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The Van Scan (SCAN)

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The Van Scan is a place for Old School Penny Stock Traders

Please educate yourself thoroughly (see links below) before buying *any* penny stock. Please! The Van Man luvs ya and wants you to make bank. Buying *any* penny stock is like playing with fire.


When I "pound the table" on something I will stick with it as long as the story is there and I see more gains in the near term future.


MY SKYPE ID: vantillian

TWITTER ID: @vantillian


Any whiny posts will be deleted. You have been warned. These stock picks are ALL very high risk and you should expect to lose all your money before investing. If you are playing with money you cannot afford to lose, then you have a problem and should either cease and desist from investing and/or find pastoral help immediately from a Bible teaching church in your area. If you are a crummy trader, learn to be a good one before we and others take away all your money. If you are sitting on 50-100% profits on an OTC issue and have not lightened up on your position at all, you are stupid. Very.

PLEASE NOTE WELL: I reserve the right to buy or sell any securities at any time without warning. You should not interpret anything that I post as a recommendation to buy or sell securities. You should assume that I hold a large position that I am looking to liquidate on any stock I highlight. Everything on this board and in all my posts is simply opinion. If you follow my picks you should be prepared to lose your entire investment.  

FIND A TRADING STYLE THAT WORKS FOR YOU! All of us are wired differently and there are as many different kinds of trading styles and methods as there are personalities. The market truly is a microcosm of life. Ebb and flow is an ever-present reality on every stock. That being said there is one ultimate common denominator to successful trades. Sell your stock higher than where you bought it!!!

WHAT HAS WORKED FOR VANTILLIAN is to have a couple different strategies at work simultaneously. The first strategy is to keep my ear to the ground on stocks that may move soon (say between a week to two months out) and begin ACCUMULATING a nice position. I don't mind spending a good deal of money (over $5-10K) on plays like this where I have really done the DD. But these tend to be somewhat boring plays until the big moves happen. So.....because I tend to suffer from market ADHD I need to have one cash pool designated for ACTIVE DAYTRADING. I probably make between 20-50 trades on any given day. I am looking for anything that moves in order to make quick intra-day gains of 10% or more. I generally invest less than $3,000 per trade on these kinds of stocks unless they are trading insane dollar volume (over $1M daily as a rule). Taking a haircut (i.e. loss) is part of the daytrading game too. But so is averaging down! It's not a precise science and much like a sport such as basketball or golf you must always have the mindset of a humble learner that though they continually improve, they are ever an infinite distance away from perfection! Self-proclaimed OTC Jedi-masters are only fooling themselves! Be careful of those tooting their horns the loudest. You simply will not find the trader/investor who is never wrong. Being wrong is part of the game, but being right more than you are wrong is essential to survival! So learn from all your mistakes. Take something with you that makes you a better and stonger investor/trader. Here is some inspiration and truth from Rocky Balboa!



Top 25 Axioms of OTC Investing -- Read through this post at least twice before investing a penny in pennyland. So far this has been my ihub magnum opus.


Money 101 -- The iBox of this board is a *MUST READ*

10 Advanced Axioms of OTC Investing -- Once you grasp the Top 25, then this is master's level coursework.


Various Motivations of a Basher -- Understand that investing is war, especially on the OTC.

Maximum RSS -- This is a board I created to help people understand how useful and helful RSS can be when seeking to digest heaps of information from many different places quickly.


Top 10 Annoying Posters You'll Meet on iHub -- Kinda funny, kinda true. I had fun writing this one.

Due Diligence 101 -- Learn the difference between "hard data" and "public buzz."  

iHub's "Stock Market 101"

Current OTC Promotions -- See all the current OTC promos at a glance. Very helpful!  

Brick's Guidelines For Trading Penny Stocks -- PURE GOLD!

Disclaimer: Absolutely nothing said on this Board or on Twitter nor anything ever said, written, published or reproduced by vantillian on Investors Hub or Twitter, or anyplace, whether via public or private messages, is legal, trading, investment, or financial advice and should never, under any circumstances whatsoever, be construed by any person(s) whomsoever as the rendering of any sort legal, trading, investment, or financial advice or, for that matter, any advice whatsoever upon which the reader(s) should rely. All statements, whether expressly stated or implied, directly or indirectly, is simply the personal opinion of the author and should be treated as such.  All material posted by this poster (vantillian) is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities. By reading this or any post by this poster, you are accepting the sole responsibility for your own investment decisions. By reading this post or any post by this poster, you acknowledge that the information hereunto contained within this post (message) is provided solely for general opinionated discussion and informational purposes and therefore should not be considered to be complete, precise, accurate, or current. Beware that posters on not only this message board but other message boards not limited to this website may be increasing or decreasing their share positions in a security regardless of what they are posting and/or may be compensated in some way from a company or 3rd party investor in the company mentioned in the post. Assume that any security mentioned by this poster is owned by this poster and that this poster may be buying or selling or adding or subtracting from a position they may have irregardless of anything said, inferred, construed, or believed. Always do your own due diligence prior to making an investment decision. Never borrow money to buy penny stocks, and always remember that all penny stocks are highly risky. Also be aware that information provided by this poster concerning certain securities contains forward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. NEVER INVEST IN A PENNY STOCK UNLESS YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE YOUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT. No statement within this post or made by this poster (vantillian) past, present, or future should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell a security or to provide investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Trading securities and options involves extreme risk and professional guidance. This poster does not give specific trading advice nor claim that a thorough analysis of each security mentioned has been conducted. This poster is not a Financial Analysts, Investment Broker, Financial Adviser, Guru or any sort of professional that would be deemed as an individual someone would rely upon for investment advice. You should discuss the asset allocation and risk tolerance level which is appropriate for your personal financial situation with a professional financial planner / adviser. This poster encourages viewers of this post to invest carefully and read the investor information available at the web site of the SEC at: prior to investing in anything. You should also not make any trades or decisions based upon anything said or written by this poster with regard to investments without consulting a professional financial planner/adviser. Always assume at all times that this poster may have a position in any of the securities they mention and could be buying or selling at any time. Any opinions expressed by this poster are subject to change without notice.

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