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QED Connect (QEDN)

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QED Connect, Inc.

Kate Bahnsen



CEO, MBA Co-founder of Inca Seeds and Snacks

Inca Snacks Worldwide is a public listed company on the OTC under the symbol QEDN.
In 2015, QED Connect , acquired Green M&A Solutions and created Inca Worldwide to sell our Inca Seeds and our Inca Snacks.
Inca Worldwide (QED) is dedicated to providing the healthiest, most natural, and delicious snacks available.  
We are committed to health and nutrition, and use the most effective natural techniques in delivering these products to the consumer.



CEO, MBA Co-founder of Inca Seeds and Snack



John Naisbitt Founder & President at Sustainable Solutions Group (Panama)

** At, AngloGold Ashanti, he was hired as Project Manager for the $1.5 Billion, 23 MTPA Gramalote Project to complete the current PFS-upgrade and EIA permitting phase, leading into the Feasibility Study and Project Execution phases. Project management implementation for this project is being developed on the basis of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team using a 3D-CAD Business Information Model (BIM) in conjunction with 4D-CAD and 5D-CAD as key systems integration tools.

John Naisbitt Resume

QEDN “5” Significant Valuation Projections

Before reading how I derived these valuations for QEDN going forward, please understand that these are ”potential” valuations based on the projections that have been delivered by the company’s management. The QEDN CEO, Katharina (Kate) Bahnsen, is a Multilanguage MBA professional with a concentration in Finance Analysis and is also a Certified Fraud Examiner. She also has her Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies and Bachelor in Management with a minor in accounting and marketing with more than 15 years’ experience in rural development especially in the banking and capital markets:

So believing these valuations will not mean that you believe in what I have posted. Believing these valuations will signify that you believe in the management of QEDN and their partners that are currently listed to get them to these valuation projection levels going forward that they have indicated on their Valuation Projections Slide; particularly their partner Daymon Worldwide who signed a distribution contract with the company, which has 16,000 full time employees and generates an estimated $1.9 billion in annual revenue:®ion=90793c38-c202-4af5-8c5a-ee34419ea764#/main

The above ”Valuation Projections” are from the ”Inca Seeds (Inchi Snacks)” operations and does not include their gold mining operations even though I have confirmed that it is still part of QEDN. See below for the ”Profit” amounts from the slide that is expected for years 2016 through 2020:

** 2016 Net Profit = $111,084

** 2017 Net Profit = $19,971,786

** 2018 Net Profit = $86,089,630

** 2019 Net Profit = $169,578,417

** 2020 Net Profit = $228,524,771

To determine the annual Earnings Per Share (EPS) considering a worst case scenario for an Outstanding Shares (OS) of 750,00,000 shares, since that’s what the company’s current Authorized Shares (AS) is, you must divide each Net Profit amount by 750,000,000 shares as the presumed worst case scenario OS to get the numbers below:

** 2016 QEDN EPS = $111,084 ÷ 750,000,000 Shares (OS) = .000148 EPS

** 2017 QEDN EPS = $19,971,786÷ 750,000,000 Shares (OS) = .026 EPS

** 2018 QEDN EPS = $86,089,630 ÷ 750,000,000 Shares (OS) = .114 EPS

** 2019 QEDN EPS = $169,578,417 ÷ 750,000,000 Shares (OS) = .226 EPS

** 2020 QEDN EPS = $228,524,771 ÷ 750,000,000 Shares (OS) = .304 EPS

Now to determine the fundamental share price for where QEDN should trade if the company achieves their valuation projections along with the market believing in the company achieving these goals, each EPS must be multiplied by a Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio. Read below to learn more of the logic regarding the
P/E Ratio:

I will use 15 as a conservative P/E Ratio for the purpose of this post. Consider below:

** 2016 QEDN Projection Valuation = .000148 EPS x 15 P/E Ratio = .0022 Per Share

** 2017 QEDN Projection Valuation = .026 EPS x 15 P/E Ratio = .39 Per Share

** 2018 QEDN Projection Valuation = .114 EPS x 15 P/E Ratio = $1.71 Per Share

** 2019 QEDN Projection Valuation = .226 EPS x 15 P/E Ratio = $3.39 Per Share

** 2020 QEDN Projection Valuation = .304 EPS x 15 P/E Ratio = $4.56 Per Share

In summary, based upon the Valuation Projections from the company’s management, through logical deduction, since QEDN has conquered stabilizing above the .0022 per share range, QEDN should now begin to climb to conquer stabilizing in the .39 per share range as the management confirms that they are still on track to achieve their valuation projection for the year 2017, then QEDN should begin to climb to conquer stabilizing in the $1.71 per share range if the management achieves their valuation projection for the year 2018, then QEDN should begin to climb to conquer stabilizing in the $3.39 per share range if the management achieves their valuation projection for the year 2019, and then QEDN should begin to climb to conquer stabilizing in the $4.50 per share range if the management achieves their valuation projection for the year 2020.



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