 06/01/16 12:36:03 PM
#3491   Class 16 Liquidating Trust Balance: $2.29 (5/01/16) Enterprising Investor 05/17/16 08:44:30 AM
#3489   yes they are doing trust reporting - honestly IMO Donotunderstand 03/10/16 01:14:21 PM
#3486   I wouldn't rely on the trust or E-trade Rumble 03/09/16 07:10:25 PM
#3485   Does anyone understand what you would use as ItsMyOption 03/09/16 11:09:05 AM
#3484   I asked KCC and they told me the Civil War General 03/08/16 10:21:35 AM
#3483   Remember that WMI Liquidation Trust is a Trust Rumble 03/07/16 01:54:36 PM
#3482   Got my tax docs today from WMILT. They Civil War General 03/07/16 01:11:35 PM
#3481   I got a small interest payment and a robigus 03/05/16 12:43:59 AM
#3480   and Donotunderstand 02/11/16 12:40:57 PM
#3479   The 3/01/16 payment is for a partial call Enterprising Investor 02/09/16 05:31:12 PM
#3478   What does that tell us? Looks like we ItsMyOption 02/09/16 05:20:47 PM
#3477   Class 16 Liquidating Trust Balance: $2.28 (2/01/16) Enterprising Investor 02/09/16 05:08:13 PM
#3476   no payment but shares removed? Donotunderstand 02/05/16 06:20:49 PM
#3475   nothing in or out Donotunderstand 02/05/16 06:19:16 PM
#3474   I see the wording on the LT Donotunderstand 02/05/16 06:17:51 PM
#3473   I see the wording on the LT Donotunderstand 02/05/16 06:17:33 PM
#3472   I have Etrade and no payment but shares ItsMyOption 02/05/16 04:19:07 PM
#3471   Has anyone received their partial call on the GO4AWILDRIDE 02/05/16 03:51:08 PM
#3470   No prediction from me on "when" the LT dissolves. Enterprising Investor 02/05/16 03:38:24 PM
#3469   Not even close . . . still have MasterBlastr 02/05/16 03:35:54 PM
#3468   Dissolution of the LT. Enterprising Investor 02/05/16 03:28:46 PM
#3467   LOL funny . . . MasterBlastr 02/05/16 03:09:17 PM
#3466   No LT assets revert to WMIH.1.6 No Reversion Enterprising Investor 02/05/16 03:01:04 PM
#3465   EI Question Donotunderstand 02/05/16 02:12:49 PM
#3464   Date reflects the call date. Funds will be deposited Enterprising Investor 02/04/16 07:32:11 AM
#3463   I had an adjustment dated 1/28 but have ItsMyOption 02/03/16 04:41:22 PM
#3462   I don't jump on here very often anymore; Rumble 02/01/16 02:32:41 PM
#3461   Alright!!! robigus 01/28/16 02:10:19 PM
#3460   Looks like more money coming soon! ItsMyOption 01/27/16 10:25:26 AM
#3459   1. How much in dollars did WMIH owe Donotunderstand 12/08/15 05:07:17 PM