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ViaDerma Inc. (VDRM)

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ViaDerma, Inc.

A Division of ViaDerma, Inc. , A Public Company.

Breakthrough Rapid Delivery of Nutrients and Medicines

ViaDerma, Inc. is a biotechnology licensing company committed to bringing new products quickly to the pharmaceutical industry through innovative research & development. ViaDerma licenses products in fields of medicine ranging from infectious diseases to stem-cell therapy.

About Our Products


Proprietary and Trade Secret Mechanism of Action

ViaDerma's proprietary transdermal delivery system allows for rapid mass transfer of the pharmaceutical active ingredient across the skin and into the body to provide immediate localized therapy.

The technology allows transfer of chemicals through the stratum corneum (outer layer of skin) with a diffusion constant which is 10,000 times higher than the diffusion constant which characterizes water movement through the stratum corneum.

This enables ViaDerma to pair almost any active ingredient with the technology and provide rapid transport of the medicine right to the site of action.

The first product is a broad spectrum tetracycline-based topical antibiotic is the only antibiotic in the world that kills bacteria both a physical and a chemical mechanism. All known antibiotics (other than ours) primarily use only a chemical mechanism of kill. The physical mechanism of kill is a key feature of what we call Rapid Active Ingredient Delivery System (RAIDS). One result of RAIDS is that tetracycline is carried in higher concentrations, more quickly, to and through the cell walls, where the tetracycline can become more effective than if conventional antibiotics were used. Conventional antibiotics require more time (usually prescribed for 5 to 7 days for best results), whereas our tetracycline-based products usually produce desirable results in 24 hours (or less) because of the RAIDS effect.

Skin Layer Organization

A second important result of RAIDS is that the topical antibiotic kills all harmful Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria that have been available for testing. We believe this is the world’s strongest broad-spectrum topical antibiotic available.

The potential commercial impact is immense. Drug developers believe it takes much longer for bacteria to develop drug resistance to a physical kill mechanism. This is because it is relatively easy for bacteria to change their response to a chemical threat, but it takes numerous generations for bacteria to grow a new kind of cell wall structure to respond to a physical threat.

Our novel approach to overcome drug resistance of antibiotics is designed to sustain the effectiveness of antibiotics and other topical drugs for many years. This gives new topical drug products a longer useful lifetime and therefore more commercial value. This technology, when licensed to larger pharmaceutical companies, may provide stronger incentive for the discovery and development of new antimicrobial drugs. In recent years, the dearth of new antibiotics has been largely due to the uncertain new-drug commercial lifetime which is diminished when bacteria develop immunity to that drug.

In addition the technology can be licensed to other companies to convert existing oral drugs to transdermal medications extending the profitably of the existing drug.


We are developing products in the following fields of use;

Topical antibiotics

Treats all types of bacteria including MRSA, VRE and other flesh eating bacteria. Fights drug resistant bacteria. $6B/year global market.

  • Estimated Global prevalence rate of all types of bacterial infection including pets: 2 Billion.
    Estimated Global prevalence rate of MRSA: 140 million.
Topical toenail antifungal

Onychomycosis, a fungal infection of the toenails, is a major health problem. It is estimated that there are in excess of 40 million sufferers with this condition in the USA. It is a problem throughout the world. A recent European study showed that the prevalence of Onychomycosis may be as high as 26.9%. Fungal resistance can occur when the oral antifungal agents are used on a long-term basis. Topically applied antifungal drugs may work somewhat better adjunctive to surgical removal or chemical dissolution of the nail plate. Yet, this often ineffective and traumatic procedure leaves the subject without a nail for months at risk for re-infection. Given the limitations of current treatment options in this $3B market, there is a great need for a simple, nontoxic and effective alternative treatment. Estimated Global prevalence rate: 140 million.

Anti-viral formula

Treats symptoms of Influenza which is a$4B/ year global market: Common

  • Estimated Global prevalence rate of Influenza: 355-1065 million.
    Estimated Global prevalence rate of “Bird Flu”: Very rare, about 500 cases.
    Estimated Global prevalence rate of “Swine Flu”: 1420 million were infected in 2009
Wound care

Diabetic foot wounds.

  • Diabetic foot Ulcers; $1.5B/year global market. 12 million people per year

Contact Details

ViaDerma's global headquarters is located at
8950 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 576, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

We are currently in discussions with companies in Australia & New Zealand, India, China, and West Africa.

Phone: 310.871.3996

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Authorized Shares: 400,000,000 a/o Nov 10, 2016

Outstanding Shares: 200,319,103 a/o Nov 10, 2016

Float: 51,061,509 a/o June 30, 2016

Low Floaters Move Fast!

Par Value    0.001


$VDRM COULD BE THE pharmacy stock of the year. This stock could run 30,000% here's why.

1) EXTREMELY OVERSOLD and unknown 
2) ONLY 150 MILLION A\S! Makes it the TINIEST FLOAT VS PRICE out of ALL pharmacy stockso in the whole country!
3) Pharmaceutical stocks have the LARGEST PERCENTAGE GAINS OUT OF ALL STOCKS IN THE MARKET on the big boards or the OTHER. 
4) Unusual sudden MASSIVE increase in volume since 3/7/16 LOOK.
7) STRONG HANDS HOLDING 11 million shares out of the TINY 18 million float.
8) After being silent for ages 4 JUICY FILINGS came out in September so something could be up.
9) THEY HAVE A PATENT which big boys have to be eyeing.


THIS IS NOT A REGULAR PENNY STOCK. The LOWEST FLOAT vs price vs ALL PHARMA STOCKS IN THE COUNTRY. BIG BOARD OR OTC LAND. ALL OF THEM. Pharma stocks have the HIGHIGHEST EST percentage gain in big boards or penny stocks




LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - November 14, 2016) - ViaDerma, Inc. (OTC PINK: VDRM), a specialty pharmaceutical company devoted to bringing new products to market, announced today the Patent Pending use of its innovative transdermal system for the delivery of (CBD's) Calanoids and (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol for the treatment of several diseases. The transdermal system can deliver through topical skin absorption to localized areas and directly into the blood stream. The Patent application using the combination of CBD's and THC with the delivery system was filed in 2014. The Patent Pending transdermal system can deliver medications and nutrients into the body through the skin. For example, a person with a migraine headache can place the CBD and THC combined with the delivery compound and apply to the neck with immediate absorption into the bloodstream through the corroded artery. ViaDerma, Inc. is also in the clinical testing stages of an anti-aging topical solution, topical pain medication, a topical for male-pattern baldness, and a topical designed to boost male libido.

On November 8th, medical and recreational marijuana was passed in several states that voted on medical marijuana provisions, in what is turning out to be, the biggest electoral victory for marijuana reform since 2012. The use of CBD's is known for the reduction of inflammation and for the treatment of several diseases, such as, nicotine addiction, fibromyalgia, Cohn's disease, schizophrenia, migraine headaches, pain management for cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.

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