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StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR)

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StrikeForce Technologies ProtectID® Out-Of-Band Authentication * Anti-Keylogging * Apple & Mobile Security. Two Factor Authentication via Phone SMS Email Blackberry iPhone Token


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As of 8/30/13
Authorized Shares: 1,500,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 4,398,075
Shares Floating: Unknown



Leadership Team:

Advisory Board:

StrikeForce Technologies' IR Contact
Mark L. Kay
(732) 661-9641

Buy One, Get One Free: Special

  • Keylogging is a widespread, serious threat.
    Keylogging hands over your personal info to hackers, cyber–predators, and identity theives.
    Anti–virus, anti-spyware, and firewall security are ineffective against 80% of keylogger attacks.
    GuardedID® Protects Against Keylogging, with a proactive, preventative approach.
GuardedID® by StrikeForce Technologies

The World's Leading Provider of Total Identity Assurance Solutions

StrikeForce Technologies is a leading provider that Specializes in Identity Theft Online solutions for consumers, industry and government. By leveraging StrikeForce's breakthrough technologies, consumers and organizations can finally secure their electronic assets while protecting their employees, business partners, suppliers and customers from malicious hacking and theft.

StrikeForce's revolutionary technologies are represented by a proprietary software product suite that guards both businesses and consumers from keylogging, phishing, malware, spyware and other identity attacks and scams.

For more on StrikeForce Technologies, see our corporate web site.



The threat from cybercrime? 'You ain't seen nothing yet"

August 29,2013
Telecoms companies now subject to new personal data breach notification rules

August 28, 2013
Phishing email grants hackers access to DNS records of major websites

August 2013 CyberBreaches...
Infosec 2013: Cost of cyber breaches rises three-fold, research shows

C/Net News:League of Legends is hacked,

Nasdaq outage resembles hacker attacks

August 2013 global threats

Daily-deal website LivingSocial confirmed that its computer systems were hacked, resulting in “unauthorized access.”
The company updated its password encryption method after the breach impacted more than 50 million users. Names, email addresses, dates of birth, and salted passwords were stolen.

1-15 June 2013 Cyber Attacks Timeline




The world's leading provider of Out-of-Band Authentication,
Keystroke Encryption and Mobile Security.

Our products secure millions of users worldwide.

Start protecting your users today.



ProtectID OoB Authentication


GuardedID Anti-Keylogging

PATENT No.: US 7,870,599 B2

Designed to deliver affordable flexible & redundant authentication for Banks, Corporations, Universities, Gov't agencies & Social Networking Websites. ProtectID can be managed on-premise or via our hosted cloud service.

ProtectID Features:

  • Multiple Out-of-Band authentication methods
    Hard Token Supports
    Soft Token OATH compliant - desktop and phone based
    Transaction Verification
    Secures VPNs and Citrix networks
    Secures Microsoft applications
    Secures Web, SSO and Cloud applications

Learn More >>


Protects you by encrypting your keystrokes when you bank, shop and email online. GuardedID's Premium version will also protect your desktop applications such as MS Office, VPN clients & IM programs.

GuardedID Features:

  • Encrypts keystrokes
    Protects financial transactions
    Protects Corporate Data
    Warns against Clickjacking attacks
    Protects from login breeches
    Protects against screen-scrapers
    SDK available for integration
    Re-Branding & Bundling into partner products

Learn More >>

IDGenie Mobile Security 

A swiss-army knife for managing passwords with a variety of useful functions. Its the only application for the iPhone/iPad that contains the essential security "must-haves" for protecting your passwords, your money and your identity.

IDGenie Features:

  • Password Vault
    Strong password generator
    One Time Password generator
    1024 bit encrypted NIST/FIPS compliant data base

Mobile 2Factor: It enables existing enterprise mobile apps to be secured by two factor authentication.

Learn More >>






 Patent Info... PATENT No.: US 7,870,599 B2


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#25838   SFOR-just a little trend down-good time to buy pand2015 11/12/15 02:04:22 PM
#25837   Sfor will R/S after the new year. scotlandrules 11/11/15 01:36:06 PM
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#25825   Deals? Baahahaha, Sfor isn't a real company. scotlandrules 11/05/15 09:54:16 AM
#25824   Looking good and even better when deals are announced... Stargazer1945 11/04/15 03:17:26 PM
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#25816   given their history it is either a local hiphop 11/02/15 02:14:21 PM
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