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Trendsetter Solar Products Inc. (TSSP)

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818 Broadway Street, Eureka, CA.



Welcome to Trendsetter, Manufacturer of Solar Thermal Storage Tanks
TrendSetter Industries, a division of Smart Gas & Electric, is a keystone manufacturer, concentrating on manufacturing and distributing thermal storage tanks for residential, commercial and industrial use across the United States. Our tanks are heavily insulated, with optional superinsulated configurations and feature immersed-coil stainless steel heat exchangers for any desired transfer rate. Our atmospheric-pressure tanks come in standard sizes but can also be provided in custom dimensions for specific requirements as well.

In addition to our nationally recognized thermal storage tanks, TrendSetter also manufacturers complete turnkey solar thermal systems that cover the spectrum of residential, commercial and industrial demand. In homes, they provide hot water for showers and can provide heating for winter comfort. Commercial systems include hot water recirculation systems, peak load balancing and even commercial cooling through adsorption chilling. Commercial products can include heat reclamation and thermal energy supply at virtually any temperature required.

Why Solar Thermal?
Solar Thermal Energy is the most cost effective solar option for energy generation!

People see photovoltaic (PV) systems in the media every day, to the point that "solar" means "solar power". Solar thermal has largely missed the media spotlight, and many do not understand some of the key differences that make solar thermal the most cost effective option for energy generation.

Cost of System per Watt

Solar thermal costs less per unit of power than photovoltaics, pure and simple. Solar thermal collectors boast maximum efficiencies of up to 70% of the energy of the sunlight being converted directly to heat, while solar photovoltaic systems boast perhaps 12% after de-rating and inverter losses. All things being equal, a "typical" PV system of 3,000W gross rating often costs about $26,000 compared to the cost of a standard TS-150 series system of approximately 4,400W costs less than $12,000. Think about it, half again the capacity for less than half the price.

Economical Storage

Solar thermal systems store the energy they collect in water or some other medium. This means that heat collected while you are at work is available when you want it, even when the sun goes down. By contrast, a photovoltaic system must rely on batteries to store energy collected during the day, or divert it to load dumps or the local electrical grid. Batteries are expensive and inverters are even more so, and batteries must be periodically replaced and recycled.


Let's face it, solar thermal is easy to understand. There are a few basic components, including the panels, pump, tank, controller and sensors. Solar photovoltaic systems are vastly more complex. Solar thermal systems are simpler and most homeowners can perform maintenance by themselves. Even if repairs are required, simpler systems take less time to inspect and perform repairs on.

Why Buy a Trendsetter Solar Thermal Storage Tank?

It's no secret that round tanks are simpler and easier to construct than rectangular tanks. However, many of our customers prefer the rectagular tank because it uses space more efficiently. A majority of our tanks are purchased for space availability. Considerations are made to custom dimensions.

Metal tanks have a limited life before they need to be replaced. Our large tanks are lightweight and need never be replaced. The tank is easily field servicable and EPDM liners are replaceable, as are the stainless steel heat exchangers. The exterior is white embossed coated aluminum that will never fade, peel or chip. All materials are aluminum and stainless steel. No ferris materials are used in the construction.

Tanks can be constructed with many varieties of heat exchangers. High heat exchangers are used to draw heat from the tank to preheat domestic hot water or supply radiant floor heating as well as swim spas and pools. Heat exchangers used for closed loop systems are mounted low in the tank.

The tanks are attractive and are made to be used inside or outside.

No valves or air vents are used on the collectors as the passive built-in valve controls the drainback process perfectly every time. The valve has a condensing pig tail that also serves as a vent. The auto-fill valve eliminates the need to maintain fluid levels in the tank.

Oversized pressurized tanks or multiple smaller storage tanks using multiple heat exchangers means significantly greater parasitic losses to the system. Pumping with two pumps for each exchanger or heat loss to the atmosphere with lots of piping connections reduces thermodynamic efficiency.

Why Would Anyone Do This?

Why Would Anyone Do This?

When You Can Do This
When You Can Do This

Tank Images

Large Solar Thermal Storage Tank
Large Solar Thermal Storage Tank
Heat Exchangers Inside Large Tank
Heat Exchangers Inside Large Solar Thermal Storage Tank
Close-up of Heat Exchangers
Close-up of Heat Exchangers
Large Solar Thermal Storage Tank from above
Large Solar Thermal Storage Tank from above
Tank lid and heat exchanger close-up
Tank lid and heat exchanger close-up
Large Solar Thermal Storage Tank Lid
Large Solar Thermal Storage Tank Lid
Large Solar Thermal Storage Tank Strapping
Large Solar Thermal Storage Tank Strapping
Thermal Lid in Production
Thermal Lid in Production
Top of tank for Facebook's Gym
Top of tank for Facebook's Gym
Two tanks ready to ship out
Two tanks ready to ship out

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